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Trials and Tribulations

Chapter One


The alarm clock beeped repeatedly until a fist came down upon it. The owner of the fist groaned sleepily, profanities escaping his mouth as he sat up and wiped the residue of exhaustion from the corner of his mouth. Throwing the covers off of his bare chest, he picked up the clock and glared at it as if it would rewind back to nighttime so he could sleep. The teenage boy with cinnamon brown hair and beautiful sapphire eyes dropped the clock carelessly on the nightstand and headed over to the bathroom, which was only a couple of steps away. "SORA HONEY, ARE YOU UP?" a feminine voice called from downstairs. The boy named Sora grumbled and proceeded to strip down to take a shower. ~Why couldn't I just fail the entrance exams?~ he thought to himself wearily. ~I'd be better off a bum on the street than going to school. Enough things have happened in middle school...~


The ending class bell rung loudly, signaling to the students that school was over. Everyone excitedly jumped from his or her seats, glad that winter break was finally here. Even the teacher packed her things in a hurry. Sora got up from his place in the middle of the room and walked out into the hallway, avoiding the football players and saying hi to his associates when he got the chance. Making a right, Sora stopped in the middle of the hallway. His crush Kairi, who happened to be the most popular girl in school, was putting her things in her backpack. Their lockers happened to be next to each other, causing Sora to stay away from his locker as much as possible. Even though Kairi and him used to be childhood friends, that friendship was broken as soon as they entered middle school. Kairi became popular and Sora became...unpopular. For the sake of her status, she deserted him. Despite all that, Sora managed to still have a crush on her.

"Hey Sora, what's up?"

Sora turned around to his group of friends approach him, consisting of three girls and two guys. The first girl was medium height with dark shoulder length hair, light brown highlights and onyx eyes. She wore a light blue jumper covered by a matching duster and black boots. White angel wings were on the back of the duster. The second girl had on an indian-brown sleeveless shirt with a matching skirt. She had dark brown arm warmers and black gloves to match her knee-high black boots. Her blond hair was in a clip while two locks of it hung in front for bangs, accenting her sky blue eyes. The third girl was medium height with shoulder length brown hair, one emerald eye and one sapphire eye. Her sleeveless shirt crossed at the center and stopped right above her purple skirt with floral patterns at the bottom. Long, draping sleeves were attached at her elbow and a large yellow and green belt was around her waist, making a neat bow in the back. The outfit was complete with short black boots and a hair accessory hanging to the right of her face. The first guy had mid-back long brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail, two locks of it pulled in front to make bangs. A purple sleeveless vest went perfectly with his brown pants, knee-length coat and black cowboy boots. A black cowboy hat on his head and a chain around his neck completed the outfit. The second guy and final member of the group had short blond hair that was combed backward and stunning green eyes. His long gray trench coat with red crosses adorned on each sleeve covered the black and white vest and black pants. Leather gloves covered his hands while black boots covered his feet. A smirk was set on his face.

"Hi." Sora said quietly.

"What's wrong?" the girl with shoulder length dark hair said.

"Nothing, Rinoa," Sora replied looking over his shoulder.

"You like you're going to cry," the blond girl stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm not, Quistis."

"You guys leave him alone," the girl with shoulder length brown hair. "But let me ask: Is it about Kairi?"

Sora looked down and blushed. Even though everyone was older than him, they still knew them well enough to read his thoughts. "Yea I guess..."

"Then we got good news," the guy with the ponytail added. "That chick over there wants you to ask her out."

Sora's head snapped up and he stared at the older male in genuine happiness. "Really, Irvine?!"

"Yea, squirt, so go and ask her," the final group member stated.

"But Seifer, what is she--"

"No, buts! Don't be a wuss. Go after her!"

Seifer concluded his statement by pushing Sora roughly towards Kairi. Sora looked behind him hesitantly, only to be encouraged by his group of friends. Gaining confidence, Sora broadened his shoulders and walked up to Kairi. She had just finished putting her stuff in her backpack when Sora approached her. She raised her eyebrow in questioning and annoyance. Sora smiled at her. "Kairi, will you go out with me?"

Kairi stepped back and gasped with horror etched in her features. "What?!"

Laughter filled the hallway as Sora turned around and faced his "so called" friends. Each one of them was crying from laughter, clutching their sides and pointing at him. Sora backed away, not believing the sight before him. More laughter erupted from the other end of the hallway as Sora kept backing up until he hit a locker. Kairi's group of friends laughed and joked about the pain-stricken boy. Sora's eyes darted from one group to the next, all laughing at his misery. Tears filled his betrayed sapphire eyes as he did the only thing he could do. Run. He left his books, the mockery, and his ability to trust behind him that day.

:End Flashback:

(Sora and Kairi=7th grade; Rinoa, Quistis, Yuna, Irvine and Seifer=8th grade)

A stray tear escaped from Sora's eyes as he stepped into the shower. He brushed it away quickly, his eyes hardening every second. ~I'm not trusting anyone. Ever!~

Lathering the washcloth with soap, he washed himself thoroughly, every now and then dreaming of his perfect fantasy life, which consisted of being far away from here. The hot water beating on his face and body did nothing to snap him out of his stupor as he washed himself almost mechanically. Several minutes passed before the water was shut off and the drenched sixteen-year-old stepped out, grabbing a towel and drying himself. "SORA, HURRY UP! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!"

