Authors Note: Hi Everyone!!

Here's the deal, I'm planning on using the character of 2fast 2furious, its just I haven't actually seen this movie yet. =)

So, you must ask yourselves, why am I using them, very simple answer --I enjoy making my life more complicated then it has to be. :) So the story takes place after both films.

I've read quite a lot of TFTF fan fiction and do have a basic grasp of the sequel, this basic grasp is what I'm using. So please don't be upset if I make up a lot of stuff to fit my purpose 'cause I probably will.

This is my first Fast and the Furious fan fiction so I'd appreciate some input. Oh and any one out there is in generous mode, puh-lease tell me one or both of these two things - Important stuff about the sequel I should know AND

the names of three really, really wonderful cars that I can use.

Thank you so much in advance. =)

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Letty frowned at his back, glared at it actually. He could be such a sweetheart, a real darling, unfortunately 98% of the time he chose to be fuckin bull-headed. She swallowed back a growl and made the decision to approach this differently. This was important, this wasn't something to get hot headed over and end up throwing wrenches at each other. This was something they needed to be reasonable about. Logical. Not passionate. Time to use Logic over Wrenches.

At the thought she smiled, the last time they'd been in this garage they'd done some interesting things but throwing wrenches hadn't been one of them.

She glanced around, her eyes resting on the members of the team that were here, all busy - working and loving it. It was the best therapy. It was good to be home. Taking a deep breath she brought her mind back to the task at hand.

And said softly, gently, her voice a plea and caress in one,

"She's done so much for us Dom."

Not in the mood to continue the conversation/argument they'd been having for the past 45 minutes Dom growled, "shit, Letty I know that. You don't think I know that." He said exasperation coloring his voice "I know that she's fuckin sacrificed her whole life for us. But..."

"But nothin, Dawg, Letty's right. We owe her. All of us." Leon's voice reached them, muffled through an engine.

"And we kinda owe him too, Dom" Jesse said quietly from a chair next to a car he was working on.

Dom straightened from where he'd been bent over an engine with fire in his eyes, "Like hell we owe him!!" He shouted, "We don't owe him Shit!!!!!"

"Don't yell at Jesse!" Letty yelled straightening too.

"We don't owe him shit!!!!" Dom repeated, glaring in her direction.

"No of course not." Letty said sarcasm dripping from her voice as she walked over to him "'Its not like he did anything for us...cause he only LET YOU GO, DOM!!!! HE LET YOU GO!!!!" Letty shouted at him.

"He fuckin' lied to us." Dom yelled taking a step toward her "He would'na had to let me go. If he hadn't been a freakin' cop to begin with Letty."

"Would you two stop yelling." Leon said tiredly. Rolling out from underneath a car. He sighed taking a deep breath as he sat up. "Look, Mia just asked if maybe Jesse could look him up online. That's it. She didn't say we had to go see'm or even call'm up. Just see where he is. Its not a big deal."

Letty sighed, plopping down on a stool, "the thing is... once she knows where he is, she's gonna wanna see'm. I mean we all know she's still in love with the guy."

"Well she needs to get over it." Dom said gruffly, also sitting.

"its only been six months." Jesse answered.

"Its been a long six months, Jess..." Dom answered softly.

They were all silent for a moment. Contemplating the last six months. They'd all met up in Mexico, except Jesse and Vince who were both in hospitals. Jesse had been there for almost four months, Vince about one. Both were considered to under arrest and would be transferred to jails as soon as they were healthy enough. The interesting thing was that three weeks into their hospital imprisonment, both had been released on bail. More interesting still, was that the Team had had nothing to do with it.

So when the hospital released them, the guys were free.

Meanwhile, the state had been trying to gather all the scraps of evidence they had against Dominic Torreto and his Team but.... they couldn't find any. All state evidence vanished including the key witness, Brian.

So one month and two weeks ago Team Torreto had come home to L.A. with nothing but a few fines to pay.

Now this morning over breakfast Mia had hesitantly asked Jessie if he could maybe find Brian on the Net and see what he was up to.

When no one said anything for an entire minute Mia had stood up from the table and murmured, forget it.

She was at the cafe cleaning up, she'd been cleaning up since they'd gotten here. Vince was helping. Vince who hadn't made a move on her since... since he'd come to Mexico about a month and a half after The Incident. Something had changed. It was like to him Mia was now off limits.

"I don't like it..." Dom said softly, "I don't think its a good idea."

"Well, I do." Letty said firmly. "Mia deserves this Dom, after all the shit you put her through. For Christ's sake Dom she lost the semester. The entire fucking semester. I don't really know what the big deal is but she cried about it, so it must be one. And with the way things are going she may not even go back. All she does is clean and cook. She deserves this." after a moment Letty added with a little smile. "just like I deserve a vacation."

He smiled, a little, leave it to Letty to interject a plea of her own in with a plea for Mia.

"What do you think Jess?" he asked turning to their resident boy-wonder.

Jessie shrugged, "Anything that'll make Mia smile is high up on my list of shit to do."

"I second that." Leon said.

Dom nodded taking a deep breath he looked at them, all of them, and nodded, "Fine. Look'm up. I don't give a shit." after a second he stood, muttering, "I need a beer."