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Chapter 1

"Hey Grissom! Can I talk to you for a minute? I got some really great news!" Greg said to a Grissom who for once today didn't look busy.

"Is it about the Mathews case?" Grissom asked.

"No," he replied slightly less exuberantly.

"Then not right now, I'm busy," replied a very unbusy looking Grissom.

"Oh, ok." And he turned and walked away.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" Catherine yelled when Greg collided into her almost making her drop a file she was holding.

"Sorry, was distracted, didn't see you," and Greg kept walking.

"Hey Griss, got the Mathews file for you," Catherine said handing the file over to Grissom.


"Hey, what's wrong with Greg?" Catherine asked Grissom.

"Don't know," replied Grissom without even looking up from the file.

"Huh…I'll ask Nick if he's noticed anything, then I think I'll go have a talk with Greg."

"You go ahead and do that," a totally absent-minded Grissom said.

Catherine walked down the hall to where Nick was taking a nap since it was a slow night. Warrick passed her on his way to the lab with a nod in her direction.

Warrick walked into the lab.

"Hey Greg. Found these hairs in the vic's house. Need you to process them ASAP. Still looks like suicide though, but you gotta check all the evidence." Warrick rolled his eyes. "Page me when you're done." And with that Warrick turned and walked out of the lab. He passed Sara who was heading in.

"Hey Greggo, how's it going? I need you to process these fibers ASAP. I'll come back in a couple minutes for the info." Sara turned and left without even waiting for a reply from Greg.

Greg was getting more and more pissed each minute. First Grissom totally ignored him when he had some very important news; at least it was important to Greg who had finally achieved a very important step in his life. Then Catherine had almost bitten his head off when he accidentally bumped into her in the hall. And finally both Sara and Warrick had pretty much ignored him while telling him what to do. No consideration for his feelings at all. Now all that was needed was for Nick or Brass to ignore him, order him to do something, or snap at him. He was getting fed up with everyone taking him for granted. He was seriously considering the job offer from the Cascade PD Crime Lab. His friend Molly Hutchins just got a job there seven months ago and recommended him for a lab tech. And now that he got his Doctorate he could make more than twice as much as he was making now.

He finished processing the hairs from Warrick. Complete match to the vic with some cat hair thrown in, looked like it really was suicide unless something else turned up. He had just finished paging Warrick and was about to start processing the fibers from Sara when she walked in.

"You got my fibers done yet?"

"No, sorry. I've just started them."

"Damn it Greg! I need those now!"

"Sorry Sara, but Warrick gave me his stuff first. And it's first come first serve unless Grissom tells me otherwise, or if it's a major case. Grissom didn't tell me otherwise, and this is not a major case. I should be done in a couple minutes. I'll page you when I'm done."

"I'll just wait."

"That's nice; please move out of the way. You're standing in front of my microscope."

Sara shot him a dirty look and stormed out of the lab nearly knocking into Warrick.

"You paged me?"

"Yep. Got your hair analysis done. These three here belong to your vic, and these others belong to a Siamese cat."

"Great, thanks Greg," Warrick took the printout and the evidence bags and left.

"Hey Grissom, the Fiches case, that was a suicide. Greg just finished analyzing those hairs I found and the all belong to the vic and her cat."

"Ok Warrick. Finish up your report and leave it on my desk."

"Ok." Warrick turned and continued down to the break room while Grissom headed to the lab.

"Hey Greg, Sara tells me you seem to be having a bit of a temper problem today." Grissom calmly stated.

"Me! A temper problem? Really? Wow!"

"I don't appreciate the sarcasm Greg."

"No, and that's because little miss Sara has you wrapped right round her finger. Sara is the one who came in here all bitchy because I didn't drop everything and finish her fiber analysis first. I did Warrick's first 'cause Warrick was here with his evidence first, but little miss Sara has to have everyone drop everything and take care of her first. And you know what? I'm sick of you letting her get away with it. So you know what I'm going to do?"

"Greg, I think that is a little uncalled for and you need to calm down. I don't want to have to suspend you."

Everyone in the hallway had stopped when they heard Greg start yelling. Sara looked very pissed, Nick and Catherine looked confused and Warrick looked sympathetic.

