Looking for a few proofreaders, for feedback and corrections. Contact me threw e-mail and/or icq. If my inspiration keeps up this may turn out to be a long story, if not (shrug) may end up not being finished, or not having a decent ending.

I live off of reviews, so keep the input coming, and I'll do my best to continue this.


Disclaimer: I DO own Ranma ½. in vhs and dvd, but I don't hold the license.

It's been awhile since I posted a fanfic, most fanfics I begin usually never live to finish. There are a few warnings, my grammar and spelling are not great, So whatever spellchecker and my eyes missed may make my story harder to read. Pre readers would be nice, just send a e-mail. If you flame me don't do it because of my spelling.

This fic has probably been done a trillion times but it's an idea id like to try.

Ranma was changed permanently into a girl (mind and body) at the springs and has somehow convinced her father he may have only believed her a boy. But due to some poor encounters with the Amazons she has to pretend to be a guy, when they arrive at the Tendo's.

I plan to develop a relation ship between Ranko and Nabiki, but I also plan to fallow a lot of the other casts relationships.

WARNING: The beginning section of this story was written quite awhile ago, and its writing style improves later on.