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Summary: A total AU from Season Two onwards. After Buffy ran away she meets Spike and Drusilla, who offer her a choice.

I saw the insufferably smug little Slayer just after we got to LA. She wasn't looking quite so smug these days, but I could feel my mouth watering just at the sight of her.

What can I say. I have this sick little obsession with Slayer's.

She was just wandering, her face a little dead. I glanced at Dru. Dru was still mad at me, and pouting. And ignoring the world.

"Would a little Slayer make you happier, love?" I asked her.

"You helped the Slayer. Didn't help daddy." She replied.

"Well, love, we can make it better." I purred. "We can kill a Slayer!"

This was perfect. A perfect way to remind Dru why she's mine, and not Angelus'. Because I can kill the Slayer, and he couldn't. And what's more, Slayer blood is an aphrodisiac.

Talk about a way to relight the fires.

I was going to have fun with this one.

Time to kill another Slayer.

I grinned widely, shifting into my demon face. "It's time to live again, love. It's time to destroy and burn. It's time to be us, Dru."

She looked at me, and I felt my heart melt. The look she gave me was pure Dru, all confused but a little happy, with a suddenly burgeoning bloodlust. God, how I love that woman!

"A Slayer?" She whispered. "The one who killed daddy?"

"Yes!" I hissed. I could feel myself starting to come alive, starting to truly live again. I could see her dark eyes roiling with the infinite dark possibilities, the infinite ways to make this Slayer suffer.

"Let's." She said finally. Just that one word.

"Stay here." I said, and jumped out of the car, speeding down the dark street in pursuit.

She wasn't hard to find. She had been traveling in a straight line. Just walking listlessly. Alarm bells started going off in my head-was she this far along her death wish already? I mean, I knew that Slayer's were filled with a love and yearning for death, but this was just strange. Her blonde hair hung limply down her back, and it smelled as if she hadn't washed in a while.

Her hands hung loosely at her side, and when she heard me coming she turned around slowly, wearily, all her alertness gone.

"Spike." She greeted me, just as I was starting to doubt that it was really her. She was changed, so different.

"Slayer!" I said, trying to make up for her lack of enthusiasm, get this fight off to a good start.

"Should have figured you'd find me." She said.

"Should have been more careful." I sneered. I was genuinely puzzled at this point. What was going on? Why was she like this?

Her eyes were flat and dull, and I could see the tracks through her dirt- smudged face where tears had streaked downward. She was a mess.

I suddenly realized that this wasn't going to be fun. This wasn't going to be a challenge. This wasn't even going to happen.

"You want to fight?" She asked.

"Well, yeah. Vampire, Slayer, that's what we do." I said.

"Just make me one promise." She said.

"I don't make any promises." I said.

"Promise me I won't wake up a vampire." She said.

I stared at her. That was so far from what I had been expecting, so different from what she was supposed to say, that I was unable to respond. My mouth, usually so willing to pick up the slack for me, just sort of froze.

"Shut up!" I finally said. "You're the Slayer! What kind of way is that to talk to a vampire?"

The mood had been ruined. A minute ago I was ready to start making some real mayhem, look for a real fight. Now I was standing here with a pathetic wretch that I couldn't even fight, really. I mean, I could. I kill her, easily. Very easily.

But where would the fun be in that?

She laughed at my words. "I don't know. How does, I love you, close your eyes, sound to you?"

"Oh." I said blankly. "You killed Angelus, and now you're in a funk."

"To save the world." She said bitterly. "Are we going to do this, or what?"

"Hey!" I said. I was beginning to get a little angry. "I'm not your convenient little suicide machine, you know! I have pride! I'm not just going to kill you because now you want it!" I moved closer, my hands still at my sides. It took a real effort not to ball them into fists. "When I kill you, you won't want it. You'll fight me to the last breath. That's when I'll kill you, Slayer. When I kill you, you'll be scared to death, terrified. And it won't be the easy way out."

"If I fought, you couldn't take me." She replied with a flash of her old fire.

"Oh?" I could feel my demon face coming on, my face shifting. "Could you? Could you really?"

"I could." She hissed. "And why aren't you out of the country?"

"Uh, hello?" I said. "Cut me a little slack! We're on our way! Just stopped for a quick snack. Uh, and gas." I said when her eyes flashed fire.

"You're a monster."

"Hey! I bloody well saved your librarian's life!" I pointed out. "Helped save the world, all that rot! My word is good, and I'm on my way out of here!"

"Yeah, I saw you earlier." She replied. "You really enjoyed helping me out, beating on Angelus. And since when is your word good? Your word is worth nothing."

I growled. She has a way of getting under my skin, I can't help it. She makes me feel like I'm William again, sliding downhill. Out of control. Can't think of a response quick enough. Just a hurt little boy getting whipped verbally by a smart girl.

"You're a monster." She repeated. She had talked herself up to it, and now she was ready for the fight.

And so was I.

I lunged, slapping my feet against the ground and jumping at her. She responded with a brutal right hook to the face, turning my momentum against me. I tumbled to the ground, but rolled back to my feet and advanced.

She was crying again.

It spoiled the moment entirely. "Aw, c'mon!" I snarled, throwing my hands out to my sides. "He's dead! Get over it, already! Can we just have this fight, can we? I mean, I thought we were having a moment, here!"

"Oh, violent death-filled moment? We both know you love those." She sniped.

"Yeah, but you're ruining it!" I snapped.

"I don't care!" She snapped. "He was, was the only man I ever loved! And he's dead!"

"That's hardly the end of the world!" I replied. "There are other guys out there!"

She glanced behind me, and I became aware that Drusilla was floating closer.

"Are there other women out there? Women other than Drusilla?" She asked me. I tensed, defensive.

"Yes." Said Drusilla. "Love is fickle, fickle. He'd leave in a moment, heart wreathed in newness."

"Ha!" Said Buffy. "He fought his own grand-Sire for you! He helped the Slayer save the world! You don't honestly think he could change, do you? You don't honestly think he could love another?"

"You could." I sniped. "Anybodies better than the great white pillock."

"I couldn't!" She snapped.

"Could, could, could." Sing-songed Dru.

"Want to bet?" Said Buffy.

"Bet what?" I asked, naively.

"I'll bet that you couldn't get over Dru, and I couldn't get over Angel. Neither of us could find someone else. Love does that; there's only one for you." Replied Buffy. "I know I can't fill the hole in my heart that Angel left. And you could never get away from your big old ho here."

I growled. "Shut up. All right, Dru, kill her."

Dru tittered. "No. She's wrong." Said Dru. "Love is fickle. And I've already left, even if you can't see it."

"What?" I asked.

"You hurt daddy. And you liked it." Said Dru. "Now, kill the Slayer, so we can leave."

"What are you going on about?" I asked. "I did it for you, Dru!"

"Too little." Said Dru. "Too little blood in this world. Too few hearts. And yours isn't mine, not anymore. You broke me, you naughty boy, when you broke daddy." She turned and started to walk away.

My undead heart began to pound. "Dru!" I screamed, turning to run after her.

Buffy grabbed me, tripping me up. I struggled to my feet, staring at her. "What-what was that for?"

She shrugged. "I hurt. You hurt." I stared at her. She had lashed out at me because she wanted me to feel like her?

I guess misery does love company.

And Dru was gone, disappeared in that ineffable fashion of hers.

I let out a long, load roar into the night.

Buffy smiled wickedly at me. "Serves you right." She said.

I went for her throat with both hands.