The year is 2154.  Fifty years ago the government spent millions of dollars on a top secret project called 'Animus'.  The goal was to create an advanced form of human infused with the genes of animals.  The governments, tired of losing valuable lives in war, were going to use the Animus as soldiers in place of normal humans.

            The Animus were created using similar technology that they used on the colonies for creating test tube children.  When the fetus was a few weeks old, it was injected with altered DNA that contained animal genes and caused the original DNA to mutate to the altered DNA's shape.  The scientists used three different animals in their experiments each with a different purpose.  There the black panther, used for strength and fighting instinct, the red fox for cunning and stealth and the rabbit for its speed and small size.

            After years of experimentation, the project was labeled a failure due to lack of funds and useless results.  The Animus were all slaughtered, but a few escaped into the outside world.  They proceeded to breed and a small population of Animus began to populate the world and eventually the space colonies.  But, due to the harsh conditions in space, the Animus could not survive in the colonies. 

            The Animus resulting from the project were relatively no different from humans, with a few differences.  Animus took on a few physical qualities of their root animals.  The panthers had catlike ears instead of normal ones, long tail and cat-like eyes.  They were much more muscled and a bit taller that humans.  The fox too had the ears, tail, and eyes of its animal and were a bit smaller in build and fast learners.  The rabbit adapted the same physical qualities and was much smaller than any Animus or human, they had heavily muscled legs which made them fast runners.  The Animus also took on a slight difference in diet, which slightly reflected their root animal.

            Eventually, the government was forced to release the information on project Animus.  Once word got out, the Animus were completely rejected by human society.  They were forced to live in the poorest parts of town.  They had to attend different schools, use different businesses, and they were not aloud any of the rights humans had, and disobeying a human was punishable by death.  Breaking any of these laws resulted in severe punishment.  But, the one law held above all others in both human and Animus worlds, was the law forbidding any of either race to fall in love with a member of the other.