"You know what! I'm fucking sick of all of you. Miss Prissy Catherine who only ever seems to care about anybody but herself unless she gets to play Mom; Warrick who sometimes cares but the rest of the time acts like I'm not there unless he needs me for something; Brass who always seems to have a problem with the way I act; Miss Sara who doesn't give a shit about anybody but herself, her job, and her stupid crush on you; and then there is you, Mr. High and Mighty smarter than everyone else, and better than everyone else because he's so smart, can't even stop and listen to someone who wanted to be his friend even when he's not busy, even when that friend had something really fucking important to tell him, something really fucking spectacular like the fact that I got my Fucking Doctorate from Stanford! The only one who ever seems to really truly care about me and my feelings is Nick, the rest of you just fucking suck! And I can't work in an environment like this so, since I have vacation for the next two weeks, you can consider this my two weeks notice. And look, my shift just ended, so fuck off, have a nice life, and thanks for all the fish you goddamn uncaring bastards!"

Greg stormed off without even stopping to clean out his locker. He just punched out and headed toward the front doors. He stopped, turned around and said "My letter of resignation will be in tomorrow's mail. And oh yeah, I'll call you and let you know where to ship the stuff out of my locker…or actually you know you could probably just throw it all away. Except for the…no you can just throw it all away. I don't need any of it." And with that Greg turned and walked out of the building. He got in his car and drove home.

The first thing he did when he got home was look at the clock to see what time it was. It was eight so he could call Dr. Kilandre, the Cascade Crime Lab supervisor's office. "Cascade Crime Lab, may I ask who's calling?"

"Hello, this is Greg Sanders. I'm calling about the lab tech position."

"Ah yes, Mr. Sanders, Dr. Kilandre has been expecting your call. I'll put you through. Wait one moment please."

"Good morning Mr. Sanders, so have you thought about my offer?"

"Yes, and I accept on one condition Dr. Kilandre."

"And what's that Mr. Sanders?"

"That I get a slight raise and you call me Dr. Sanders or Greg."

"Congratulations Dr. Greg Sanders." Greg could hear the Dr. Kilandre was smiling. "I believe that we can meet your conditions. You now have a ten dollar raise if you accept the position of Lab Supervisor. You will be overseeing the dayshift trace analysis and DNA labs."

"Really…wow. I definitely accept then."

"Then congratulations again and welcome to the Cascade PD Crime Lab. How soon can you come up?"

"Well, considering the fact that I just resigned from my current job and I have vacation for the next two weeks…how soon do you need me?"

"Hmm…seeing as you will need to look for an apartment I think you can start in two weeks, the thirtieth. That should give you time to pack and get up here…find an apartment and get settled, all that joyful stuff you need to do when moving. But if you could come in the twenty seventh, the Friday before you officially start, I can give you a tour and introduce you to the staff. How does that sound?"

"Great. Just wonderful."

"Good. Now, are you going to be flying up?"

"Yes, but Molly said she'd meet me at the airport and I could crash at her place if I needed to. I just need to call her and let her know the good news."

"Very good. I will see you in two weeks then. Good day Dr. Sanders."

"Good day Dr. Kilandre."

The both hung up.

Greg then called Molly.

"Hey Moll, good news."


"I got my doctorate and I've accepted the job. Guess who is going to be the new Lab Supervisor!"

"Oh Greg! That's great, wait till Eric and Jordan hear about this…or do you want to be the one to tell them?"

"No Moll you go ahead and tell them. You just gotta take a picture of them for me so I can see their expressions when you tell them. They've been pushing at me to get my doctorate for so long."

"Can do. Your plane still coming in at six tomorrow or are you going to change it now that you know you're going to be staying up here?"

"Na, I don't have much to pack. Just gotta arrange to have it shipped when I'm done. So yeah, my plane'll still be in at six. I'll just change my ticket into a one-way though."

"When you get up here we are definitely going to have to take you clothes shopping, especially since you still dress the same as when we were in college."

"Well duh Moll, college was only like four years or so ago."

"Yeah but…never mind. You at least have to get a nice tux so I can show you off at the annual police ball, cause believe it or not, us lab geeks actually get to go seeing as we are a, and I quote, 'valuable part of the police department even if we are not police officers, because with out the Crime Lab our officers would not be able to fully prosecute the criminals.' That is from a speech by the wonderful Mayor of Cascade. Ain't it nice to be appreciated?"

"Yeah, it is nice…"

"I'm sorry Hun, wanna talk about it when I pick you up?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Great, I'll let you go so you can pack. Hugs and kisses."

"Bye Moll. Hugs and Kisses back."

