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I wanted to read an SC poem, but i found none, and i couldnt have that

This will be the Introduction to my series.

I will eventually have a poem of every character, reviews permitting
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Your Soul Still Burns

A plague reigns down
Of violence and hate
Forcing a world
Of heroes and fate

Driven by legend
Of two cursed swords
A quest and a price
Only some can afford

The blades embody
Both hatred and fear
And seems to infect
All who are near

"It can be controlled"
Say a destined few
And may us soon see
If the stories are true

Salvation, freedom
Power and Skill
Some want it to heal
And others to kill

So travellers gather
To claim wanted might
And victory bless
Those who can fight

They will give all they have
For they all know
The strongest will live
The strongest will show

And rewards will be great
To the one that survives
Once the Nightmare is bested
And rid his disguise

And now this I must say
Though you may be confused
Not only their bodies
But their souls they must use

For power is not
Just of body and mind
But your will to win
Your reason, in kind

Charging your being,
Fueling you fire
Your soul powers all
Unleashed by desire

So when your body accedes
And your mind only yearns
Fear not, oh brave soldier
For your soul still burns

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