Chapter 8

He walked slowly through Tokyo, not minding the stares of it's inhabitants. Words of comfort and reassurance fell softly from his lips as Kagome hid her face in his neck, her soft sobs torturing his soul. The red Torii of the Sunset Shrine rose in the distance, growing closer with each of his careful steps. With the same careful gait he climbed the stairs to the shrine, stopping at the door to her house. "Home," he said putting her down.

"No," she sobbed, wrapping her arms tighter about his neck. "I want to go home, back through the well. Back where there are no men in business suits that grab school girls and.... Back where there are no school boys who think that it's ok to.... Where no one knows what happened. Where I can forget it ever happened. Please Inu Yasha."

He pushed her away gently to look at her. Amber eyes studied her face for a long moment, the tear streaks down her cheeks, the slight tremble of her chin as she held back the latest batch of sobs. A clawed hand coming up to cup her soft cheek, he nodded. "Hai, I will take you back home." He watched as a smile touched her lips, the first he'd witnessed since that awful day. "Go pack your things." As she turned from him to run into the house, he called, "Oi, don't forget the raman."

After she disappeared into the house he moved quickly to the mini-shrine and leaped down the well. It didn't take long to find the monk as he was resting against the ancient structure. "Inuyasha, you're back. I take it..." Miroku's voice faded off as he was lifted by his robes.

"She's coming back, non of your lechery monk. You will treat her as a brother or I will rip something you value from your body. Do we understand one another?" He asked harshly. At Miroku's frantic nod, Inuyasha released him. "A gang of boys, at her skool attacked her today." He offered as explanation.

Miroku placed a hand on his friends shoulder, letting the gesture show his understanding. "I'll get Sango and Shippou. We will wait for you to return, I take it we should not mention what happened?"

Inu Yasha nodded, "If Kagome wants to talk about it that's ok. I don't think she will though. I've got to get back to her.'

"Go." Miroku watched as the hanyou leapt into the well. Slowly he walked back to the village, he had now witnessed what Sango had told him. Inu Yasha had always been protective of Kagome, now it was at a fever's pitch. Even at their first meeting Inu Yasha had never laid a hand on him, but the look in his eyes as he'd said, 'non of your lechery.' Miroku had seen the demon blood take over his friend turning him into little more than a killing machine. He would rather face a demon Inu Yasha than the hanyou who had held him moments before.

"You smell like Inu Yasha." a voice from around his knees called him from his thoughts.

Looking down at the kitsune, Miroku nodded. "Hai, he came to tell us, he and Kagome are returning today. He ask that we not mention what happened to her."

"I won't." the kit promised. When they informed Sango and Kaede of Inu Yasha's request both women agreed, that it was best to allow Kagome to discuss the attack in her own time. With Kirara walking beside them the mismatched four made their way to the well to wait for the return of the heart of their group.

Their wait wasn't long, as soon a huge yellow back pack flew from the mouth of the well. Shippo leaped back as it landed in the spot he'd been standing. As their eyes returned to the well, they saw standing on the rim the hanyou and the miko from the future. Kaede was the first to break the silence, "Welcome back child." Kagome stepped down and into the elder miko's arms. Sobs racked her small frame as it was encompassed in a grandmotherly hug.