Then came the day when Yung was approached by the head Blue. In the way they communicated, it told her that they were going to go on a special trek that night, and they needed to bring her along. She said that she would be honored to go, for she never went anywhere outside the vicinity where the Blue lived.

When the time came, Yung placed on her armor and strapped her sword to her. She then followed the pack of Blue in the darkness. After a long bit of walking, the Blue leading stopped, and all of them stopped. She made her way to the front.

Looking over a small cliff, Yung saw a village below. It was night, so there was no light coming from the windows and there was no one outside their homes. She turned to the head Blue and it said that they were going to go down on a path and make a sneak attack on the village. She was to creep into a small house near the middle of the village alone and slaughter the occupants. She said she would.

Swiftly, as the Blue walked down the path, Yung slid down the slope. She crept towards the entrance to the house. She found that the door was not locked, so it made everything a lot easier for her. She unsheathed her sword and walked silently into the house. She surveyed the rooms, and in the first bedroom there were two boys sleeping deeply in their beds. She took her sword and approached the first boy. She slashed his throat with a minimal amount of effort, and no sound. She then approached the second boy and did the same. She went to the other bedroom where a man and woman were sleeping. She slit the man's throat and moved on to the woman, but the woman woke up and saw her. The woman began screaming, but Yung cut her throat as well. Everyone in the house was dead, and she ran out. She could hear the assorted cries of villagers being killed, and she went to another house and killed the people living in there.

The head Blue gave a signal to Yung and the rest of the Blue that it was time to leave. Yung was hurrying to catch up with the group going up the path when a boy only a few years younger than her shouted to her, "What is the matter with you? Why would you do this?" She drew her sword again and walked up to him. He backed up. She said nothing, for she did not know how to speak his language.

The boy said, "Don't do this. You're one of us." He picked up a stone and threw it at her. She knocked it away with her sword. He kept throwing more and more stones at her. One hit her in the head, and she stopped and winced in pain. The wound began to bleed heavily. Yung did not give up, though. She weakly swung her sword, though she was losing her energy. The boy grabbed her wrist.

"You... you monster. I can't believe you'd do this to us."

She pulled away and growled at him. She brought her sword up, and the boy had fear in his eyes. "NO! Don't do it! Please, I beg you!" But she didn't listen and she stabbed the sword into his crest. His blood spattered on her, and she withdrew her sword. The boy's face was contorted in a horrified stare, and his body dropped to the ground. Blood dripped off her sword.

Yung turned to follow the Blue but out of the corner of her eye she could see a couple watching out their doorway. The man said, "Put your sword down." She didn't understand what he was saying, but his expression enough told her what to do. She did not obey him. He walked up to her despite the fact she was still armed. The woman walked up to the body of the boy and began crying and calling out his name. The man studied Yung's face, speckled with blood. He said, "Marlene, come here now. There's something you have to see." The woman, still mourning, walked up to where her husband stood and stared at Yung's face. She gasped.

"Blonde hair and blue eyes, just like yours..." he whispered.

The woman shook her head. "It can't be. She died a long time ago."

"We don't know that... we just never found her."

Yung did not want to bother with the couple anymore. She turned and walked away. The man grasped her shoulder. He said, "Don't leave. I want some answers. You must be who we think you are. Yung? Is that you?"

Yung swung out with her sword and the blow struck the man in the abdomen. He fell to the ground, bleeding profusely and gasping for breath. She took that moment to kill the woman as well. The man remained alive. She was going to let him suffer. As she tried to walk away one last time, he cried out, "What have you done? The blood of your own species, spilled upon your skin... and for what price?"

She knew her way back to the cave, but on her way, she stopped beside a small pond. She looked at her reflection in the water. The blood was still on her face. She took her sword and tried to clean the blood away. She got most of it off, but some of it had stained her sword. Then she scooped some water into her hands and tried to wash the blood off her face, but the blood had stained her skin a bit as well. No matter how hard she tried, she still smelled the blood. She wished she could have understood what the villagers had said. The man and woman seemed to have had quite an interest in her.

But that was done, now. It was all done.