The Blue were gone from the Earth forever, now they would all be safe and wouldn't have to worry about the Blue attacking anymore. Yuji and Marlene were so happy. There would be a serene place for them after all. Once Yuji and Marlene reunited, they heard about Second Earth being blown up. It had supposedly been a mutiny.

"I wouldn't doubt it," Marlene said. "They were always acting strange up there, like the time they wouldn't let me see you."

"I remember you telling me about it," Yuji said.

"Should we stay here, Yuji?"

"It's a nice village. I'm sure they would let us stay."

Hand in hand, Yuji and Marlene walked down from the cliff to the village. Some people there still gave them cold looks, like they had caused them all pain, and some didn't talk to them. "Hold on," Yuji said.

"What are you doing?"

"Telling these people I come in peace."

"I'm not sure that'll help."

"The least I can do is try!"

Yuji got on the largest rock he could find and shouted out, "Please listen to me! I am Yuji Kaido and this is Marlene Angel. You know and dislike us because we were from Second Earth. Well, Second Earth has blown up and we need to settle somewhere. We wish to join your village, and if you could please help us we'd be grateful. We can help you as well..."

He stood silent, looking at the village. No one cared... Defeated, he stepped down from his position. Marlene reached out to him. "It's all right. We can make it through together."

They walked through the village. While passing a small house, an old woman called out, "Come, come here." Yuji and Marlene walked up to the house where the woman stood in her doorway holding a basket of fruit. "I heard you, Yuji's your name?"

"Yes, ma'am, and this is Marlene."

"Pleased to meet you, I am Arisu Nicai. I have room; you can stay here until you can get your own house."

"We're not sure when that might be, because the people in this village don't seem to be fond of us," Marlene said.

"It takes time. Come in, don't worry. You're welcome here for now."

Yuji nodded. "Thank you for your hospitality."