Not speeding up his pace at all, Sora walked back into his room and quickly dressed. He checked himself in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction. He sported baggy khaki pants that covered his red and white shoes and a crimson short-sleeved shirt. A silver pendent in the shape of a crown hung from around his neck, matching the chain of crowns connecting his belt loop and his pants leg pocket. He grabbed the yellow backpack thrown in the corner of his room and headed out into the hall. Rushing down the carpet-covered stairs, Sora made a sharp right into the kitchen, where his mother awaited him. "Here eat this, Sora."

"No thanks Mom, I got to get to school," he declined, taking a piece of toast from the full plate of food.

Sora's mom crossed her arms with frown and blocked his path. "You will eat this, young man," she said sternly. "Breakfast helps---"

"--you function well in school. Your brain is the car and food is its fuel. You can't run on fumes, yes I know," Sora recited the well-known speech. Since his mother and his father were in the medical field, these speeches came at least every other day, which annoyed Sora to no end. He loved his mother and his father, but the constant nagging about staying healthy gave Sora a good reason to want to leave the house as soon as possible.

The restating of her speech only caused his mom to smile and kiss her son tenderly on the forehead. "I love you too much to let you starve yourself. Now eat!"

Sora sighed and reluctantly sat down, digging into the plate of food set before him. He truly was hungry; his mother didn't need to know that, though. Finishing in a matter of minutes, Sora gulped down the orange juice and headed to the door. "See ya."

Shutting the door behind him, Sora jumped off of the porch. He saw his two friends and ran over to them. "Hey guys!"

A blond boy with tanned skin and cerulean eyes turned at the voice of Sora, flashing him a bright smile. He wore a yellow sleeveless shirt that showed off his well-developed muscles and blue jean shorts, one pant leg shorter than the other. The outfit was complete with bulky yellow and black hiking boots. In his hand was a medium-sized blue ball, which he proceeded to twirl on his middle finger. "Hey, what's up?"

"Hiya Sora!" a squeal came from next to the blond-haired boy. A girl dressed in a yellow jumper and brown leather boots that reached her knees jumped over to Sora. Her shoulder length brown hair that curled at the ends bounced as she made her way over to him. Hugging him tightly, she gazed into his eyes with her own emerald eyes. "Long time no see!"

"Selphie, we just saw each other two days ago." Sora stated, laughing.

"Oh yea....but oh well! I still missed ya."

"That's really good to know," he said in mock happiness. "Tidus, what is with your girlfriend?"

Tidus only smiled and put an arm around her. "She's adorable this way."

Sora shrugged, inwardly rolling his eyes. Despite the fact of being complete opposites, his two friends still managed to get together. Tidus has been this way ever since; making sweet and cute compliments about Selphie. It was pretty creepy. ~I hope I never fall in love if I act like that!~

Walking towards the school, Sora looked back and motioned to his two good friends. "We have to go before we're late!"

With that, the three companions ran towards their new school, Kado High School.


They arrived just in time to go the office and get their schedules. With only a few minutes left to spare, the three friends exchanged schedules and went on their way. The first class was homeroom with Mr. Shin, a stout bald man with as much hair as his patience. None. Sora arrived right at the bell, only to be glared at by the impatient homeroom teacher. "Welcome to Class B," he said in a sarcastic monotonous voice. "If you abide by my rules, then we will be the best of friends."

He scanned over the students until his eyes fell directly onto Sora. "If you don't," he continued, bearing into Sora with his piercing stare, "Then you will most definitely fall on my bad side."

Sora frowned, hating every essence of this man already. He stared back with equal ferocity, earning curious looks from various students. Whispers began to flitter through the air as Sora and Mr. Shin continued their heated staring contest. Deciding to break it off, Mr. Shin broke his stare and turned to the board. "My name is Mr. Shin." He wrote his name slowly on the chalkboard. Sora smiled to himself at his silent victory only to be interrupted from his self-congratulating. He slowly looked to his left to find a silver-haired boy with keen sea-green eyes watching him intently. The boy turned away as soon as Sora looked his way, leaving him to wonder about his mysteriousness. While the other students chattered idly amongst themselves, the boy seemed to stay by himself, avoiding the girls who hounded him. Sora couldn't be help but be captivated by this 'loner wolf' behavior, especially since the boy was already gorgeous. ~What a minute?! Boy? Gorgeous?! No! I am strictly into girls...~

His thoughts were interrupted when the boy stood up and began walking toward him. Sora began to panic, looking around the room to avoid the boy's penetrating stare. As the boy got closer, Sora picked up his backpack and attempted to head to the other side of the room only to be stopped by the latter's strong grip on his shoulder. The hand turned Sora around, forcing him to face him. The sea-green eyes bore into his soul, rummaging through his thoughts and desires. It was unnerving.

The boy began to smirk at the frightened Sora. "Is there something that interest you about me? Your staring went on for quite some time."

Sora blushed furiously and backed away from his hold. ~I...was staring?! Oh, shit...~ "I-i was only looking at you because you were watching me!"

His smirk only widened, causing naughty images to pop right back into Sora's mind. "Don't sound so frightened. I don't bite that hard."

Sora looked at him incredulously. The boy only laughed, causing Sora to laugh nervously with him.

"My name is Riku."

Sora looked back at the loner, surprise that he introduced himself. "Mine's Sora."

The bell suddenly rang; the students in the homeroom pouring out of the classroom to go their next class. Riku smirked one more time and began to follow the crowd. "See ye around."

Sora mumbled his goodbyes, watching the silver-haired boy leave the room in a proud, confident stride. Sora collapsed into the seat, shaken up by this feeling inside of him. ~Why is my heart beating so fast?~

"Sir, the class has left. Go to your next class."

Sora looked at Mr. Shin and smiled apologetically, then left the room in a hurry, the strange feeling never leaving him.

* * * * *

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