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Chapter 5: Progress

            I stared at him…he stared at me, what the heck is this? A staring contest? I'm beginning to think he should just ask the stupid question already.

            "Look Darien, as much as I hate having to answer whatever question you're going to ask, ask it now, while I'm still young please." I remarked quite annoyed at the tension between us.

            Darien chuckled and then smiled at me. The boy was up to something, now if only I could read minds.

            "Alright, here's the question." Funny he seemed hesitant for some odd reason. "You aren't going out with Seiya are you?" he asked uncomfortably.

            I stared at him wide eyed incredulously before bursting into a fit of giggles. The look of shock appeared on his face instantly.

            "So…are you or not?" He asked again, from where I was sitting it looked like he was holding his breath.

            "Of course not!" I exclaimed in-between laughs. "Seiya's like an older brother to me, and besides, he has a girlfriend."

            I continued to laugh while rolling over on the bed in the process.

            "Wait a minute! He never told me about his girlfriend!" Darien said angrily.

            "Shows how much you know about him then, they got together two months ago."

            He looked crestfallen for a moment before shrugging and lying down with his back flat on the bed. Funny how the guy can get over things that easily. He looked me over from the corner of his eyes. Dang it, he's making me uncomfortable again!

            "Look Darien, if we want to get anything done, we should do it now." What was I supposed to do in a situation like this? The guy was making me nervous!

            "Alright, I think the geisha idea is wonderful. We should do a PowerPoint presentation, easy, and yet quite impressive at the same time." He said smugly, obviously proud of his idea.

            "Fine, then that's that I guess." It didn't sound too bad. Why not just go along with it?

            "Good, I'm glad that you agree."

            He may have great looks, but the smugness in his voice was starting to irritate me. 

            There was a long awkward silence, and neither of us seemed to want to be the one to end it.

"So…" I said in an indifferent tone.



            "So so?"

            "Alright alright, stop it already!" I huffed. "Well aren't we going to start the project?"

            He looked up at me like it finally came to realization inside that thick head of his. Yup, long day it was going to be. 

            I was tired…beyond tired. During that one session alone we had managed to finish one third of the project. Only roughly about two more days of Darien to endure.

            "I guess since I'm not needed here, I'll be going now" I said as I got up from my position on his bed.

            I must say the day wasn't all that horrible. I laughed, I cried…Okay maybe not the crying part. But I did sort of enjoy myself, I must admit. Darien and I talked about the most mundane things in life…and yet…how we managed to make it so interesting is beyond me.

            "It's still early Serena, it's only five thirty." He spoke from his spot on the bed.

            "Yes but mother told me to never talk to strangers or go to their houses let alone lay in the same bed as them." I said teasingly as I looked at him…wait a minute, where the heck did that come from? Was I…Serena Tsukino actually…flirting with Darien Shields? Doomsday is coming I tell you!

            The comment, however inconspicuous I wished it would be, did not go unnoticed to that arrogant and obnoxiously handsome, infamous playboy.

            "Ah, but you've already gone against her wishes and ended up sitting in bed with me, aren't you willing to take your rebellion just a tad farther and stay a little longer? After all, if you're going to rebel, then take it all the way!"

            I rolled my eyes and chuckled at his bold comment. Who would think that me, little old Serena would be sitting on Darien Shield's bed exchanging witty comments with him? Amazing how things are never always what they seem. Maybe he does have a brain underneath all that beautiful ebony hair that was only used for decoration after all.

            "As amusing and entertaining as this conversation is, I really have to get going." I pushed once more, though inside I was reluctant to leave the fun exchange of words we were having.

            "Fine, how about this, after all that hard work I do believe we should be rewarded. How about some ice cream? My treat." He offers, slyly sliding in one of those irresistible smiles of his. Gah, men, I'll never understand them!

            "Fine." I mumbled as I stood up.

            "Shall we?" He asked as he offered me an arm.

            I raised an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly. My hand however seemed to have a mind of it's own as it without hesitation took hold of his arm.

            Traitorous arm!  I spite thee!

Darien's POV:

            I looked over at Serena as we walked out of my house and got into my car together. Things were speeding up and the time spent with her seemed minimal, slightly too short for my taste.

            I never knew time could fly by so fast just lying in your bed doing a history project for God's sake! But then again, you learn something knew everyday.

