I'm not Ranma!

-=Chapter 01c=-

The Tendo's sat quietly around the dinning table along with there slumped and beaten guests. Genma without question was looking the worst for wear, with a deformed head full of lumps and mounds. Ranko though, seemed just to be tired out with no visible signs of damage. Most of the damage had been taken by Genma after their fight outside when he tried to steal some of Ranko's food. Needless to say a duel of the chopsticks ensured, leaving nothing but crumbs in its wake.

"Do you do this every meal?" Akane asked with annoyance casing Ranko to blink. Akane was still mad from being snapped at, not that Ranko knew.

"Absolutely!" Genma fired up, a flaming aura appearing. "One must use every opportunity to train!"

"Just like old times!!" Soun wailed happily.

Kasumi smiled sweetly as she cleared the table of the excess dishes, and disappeared. The fathers also disappeared out into the yard and down the path leading away, probably off to some pub to catch up.

Ranko was once again left with the two youngest Tendo sisters, who where giving her two totally different looks. Akane way giving her an uneasy look while Nabiki, one of... well she didn't know but it made her feel quite uneasy, almost like pry.

Nabiki was overjoyed, it seemed Ranma, even with all his fire he was still shy when left alone with a few girls. She let her grin widen causing him to fidget nervously, looking around the room for a distraction. It also seemed that he and his father where staying. The fight they had held for over an hour in the yard had seemed to convince Ranma to stay. Not that he knew his fiancée was already decided.

"So Ranma, father told us you where on a training trip?" Nabiki asked playing innocent and brandishing a warm smile which seemed to ease Ranko's nerves. She was interested in what information she could pry out of her new fiancée, who knows maybe something profitable will turn up. She was surprised to see a shadow cross her fiancée's face and withdraw into herself.

"Ya, for about ten years." Ranko said looking up with an exasperation Nabiki could easily see was masking underlying sadness, though she noted Akane didn't notice. Her sister had a soft spot for sad stories, but the miffed look she was wearing was all but caring.

"We started the trip when I was 6, visiting places all over Japan. Dojo's, shrines, even bars where brawls where regular. Every once and awhile pop's would discover a new secret, and unbeatable technical, and force me to learn it. He had even found some old book of forbidden techniques. Luckily he gave that up after the technique he tried to teach me failed." Nabiki noticed how Ranko's thoughts seemed to linger on her last words; she would remember to ask him about it later.

"Over the years it became harder to find a training ground we hadn't already visited. So pops decided to start going to the old dangerous closed off ones. He said it was the perfect training environment for anything go's, I still think sparing on that thin wooden beam over a pit of spikes was a bit much." Ranko seemed to perk up.

"Hey you're a marshal artist right?" Ranko asked Akane suddenly, startling her. "You had that gi on earlier." Nabiki raised an eyebrow, where was this going.

"Ya, and don't think because I'm a girl it makes me weak!" Akane barked. Ranko ignored the attitude.

"Wanna spar?"

Akane gaped for a few moments before growling, someone probably told him of that stupid proclamation Kuno made. "Why?" She growled.

"Well.. um I haven't spared with anyone but pops." Ranko explained growing increasingly uneasy at Akane's attitude towards her ever since learning of the arranged marriage. "I thought it would be nice to train with someone else." Ranko looked down uneasily.

Akane seemed to relies she was being too hard on him, but set her face. "It's late. I think I'll get ready for bed." Akane stood and left, leaving Ranko down struck and her sister sighting.

"Don't mind her Ranma, she has boy troubles." Nabiki reassured him, before grinning realizing they where alone. Once again Ranko began to fidget uneasily from her grin.

"So you got a good look around the places when you spared with your father?"

"Yea, but I'm still not sure where me and pops are suppose to stay." Ranko crouched forward a bit his hands on his knees and looked to the side with that same cute flush.

"Kasumi set up the guestroom for you while you where sparing with your father." Nabiki explained. "So have you decided?" she changed the subject.


"Who you want to marry." Nabiki smirked at Ranko's instant flush and watched him stammer, before finally managing.

"N..no." Nabiki could barely keep herself from laughing at the ridicules face Ranko had, somewhere between embarrassment and panic.

