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"Aight girls how ya feel?" Casey questioned loudly to be heard over the deafening music.

They were in a booth at a club with drinks spread before them and new outfits on them. After leaving they'd doubled up in the cars - Casey with Mia and Suki with Letty. They'd driven to a hole in the wall that Casey swore, had the best clothes in ALL of miami.

They'd been in and out of there so fast Mia's and Letty's heads' had spun. Casey had done all the picking with Suki occasionally thrusting things in her hands. The place had been slightly larger then a walk in closet with dozens of clothing articles in it. The owner, a small Latin woman, had embraced Casey warmly and pulled items out from behind the counter, without even checking if things would fit, Casey had purchased complete outfits for all four girls - that coincidentally - all looked alike.

Minutes later when back in the cars, Suki and Casey had driven over to a club, it also looked like a hole in the wall but once you entered it was immense. A spacious dancing floor, stages, bars, tables, booths, upstairs balconies overlooking the entire thing. It was awesome. Casey ushered them into a ladies room and threw the bags of clothing at them. Telling them to get dressed.

They looked like a sorority or something.

All four girls were dressed in burgundy and black. Mia and Suki in mini-skirts, Letty and Casey in hip-hugger pants.

With that taken care of, they proceeded to acquire a booth and order drinks. That had been almost an hour ago, Casey and Suki were laughing about this and that, drinking and pointing at people on the dance floor. They made comments directed to Mia and Letty, obviously trying to draw them out but it hadn't really worked. Neither Mia nor Letty had said much until now.

Until now, when Casey leaned across the table and hollered, "Aight girls how ya feel?"

Mia shrugged, and looked down not wanting to be rude, she could still hear Brian's sincere voice, she's my best friend.

Letty answered had no such qualm, "Like we had better plans tonight." she said crossly.

Casey laughed as she reached into her purse and pulled out the four tiniest set of paper pads and pencils they'd ever seen.

At the sight of them, Suki roared with laughter, or rather giggled uncontrollably. Mia and Letty just stared at them.

"We're going to play a game." she said smiling.

"A what?" Mia questioned over the blaring music.

"A game, a contest really." she yelled back. Smiling widely she motioned for them to stand and follow her.

They did and followed her to a sitting room type of thing. There were other people in there already, so they spoke in hushed voices.

"We're going to play a game." Casey repeated.

"Is there anything I can say or do that might possibly talk you out of this." Letty said deadpan after a moment.

"Not a thing." she replied gleefully.

"plus this is actually fun." Suki interjected smiling and received a blank stare from Letty.

Casey nodded, her waves of honey blonde hair shifting, "Alright here's the concept." she began.

"We each take a little pad and pencil and tuck it right here...." she continued and pointed to the inner side of her breast.

"You can't be serious..." Mia said her eyes widening.

"Sure its easy just slip the pencil in here..." she slid it into the center of the tiny pad. "... and then nestle the pad in like this..." she demonstrated and they had to agree it was hardly noticeable.

"Where'd you get those that tiny." Mia asked looking at the tiny, thin pads and slip of a pencil.

"Not important here Mia, lets focus..." Casey responded smiling and shaking her head ruefully.

"right, sorry..."

"Okay anyway, here's the concept. In a place like this getting a guys name is easy, his number easy too, even where he lives is simple if you know what buttons to push. What requires skill is random facts. You know favorite ice cream, color, birthday, the way they take their coffee... stuff like that. So here's what we do. We work the floor. Get the name, the number, the place he lives, and three random facts about the guy. The girl with the most guys in her book by the end of an hour and half wins." She finished smiling.

"Wins what?" Letty asked.

"What do you mean: what? You win the rep, baby. Your the Queen of Manipulation, of Finesse, of ultimate hotness." she said excitedly, her eyes shining. "Titles that all belong to me. And as such you earn a single day of complete authority over the females you've defeated. Orders like, wash my car, iron my clothes, tie my shoe-laces, crush the ice in the home-made lemonade you made me have to be obeyed." She said winking at her, "let me tell you it sucks to lose but it's glorious, on many levels, to win."

She added gloatingly after a moment, "No ones ever beaten me. I'm the best." she said her eyes challenging Letty.

Letty met her gaze and nodded slowly, "If you win you get slaves for a day...Sounds.... alright. We just have to write it in that lil book?" she asked

"yep. And the others that play reserve the right to confirm - as in call the guy - and hang up, of course." she added quickly when Mia's eyes widened.

"But how do we do this?" Mia asked her brow furrowed. "how do we get all that information from them?"

"You gotta work the floor, sugar." Suki answered. "Talk to the guys, Get'm drunk, touch their faces, maybe even kiss them. Anything to get'm talkin... anythin but having sex with them, that's the rule: no sex."

"Yeah..." Casey confirmed, "You can strip for all I care but no sex. That makes things messy."

The girls nodded, registering that piece of information. Not that they were going to resort to that kind of thing. But the fact that the rule existed showed them just how intense it got out there.

Casey waited. Watching them.

Letty's eyes were beginning to light up with the idea. This may a little fun....

Mia looked hesitant but determined to like Casey and be liked in return.

Almost simultaneously they nodded, in agreement.

Grinning Casey exclaimed, "Wonderful..." and handed them the pads, "Let the games begin... An hour and a half girls. We meet back here in an hour and a half, if your later your disqualified...."


