I wanted to thank you, The Zelda Master,
Spider-bear, whom have been with me since the
beginning and close to it. i honestly think you
two are the reason I keep updating this inward
chuckle well, enough of that, on with the poem

Gifted with strength
From the moment of birth
Affecting his mood
His future, his mirth

Leaving his home
For adventurous times
Soon after that
He got a surprise

Life away
Was far from grand
Albeit hard
To understand

Admired strength
By those in his town
Was a common thing here
He'd let himself down

Though still he survived
A time ravaged by war
And now he knew
What truly for

He found some metal
Sold as charms
To protect and to shield him
From evil's harm

That night he stared
At the wondrous things
What a swordsman once said
That they would bring

A weapon named Soul-Edge
A sword of great power
The presence of such
Causing souls to turn sour

Thought only a tale
Maybe a hoax
Dismissed as eccentric
Unable to coax

A single person
To understand
That the weapon could be
Right in his hands

The shards he acquired
Could be more than they seemed
Unveiling a weapon
Revealing a dream

Shortly thereafter
The man was slain
By bandits which wanted
To obtain

The protected treasures
He kept hidden from view
Thinking them precious
That's why they slew

His corpse then tossed
In a secluded ravine
Along with others
So not to be seen

But the body was clutching
The shards in its hand
And soon seemed to answer
An unreal command

Then came a creature
A being had formed
From the hand of death
He came transformed

A being that acts
By reading the thoughts
Of those he encountered
Of those he fought

A being that grows
With an aura like his
Devouring fragments
In his soulless abyss

A being that wanders
In search to be whole
Its kindred spirit
And achieve it's goal

Given a name
That reflects it's form
This creature's no longer
The man that was born

But the seeker of Soul-Edge
Was correct with his guess
And now wanders the world
To finish his quest

The ending is kind of screwed up. If you still

can't guess this char, pay close attention to

the fifth verse up from the bottom.