This is not a Inu Yasha gets the bad guy story. This is a story of emotions and becoming stronger because of adversity. It is also, a tribute to all those who really have come out the other side. Why start another story when I have several going? In an email group someone was talking jokingly about rape adding drama. Also, too often it is used to get Inu Yasha and Kagome together. With her being happy and joyful days after the attack. Sorry folks this isn't one of them. You learn to live with it, but you are changed forever by it.

Chapter 1- Inu Yasha

Landing at the bottom of the Bone Eaters Well in Kagome's time, Inuyasha leapt to the rim of the old well. He was about to walk up the steps, with the intention of getting Kagome and taking her back to the feudal era. They had to find more jewel shards. Naraku's part was almost complete. They couldn't afford for him to complete the jewel. But a figure sitting on the steps stopped him. It was Kagome's mom, she was sitting there so still he had almost missed her. He caught the scent of sadness and tears coming from the woman. He didn't like what that could mean. "Kagome... what happened to her?"

Kaiya looked at the hanyou before her. She wanted to be angry with him. She wanted to scream at him it was his fault. She couldn't. it wasn't, and what was worse if he had been here, it might have made matters worse. Patting the stair she sat on she spoke, "Inuyasha, Kagome can't go back with you. Something happened.."

"She's not hurt is she?" He asked panicking.

"Yes and no. Sit down and I'll explain." She watched as he positioned the sword at his hip so he could sit next to her. "Inuyasha I know your time is violent. We call it the Warring States Era. While there is not as much now as there was then, we still have violence here. Other than murders and theft there is one crime that the majority... large portion of victims are women. Rape." She saw Inuyasha flinch but continued. "You are familiar with this crime."

Inuyasha nodded "Hai, my mother... after father..."

"I'm sorry. You will understand what I'm about to tell you. This morning on her way to school, Kagome was taken by a man." A low growl filled the mini shrine. Kaiya knew the boy was about to charge out to rescue Kagome. She placed a hand on his shoulder drawing his attention back to her. "He raped her."

His hand clenched on Tetsusaiga's hilt calming the demon blood that screamed for revenge. He felt as if he had been punched in the stomach, no this was worse than when Kouga had done that. Worse than feeling his brother's hand go through him. "How is she?" He hated the way his voice cracked and sounded weak.

"She will be fine physically. There are rope marks on her wrist and few bruises a few other injuries that will heal in time. But no lasting scars other than those in her soul." He nodded his understanding. "I've got to get back. Come up to the house when your ready." She patted his shoulder comfortingly.

Inuyasha swallowed the bile that rose in his throat. Standing he walked back to the well and prepared to leap in. Then his ear twitched catching the sound of Kagome's sobs. He couldn't go back. She needed him. He had failed her, let her be hurt. He was suppose to protect her. He'd promised to. His hands curled into fist the sharp claws cutting into the flesh of his palms. He tasted blood as his fangs pierced his lip to hold in the howl of agony. He couldn't go to her, not like this. Taking a long look at the closed door of the mini shrine he stepped off the ledge of the well, letting its magic return him to a simpler time.

Miroku, and Sango sat in Kaede's hut. Inu Yasha had left not long before to get Kagome and bring her back. Kaede sat before the fire tending the stew. At the sound of a pained howl all three jumped to their feet. Miroku motioned for the women to stay put, he as well as they had recognized it as Inu Yasha. Moving through the forest he wondered what would cause the hanyou such pain. He entered the clearing to find Inu Yasha wretching. He watched as Inu Yasha wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and turned. He took an involuntary step backwards from the pain etched on his friends face. "Inu Yasha?"

Inu Yasha's eyes focused on Miroku and he felt the tears roll down his cheeks. "Go get Sango. I don't think I can say what I need to more than once." He watched as the monk turned and ran back towards the village. It didn't take long, the well wasn't far and one look at Sango's face told him the monk hadn't explained anything.

"Inu Yasha what's wrong?" She asked.

"I went to get Kagome her Okofuro was there waiting for me. She needed to tell me something. Kagome was on her way to skool this morning. A man took her and...." He felt the knot in his stomach return and with it the nausea. His voice dropped to a whisper "raped her." He heard Sango's gasp and Miroku's muttered curse. He paused allowing them to adjust. "I just wanted you to know. I'm going to go back and stay with her until she's ready to return." He rose and started towards the well Sango's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Inu Yasha, would you try and take me with you?"

He nodded and looked at the monk.

Miroku shook his head. "I will inform Lady Kaede and Shippo."

Settling the exterminator on his back he leapt into the well. He felt the magic rebel at the woman's presence but silently begged it to let her pass for this one trip. The magic calmed and they landed softly in the twentieth century.