Letty couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard, gasping for breath she pulled Mia's arm harder but the girl wouldn't give up.

"Its time..." she'd told her and some guy.

Only to have Mia promptly ignore her. She had her face near the guys, their noses nearly touching.

"Time for what?" he'd asked glancing at Letty, his eyes skimming her burgundy and black pants then back up - resting a moment too long on her bosom.

Mia had reached up and almost roughly pulled his face back towards her, Letty had giggled and reached for her arm, she'd yanked it away.

"Time for you and me baby..." she'd purred to the guy and Letty had started laughing outright.

They were both a little drunk, - it was hard to get them (guys) completely drunk if you didn't drink just a little.

"...for me and you..." Mia had whispered huskily running her hand down his face.

Letty couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard, gasping for breath she pulled Mia's arm harder but the girl wouldn't give up.

"Time for you to tell me what your favorite ice cream is...." she murmured as sensually as she could and Letty burst out in hysterical laughter.

"Come on..." she insisted and Mia too started laughing, pulling herself from the bar where she'd been leaning.

The girls leaned on each and laughed the whole way, exchanging stories and techniques. They commented on how after the few jello shots the game had gotten easier and easier, they refused to tell each other how many men they had in their book until they reached the room.

Bursting into the room they found Casey and Suki sitting on one of the sofa's talking rather calmly. Some part of Mia was sober enough to think Thank God the room is empty, as she and Letty collapsed in a fit of laughter on the sofa.

"what the hel.... are you two drunk?" Suki exclaimed examining their flushed faces and shiny eyes.

"no, no, no...."

"of course not..."

They said simultaneously. Casey laughed almost as hysterically as them... "you're drunk." she confirmed after she could get a breath.

"Pointer for next time..." she started when she could breath, "don't drink with them."

Mia and Letty looked at each and started laughing again.

"Fuck I think she's right." Letty exclaimed, "and shit I didn't even mean too." she said and started laughing.

Mia joined her.

Casey shook her and Suki smiled wryly, "we have to fix this you know..." she told Casey.

"Brian'll be pissed if we return'm like this."

Casey laughed and shrugged carelessly. Glancing at her watch she said, "we got time."

"alright what you guys come up with?" she asked.

Mia laughed, "four.... I know..." she said quickly, "its pathetic but I didn't get the hang of it till the end and then someone interrupted me....." she said glaring at Letty.

Who only smiled, "What 'bout you Suk what you'd get?" she asked peering over dramatically.

Suki shook her head, "my usual I never make it past seven."

Letty nodded, suddenly looking kind of sober, she met Casey's gaze steadily, "your the person to beat at this, huh?"

Casey smirked, "yep. what ya got, girl?" she asked.

"you first."

"Naw you first." she said her smile glittering.

"no you...."

"what the hell..." Mia said "you two ain't got the secret of life in your hands just tell us...."

"Fine, I'll go first." Casey said her eyes shining.

Carefully, precisely, she removed the little pad from its hiding place.

Then opened it up and began to count,

In a child-like voice, "1..." *pause* "...2..." *pause* "...3..." *pause* "...4..."

"Oh for christsake Case, how many..." Suki exclaimed.

"12." she said smiling broadly. Her eyes daring Letty to beat that.

Letty met her gaze a moment before bursting out in laughter once more, Mia was only too happy to join her. So what if she didn't know what they were laughing about.

"Daaaaaaamnnnnnnn girl...." Letty said trying to get her breath. "How the hell you do that?"

Casey smiled, "that means I win?" she asked.

Letty nodded still laughing, "Hell yeah, I got nine."

Casey arched her eyebrow, but before she could say anything Suki exclaimed, "hell Case I think you got competition here. This was her first time."

Letty laughed, Casey smirked, "beginners luck...." she said.

"Lets play again. I bet I can beat you...." Letty started, her eyes shining.

Casey shook her head laughing, "naw girl we got stuff to do..." she said standing. Suki followed suit.

"What stuff?" Letty asked getting up a little shakily. Mia standing also.

"Come on" Suki said grinning as she grabbed her arm. Casey grabbing Mia, she was laughing and Mia felt apprehension as she looking into the girls clear blue eyes.


"you've got to be kidding me...." Letty's voice trailed off, her eyes wide as she stared at the scene before. Slowly but surely she was sobering up.

"Absolutely not...." Casey said smiling, double-knotting her laces.

"I haven't since I was like ten..." Mia said softly her eyes too, wide as she surveyed the arena.

"...even then I wasn't very good." Letty added warily.

"I was sober then..." Mia continued. They didn't even realize they were continuing the other sentences as they stared out at the rink.

Casey and Suki were grinning ear to ear.

"Oh don't worry, you'll sober up." Suki said standing.

"That's what I'm afraid of." Letty said glaring at her.

"It'll be fun." Casey said standing. "Trust me. You liked the game didn't you."

"And I won. Which means your my commands are your orders."

Mia and Letty exchanged looks. And both taking a deep breaths stood. Shaky, wobbling, they made there way out to the rink.

What followed were two hours of hilarity as the four girls roller bladed around and around the rink.

By the end of it they'd all laughed till their sides hurt and Casey had accomplished her goal: the ice between the Torreto Team females and the Miami Team females had been broken - shattered really.


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