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Chapter One: The Project

She sat there in the back of the lonely limo staring at an ad in a teen magazine. The article had a picture of a young girl about seventeen wearing a transparent blue dress, where one can see the matching blue bikini behind it. She sat casually on the lap of a handsome young man with brown eyes and hair to match. He had an arm wrapped around her waist and the other on her thigh in a seductive manner.

Serena shook her head as she flipped the page, not wanting to see any more pictures of herself in the latest fashion shots.

Her long blonde silky locks were now put up into a high bun. Her crystalline blue eyes covered with big thick fake glasses. An oversized uniform completed the nerdy look she was aiming for.

Serena sighed as she heaved her bag over her shoulders and opened the door when the limo stopped a block away from her school.

Juuban high school, the most prestigious high school in Tokyo. It was certainly normal for an upper-class girl to go to an upper-class school. But no matter how conceited her fellow classmates were, Serena vowed to never be like them. Not only were her parent's status in society high; she was different from them all because of one thing, she was famous. Her name was written in billboards and magazines all over Japan. But to hide her fame she did the only thing she could, to disguise herself as a social outcast to keep them away.

Of course Serena didn't have to go through such things. In fact her parents offered home schooling to her many times. But she refused. Though she wasn't particularly social in school it didn't mean she didn't like to be in the company of others. In fact she did have some friends in school.

That is where her group of unusual friends come in. The group consisting of Mina, Raye, Amy, Lita and herself. They were quite close; in fact so close they were the only people she ever trusted with her secret. But enough about that lets back to the story.

Approaching her school Serena smiled as she waved to her friends. Each advanced towards her at their own pace.

"Serena…I just saw the ad! You look so pretty!" Mina chirped as she approached her friend.

"Shhhh! Not so loud!" Serena scolded Mina as she continued walking into the school.

"Oops…sorry" Mina scratched the back of her head and smiled sheepishly.

"It's not like anyone would know anyways. I mean who would suspect our Serena Tsukino to be the hottest new Supermodel Bunny?" Raye added in her two cents.

"Thanks Raye, I really don't know if I should hug you or want to kill you for that comment." Serena replied casually.

"I was just telling you how I feel. Don't be so touchy about it."

"I'm sorry, I'm just not in a good mood today, work has been…bad."

"Bad? How so?" Lita asked truly concerned for her overworked friend.

            "Well, you try having to go to school come home and immediately have to go to the studio, then have people putting on pounds and pounds of make up on you and march around in a bikini."

            "I'm sure you're right Serena nothing is what it seems." Amy said before returning her attention back to the novel she held in her hand.

            "But I must admit there is a benefit to it all."

            "The male models!" All but Amy said in unison. The girls giggled and gossiped before the morning bell rang indicating it was time to go to class.

            "Well, bye girls!" Serena waved goodbye to her friends before groaning while walking to her first class of the day…history.


            Darien sat down on his seat in the middle of the classroom. The last girl to enter he noticed was Serena. The girl somehow intrigued him. She was nerdy, by her looks but it didn't match her at all. Somehow in his mind he always pictured her to be the popular outgoing type. Not the socially challenged, quiet and shy type of girl she was. He shrugged as he dismissed those thoughts and opened his textbook to the page they were last on. History always seemed to be an interesting topic to him.

            "Well class now that you are all present, I would like to give your quarter project. It will be due by the end of the quarter. I am pairing you all up. Because we don't have a lot of time in class to work on the project, you will need to get together outside of school on your own time." Mr. Yashiro explained to the class.

            Immediately many hands were raised mostly girls asking if you could pick your own partners. Darien could see many hungry and lustful eyes staring at him.

            Serena flopped her head on the table. She was really tired due to the lack of sleep. Modeling was really taking up her time; she hardly had any time to herself anymore. She was thankful at least that the last shots for the latest fashion line were done. She could now at least catch the much needed beauty rest she missed out on. But before she could drift away into the land of sleep her name was called pulling her back into consciousness.

            "And finally Serena Tsukino, miss Tsukino, you will be working with Darien Shields." The teacher announced before walking over to his desk and putting his cup of coffee to his lips and sipping it.

            In the background Serena could see the disgruntled looks of her female classmates after the announcement Mr. Yashiro had just made. Yep, it was going to be a long quarter.

            "And now let me explain to you what I would like you to do on your projects." The rest of Mr. Yashiro's words were drowned out as Serena slipped a glance at Darien. She put her head in her arms and closed her eyes. She stayed like so for the rest of the class despite the distasteful look the teacher was giving her.

             Before Serena knew it history class was over and she was now heading straight for chemistry. But she didn't make it out of the classroom before hearing a masculine voice all out her name.

            "Serena wait up." Darien said as he quickened his pace to reach her. "So where do you want to meet for the project, my place or your place?"

            "Your place." The response was quick, almost too quick. Serena mentally slapped herself for that.

            "Okay, here's my number so we can keep in contact for the project." He handed her a piece of paper with his number neatly written on it. She was amazed at how nice a guy's handwriting could actually be. "So…"

            "So what?" She said not realizing he was waiting for her to give her number in return.

            "Aren't you going to give me your number?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

            "Oh…right. Okay." She took out a pen and dug through her bag for paper. "Can I write on your hand it seems I've run out of paper."

            "Sure." He reached out his hand and she wrote her number on it.

            He felt a jolt of energy surge through him as their hands touch. He wasn't sure if she felt it too but by the oblivious look on her face Darien could tell she either didn't feel it or didn't acknowledge it.

            "That's my cell phone number, I won't be at home much so you won't be able to contact me at home."

            "That's fine." Darien said before waving goodbye to her. "I'll see you later." In his mind he wondered if she really did have an active life outside of school. She didn't seem like the type to do much; she certainly didn't do much in school. But he didn't want to have any more bad thoughts about her, even if the poor girl was nerdy didn't mean she didn't have a life!

            "Yeah, see you." Serena couldn't really complain about having Darien as a partner, after all, the guy is hot, she would have to give him that. But the real question is, are his looks his only good quality?


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