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Three months later . . .

The light beams of the sun danced off the waters edge and was only broken when a body was thrown between the beams, disrupting the continuation of the lights travel to the water.

Squeals of delight and giggles of excitement rang loud and clear around the forest surrounding the edge. A long rope hung from an ancient willow that lent it strength each time a hand clasped the fibrous length, then it would swing out and over, where, with a triumphant hoot, the body would release and plunge, usually ungracefully into the water.

Now clad in noting but their grey leggings, Alassë wearing Lúrin's own silver shirt, the four Thranduilian children threw each other and themselves into the pristine water.

The two eldest, Lúrin and his sister Alassë, now held the youngest of the family by the wrists and ankles, and were swinging him towards being completely drenched. The more he wiggled to free himself, the faster the swings became. They looked towards one another, both mentally counting to three before tossing him towards the lake and into the awaiting arms of his father.

Legolas let out a high-pitched squeal filled with delighted panic as he felt his siblings let him go and soar, free as a bird, until his daddy's assuring hands safely caught him and they went under the water together.

Cassageln let out a whoop and raced for the hanging rope, he reached the bank and leapt, his body like a spear flying. Grabbing the rope in mid-air, he propelled himself to a higher advantage point, then let go and just before he hit the water somersaulted and bombed himself into the lake.

"LURIN!! NO!!" Alassë screamed as her older brother grabbed her waist and effortlessly lifted her. He went to dunk her into the water, but she suddenly wiggled out of his grasp and grabbed hold of his leg, and they both went in together. She resurfaced just as he did, but before he had a chance to gasp for breath she forcefully pushed down on his shoulders, making him fall under the surface in a ring of bubbles. Only as before, he suddenly grasped her wrists and dragged her down with him.

"A! TUA AMIN, ADA!!" she gasped before going under also.

"Are they trying to kill each other, ada?" asked Legolas, as he climbed onto his fathers thin shoulders, preparing himself to jump off.

"I doubt it," Thranduil replied, as Alassë and Lúrin came up, coughing and laughing as they splashed water at each other, Cassageln was continuing his swinging from the rope on the willow tree, each time coming up with a different summersault or way to throw himself in the water.

Life around the royal family had come to as close to normal, Thranduil mused as his son clambered about his body, including his son, who was less shy and more open to becoming a trouble maker. The white cat was ever by his side and his wife's horse was devoted to his command, although it wasn't strange to find them both going for wild rides in the open, but never near the grassland where Legolas had been captured.

Although he didn't like the thought of having his young son ride such a huge horse, Thranduil was powerless to stop them, as Jewel point blank refused to have any other elf ride her, only letting his son gain her trust again, through she did like the odd scratch behind the ears from the Mirkwood king himself.

Gaining his balance, Legolas stood on his fathers shoulders and with a large whoop, did a bomb and landed into the water. Under the water, it was beautiful, fish glided and sparkled like gems in the noon light, scattering when he chased them, or tried to swim with them.

Coming to the surface, he took a large gulp of air, and spotted Marilla sitting on the edge, looking torn between joining, but frightened of the water. Legolas waved over to her, and cried out.

"Marilla, come!!" he grinned as she hesitantly put a paw in the water and quickly shaking it with a look of betrayal on her face at the mention.

He swum over and gently rubbed heads with the cat, murmuring his love for her and that she would be safe, then slowly, so not to startle her, he picked her up and placed her in the water. She panicked momentarily, but Legolas's hands under her belly calmed her somewhat, after a few minutes of paddling, she rushed out and after she dried herself resembled a white porcupine.

Having the uncomfortable feeling that something was watching him, Legolas turned around and noticed a large wolf, watching almost longingly at his family's antics. Lanthur had returned after a four month absence, leaving the little elf to wonder if he was safe and well. Judging by the looks of it he was healthy and growing to be an even bigger size that he currently was.

Reaching out with a tender hand, Legolas whistled for Lanthur's attention. The wolf started, as if only noticing his presence and wagged his bushy tail slightly. Carefully it treaded closer to the elf, its eyes flickering towards Legolas's family, as if afraid they would shoot him.

The large head finally came into contact the tiny hand, and Legolas scratched the downy ears, and smelt the scent of pine-needles on the fur.

"Mankoi naa lle sinome?" Legolas asked gently. "I am safe now, the dreams have stopped. Be happy for me."

Lanthur whined and licked the side of Legolas's still wet face, making him giggle at the feeling. The wolf seemed to be surveying him for a second, snorted and trotted off in the woods.

"Ya nae tanya?" Cassageln asked, hanging from the tree above. He had watched the connection between Legolas and the wolf that he had seen when they rescued his little brother, and knowing that it held no harm, had let the wolf get closer to Legolas.

"Lanthur," was his brothers bright reply. And he swam off to join his family.

Lúrin, hearing the name of the wolf, just rolled his eyes and continued taunting his sister, who again pulled him under.

The End



2. Mankoi naa lle sinome? Why are you here?

3. Ya nae tanya? Who was that?

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