Greg unplugged the phone after he hung up. Then he proceeded to grab some folded up boxes that he still had from when he moved in and pack. After he finished packing he plugged the phone back in and called the movers to see when they could come pick up his stuff. They told him they would be able to come in the morning the next day. He then called his landlord and told him that he would be out of the apartment by the end of the month. Then he unplugged the phone and took nap.

Grissom was totally stunned; he had never expected anything like this to happen…and for it to be Greg who blew up like that! And the things he had said…Grissom realized that most of them probably did seem true to him even if they weren't. Because Grissom had in fact ignored him on several occasions…and today he hadn't even had a good reason to give him the brush off like that. He hadn't been busy, it was a quiet night, and he had just been tired and had wanted some time alone. And then to hear that Greg had such important news…and he had ignored him, given him the brush off. And later, after Sara had come complaining about how Greg had treated her, he had gone and accused him of loosing his temper just because Sara had said so. Didn't even ask him his side of the story.

And it was true what Greg had said about the way Sara acted, that he did let her get away with it. It wasn't because Sara had him wrapped around her finger though, but because he could see so much of himself in Sara and it scared him. So he tried to avoid dealing with her.

"God, I can't believe that little lab twerp said such things about me!" Was Sara's indignant comment after the silence got too oppressive for her because deep down she knew that what Greg had said about her was true.

Catherine just gave Sara a dirty look. Catherine was hurt by what Greg had said about her, but she also knew that it was partly true. There had been many times when she had given Greg the brush off or ignored him. And today she had snapped at him in the hallway when he accidentally bumped into her.

Warrick also felt hurt, but he also knew that it was partly true. He had treated Greg like the best of friends one day, and then the next he had given him the brush off or totally ignored him. And sometimes at work he would drop stuff off and just hurry away without even stopping to talk. When he came to pick up a report he didn't even listen to what Greg was saying half the time. As soon as he got the information he needed he would either tune Greg out or say 'yeah, ok, gotta go' or something like that.

Nick felt guilty because he felt he had mistreated Greg as well and deserved to be yelled at just as much as the others, and then to hear Greg say that Nick was pretty much the only one who truly treated him like a friend…"I deserved to be yelled at by Greg just as much as the rest of you. I ignored him sometimes too…"

"No Nicky, Greg is right. You are the only one who ever truly showed he cared. You hung out with him, you joked around with him, you listened to what he had to say when he felt like giving a lecture," Catherine said.

"Yeah, but Warrick joked around and everything too…"

"No Nick, I never showed him I cared as much as you did. None of us did." Warrick spoke up.

"We should go apologize to him," Catherine stated.

"Not yet, give him time to cool off. We will go Sunday morning," Grissom said.

"How about we go tomorrow afternoon, about four thirty or so?" Nick said.

"You guys can go apologize if you want, but I'm not." And Sara turned to stalk off.

"I was going to recommend that you didn't come with us, he is probably still angry with you." Grissom stated.

"Fine, because I wasn't going anyway," Sara walked out to her car and drove off.

"I need to have a word with her tomorrow night," sighed Grissom

The next day when they got to Greg's apartment they got a shock. There were moving people carrying his furniture out. Grissom walked up one of the men.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me were the young man who lives here is?"

"No can do, he left about three or so, mumbling something about bein' late for his plane if he doesn't hurry. So I reckon he's on that plane."

"Do you know where he is moving?"

"Sorry, can't tell you that."

"I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab and I need to know where this young man is moving."

"Oh, I didn't know you were with the police. But I still can't tell you were he's movin' cause I don't know. You'd have to talk to my boss. Ask him where this stuff is bein' shipped."

"And where might I find your boss?"

"He'd be at our truck yard." And the man gave them directions.

At the yard Grissom asked to speak with the boss. A short, slightly overweight man came over and introduced himself as Bob Gretchs, the owner of the moving company.

"Can you tell me were you are shipping Greg Sanders' belongings?" asked Grissom.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not supposed to divulge the information even if you are with the Crime Lab. Heck, even if you were police officers I can't tell you without a warrant…I could get sued that way, sorry."

Greg felt kinda bad for what he said about Catherine and Warrick. They didn't really deserve the awful things he had said so he decided to call them Sunday to apologize. Grissom…he still had to think about whether to forgive him or not. Sara…he would apologize to her when hell froze over, or if she apologized for treating him like shit first. But hell was more likely to freeze over than Sara apologize to him. Greg finally fell asleep on the plane.