"Well that's ok its already been decided." Nabiki said in amusement before standing. Ranko's eyes nearly popped out of her head in surprise.

"I.. it's not Akane is it?" Ranko looked almost fearful. Nabiki just grinned and let the question hang, and stood motioning Ranko to follow.

"Your rooms up stairs, you're going to have to share with your father for awhile." Nabiki lead her fiancée up the stairs and to his room, he still seemed bewildered. "It's not great, but Kasumi didn't have time to arrange some furnisher." Nabiki pushed Ranko inside.

"Nabiki? Just who is my fiancée?" Ranko turned.

"Me of course" Nabiki grinned and leaned forward giving Ranko a kiss on the lips. "Night." Nabiki shut the door leaving her paralyzed fiancée staring bug-eyed into space. She couldn't help thinking about how fun Ranma was going to be to tease, his shy side was just so exploitable.


Ranko stood stiffly for about five minutes still feeling the tingle on her lips. Before she seemed to crack and gasp in shock. She had just been kissed by another girl, one that thought she was a boy but another girl none-the-less. Not to mention she was now that girl's fiancée, "Pops is going to pay." She promised darkly a faint aura surrounding her.

She sat down dejected on a laid-out futon, and felt her lips gently; it was her first kiss after all, and it wasn't so unpleasant. "What's with her anyway?!" Ranko complained to the room. She didn't think it was normal to kiss someone the same day you meet them, even if it was an arranged marriage.

"And the way she keeps look at me," Ranko shivered seeing Nabiki's predatory grin "its like she's a cat or something!" Ranko shivered again, she hated cats, they just can't wait to sink their claws into you. There all pretty and purring till you get something they want, then they attack with claws flying.

"arg! This has to be the stupidest idea pops has come up with yet!" She growled as she flopped down on the futon. "I wonder how long I can keep this up before they discover the truth. I'm sure Nabiki is going to be real amused over it." She spoke dryly.

She sighed in relief as she reached below her shirt and unzipped the vest a bit giving her a lot more breathing room. The vest was proving to be a hindrance, when she was sparing with her father she was finding herself short of breath, and lacking in power. "Lets hope Shampoo doesn't figure it out.. if she ever finds us. Don't think id be able to keep up in this stupid thing"

After a few minutes of breathing freely, she decided she would take a bath before turning in. She worked up quite a sweat and it had been so long since she had a proper bath. Bounding to her feat in one swift movement she collected her pack which she assumed Kasumi brought to the room, and removed some sleeping cloths. She shook her head at the large undershirt and boxers in her hands. Her father had insisted she slept in boys clothing, not wanting to take a chance of being stumbled upon by the Amazon.

Zipping her vest back up and cloths in hand, she left the room. She made her way to the first floor, and smiled sweetly to Kasumi who wished her goodnight as they passed on the stairs. It took her a minute or two to get her bearings, but she quickly found the Tendo's bathroom and entered. She unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor, along with her pants which she kicked lose.

As she deposited her shirt and pants in the hamper she noticed some upper shelves in the change room filled with toiletries, then smacked her forehead. She forgot hers upstairs, not wanting to run back up stairs she decided to check and see if there where any in the bathing area she could barrow. She turned and flung open the bathing screen and froze. Oh no.

There on a stool in the middle of the room, completely nude and currently washing herself with a sponge was, Nabiki. They blinked at each other, the soap suds slowly slipping from Nabiki's body revealing more bare skin. A minute passed as both seemed frozen as to what to do, then Nabiki smiled and made an unmistakable seductive pose. "Care to join me?"

Ranko scream echoed threw the house as she bolted from the bathroom strait to her room where she slammed and locked the door.

Nabiki continued washing herself with a satisfied smirk, the look on her fiancée's face was too rich. She was a bit disappointed, though her fiancée got a good look at her, all she got a good look at was a black vest, some boxer shorts and the brown leather bracers Ranko wore. Nabiki admitted it wasn't a complete loss; at least she could tease him about this for a few months, maybe even turn a profit from it.

Upstairs huddled deep in her futon, Ranko got a great sense of foreboding. "Pop's! You're really going to pay for this!"

-=End Chapter 01c=-