the scream echoed throughout the heavens as Urd the Goddess of Love expressed her frustration with her current assignment. That's it! I she screamed while clenching her fists. Urd stopped pacing to shoot a glare at the monitor that was currently showing her ongoing assignment. The screen showed a pigtailed boy arguing with a short hared girl, who at the moment decided that she didn't like what the boy had said, so she grabbed a coatstand and punted him off the screen.

Urd winced when she heard the boy slam into something immovable before turning her attention back towards the short hared girl. She could see a faint aurora surrounding the girl named Akane; she squinted trying to get a closer look. Urd growled quietly to herself as she studied the telltale glimmer of chaos magic surrounding both of the people involved in her assignment. I've practically used everything I can think of except one thing, but that would be dangerous to use and not to mention risky, Urd grinned at the thought of outwitting her little brother just one more time. I know Father likes to give me a challenge every once in a while but, did it have to be these two?

Urd leaned back in her chair and tried to figure out what was bothering her so much about her current assignment. When it finally hit her, Urd sat up quickly and exclaimed, If I remember correctlythose two are the same souls I had trouble with over six thousand years ago!" Clenching her fist she ground her teeth in anger as the momories surfaced, "Grrrr! Of all the idiotic $%#$#$%" She continued cursing fluently in all languages,"Why themWhy nowwhy.....wait a minute, Urd stopped short in her ranting as an idea materialized and finally grinning she said, This just might work if I