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Spoilers: AU after season two. Lex has been rescued and is recovering in the Smallville Hospital. Where oh where has little Clark gone?

Lex was sick of staring at the bland walls of the local hospital, where he was recovering from injuries sustained in the plane crash orchestrated by his "loving" wife. 'Thank God,' Lex thought ' my father didn't quit looking for me after he got a tip that Helen was up to no good to get her hands on my money.' Lionel had promised to find Helen and extract justice his way.

Later that afternoon Lex was just dozing off to sleep when the hospital administrator came into his room. He looked at Lex and said, "Mr. Luthor, sir, I have some bad news, due to the overcrowding at the hospital, I am afraid that you are getting a roommate." Lex sat up straight in bed and winced after his quick movement, "You have got to be kidding me!" Dr. McCarver looked at him sympathetically and said, "I am sorry, sir, but you had the last private room in the hospital and we just got one more patient, normally we would not even put a male and a female in a room together but we really have no choice." Just then there is a knock on the door and an orderly pushes in a gurney with and unconscious woman on it. Les looks over at her and blinks in surprise, he looks up at the doctor and asks, "What is Chloe Sullivan doing in here?"

A/N: Should I continue, and what put Chloe in the hospital some random freak o'the week or something more sinister that will require the Luthor men's protection? Please Review this is only my second story and the first for Smallville.