            When she insisted on going home, somehow I didn't want her too. I enjoyed her company. Her clever retorts and witty words prove her to be more intelligent then the average high school girl…and somehow…she drew me in.

            I chanced a glance her way as I looked at her eyes through the thick glasses she wore. Crystalline blue eyes stared straight ahead as if she never knew I was staring at her. How could I have not noticed her eyes before?

            I shook my head before I got too far ahead of myself. This was the school nerd we're talking about? But…somehow…reputation didn't seem to matter anymore as my unknown fascination for this odd girl surfaced. Maybe I was one of those guys with more…different tastes?

Serena's POV:

            He may have not known but I did notice him staring at me though the corner of my eyes. The awkward silence was back as he seemed to zone out into his own little world thinking thoughts about whatever went in that head of his. I sure hope that doesn't affect his driving…I don't wish to die young.

            The car stopped as he snapped out of his reverie automatically and opened the door. I stepped out and followed him into the arcade.

            A while later we both sat in a small table located at the side of the arcade, away from most of the noise, eating our respective ice cream cones.

            "So tell me Serena, do you have a boyfriend? Any particular love interest? You can tell me, we're pals right?" He teased suddenly.

            Since when did I get so chummy with you pal? I thought silently as I continued to go at my ice cream, stopping only to get out a snorted "No".

            "Why not?" His expression gave him away; he was curious, but not surprised.

            I put my spoon down and shrugged. "I don't have time for one I guess. My life's pretty hectic as it is. I don't know if I'll be able to fit one in. Besides that, who would want to go out with a plain girl such as myself?" I asked him as though the answer were obvious.

            He looked sympathetic for a moment before replying. "Don't say that, everyone has their good qualities, I'm sure there's someone out there for you."

            "Thanks but…" I didn't want to have this conversation anymore. It was starting to bug me. I know I can get a boyfriend easily…but…getting to the right one was the problem. "Hey look! The new Sailor V game! Let's go check it out!" I managed to change the topic of the conversation quite easily.

            We both headed over to the Sailor V game. Little did I know, that was when the quarter monster would attack me and rid me forever of my precious quarters.

            About a couple of million games over sailor V and two empty pockets later.

            "I LOST!" I pouted as the urge to kick the game machine surfaced.

            "I told you…now move over and watch a real gaming master in action!" Darien said arrogantly as he put in a quarter and got ready to play.

            "Gaming master my arse." I mumbled beneath my breath. Oh was I ever wrong.

            One game later.

            "HA! Beat that! 3,4097 points! Don't worry Serena, you were only off by about…hm…2,0000." He boasted.

            "Yeah, yeah yeah…showoff." I mumbled, as I looked away my pride seriously bruised.

            "Aw, don't worry Serena, there's always next time!" He smirked confidently. "But I'm sure you'll never be able to beat me! I'm the king of games!"

            "More like the king of inflated egos." I said as I laughed at my own joke.

            "Why must you hurt me so! I'm truly torn because of your wounding words." He clutched his heart and looked skywards.

            "Oh come on drama king! I get the picture!"

            He stopped suddenly and sent a smile my way that made my heart beat faster and my breath catch in my throat. I hate it when guys do that! As if your looks weren't enough! Why must you add in the smile? Why?! 

            "Darien I think it's time we go, I'm expected home soon." I said.

            "I guess you're right, I'll drive you home."

            Half an hour later I found myself half a block away from my home. After all I couldn't let him pull up into my house!

            I sighed as I reached my front door. The stars above shined brightly as the moon seemed like it was smiling down at me. The day didn't go bad after all. And Darien Shields…proved to be quite an…intriguing individual.

            I'm beginning to think I'd be seeing much more of him in the future.

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By reader's request here's some information on geisha. (Referring to last chapter)

Geisha- Geisha are basically professional female entertainers who perform in teahouses. They are trained at a younger age to learn traditional Japanese arts such as, dancing, singing, playing instruments, and how to socialize, etc. Their function is to serve drinks, entertain guests, and perform. They are dressed in elaborate kimonos to look appealing to the male population. Although geisha don't particularly have a good reputation they aren't prostitutes or strippers. Geisha do about anything that is required to be done of them except for serving food and sleeping with people. They don't have one-night stands. They have a choice whether or not they want a danna (patron) this is whom they have their emotional, and intimate relationship with. (If you're interested in further information about them I suggest you read "Memoirs of a Geisha." (This is pretty much where I got the idea of having them talk about geisha as a possible topic)

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