Welcome to Juunishi Academy! We thank you for clicking on the link and therefore being enrolled in this very prestigious school run by who else but the furuba Juunishi hunks! Experience what is it like to have a furuba character for a sensei.

(This used to be part of the now closed Fruit Cocktale site, and is being uploaded to grant the request of some people who emailed me. This was redone and reconstructed into one continuous story, and those who have read this already will notice some story changes ^^)

Now let's start studying!


( Physical Education )

You get dressed quietly in the locker room when you noticed your girl classmates squeal. Apparently, someone was peeping on them.

"It's that perverted Literature teacher!" cried one of your classmates.

You blinked and wondered if he would be part of your course. But before you could ask any further, you heard a whistle blow.

You join your classmates out on the field to do some warm-up exercises before you play volleyball.

The whistle blew again. "Alright everyone, single file!!!" a baritone voice bellowed.

Your eyes widened when you saw an orange-haired guy holding up a ball, looking at you. You then notice how sexy his piercing eyes were, just as sexy as the way his flannel shirt clung to his perspiring body.

Wow. Sweating sure becomes him!

"You!" he barked, looking directly at…well…you. "I said, 'single file'! Why are you forming your own line?"

"Eh?" Your face turned warm when you realized something. You were standing all by yourself in the right while everyone was lined in the left. You quickly slipped behind your other classmates who were snickering at you.

Real smooth move for you.

He tossed the ball in the air and caught it with ease. "My name is Sohma Kyo, your PE teacher. My clan owns this school, and you'll meet some of them after this class. But for now, we will concentrate on my subject first."

OK, they go and concentrate on the subject and you concentrate on the teacher. It's not a bad deal.

You gazed at your tangerine-haired teacher some more. You were so fascinated about his casual, I-don't-care-about-the-rules aura that surrounds this Mt. Olympus specimen.

"Now, we'll do some stretching exercises." He let go of the ball and began to stretch his arms and legs. "One…two…"

All of the female students couldn't move to follow him- they were too busy admiring the smooth ripples of muscles in his arms.

That is, every female but you. You were doing a solo flight aerobics all by yourself. It took you exactly two minutes and four seconds to realize this though. By then, everyone was gaping at you openly, as if you were a wingless chicken trying to fly.

To your surprise, a hand patted your shoulder. You looked up and saw Kyo-sensei looking down at you, trying very, very hard not to laugh in your face. He was not making a very good job of doing that though.

"You're doing well," he said, smiling at last. Kami-sama, it was like the sun rising in the midnight! It was like the moon rising at noon! It was like…like…really swell.

He continued. "I see you are the only attentive student here."

Your heart jumped. If he wanted attention, you are oh-so-ready to shower him with it!

Darn it, darn it! He was so much more gorgeous up close! So what if you looked silly, doing the tribal dance awhile ago? At least you were noticed!

Later, you were already playing volleyball with your classmates. However, your full attention wasn't on the game, but on the teacher who was shouting instructions at all of you.

Darn it, those eyes…so fierce…you tried to imagine them looking at you. Piercing you. Going through the very depths of your soul. Eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul, metaphysically speaking…


The ball landed flat on your face, making you crash down the ground. The whistle blew again.

You could hear your angel conscience snickering devilishly at you. It was saying, "So you think you could get away with stealing glances at him? You're wrong!"

"Are you OK?" asked another sexy voice, one that could send a woman to dreamland and never wish to wake up again, come hell or high waters or midnight mall sales.

The next thing you knew, the ball was removed from your face, and you are staring at a young, beautiful man with deep-set purple eyes that could drown the Pacific ocean with ease.

Darn it, this guy's prettier than you are! But heck, you already knew he was destined to be part of your legendary Crushes Book.

"H-Hai," you managed to stammer.

Footsteps brought you back to reality. Your Kyo-sensei looked at Mr. Beautiful with disdain, then back at you. "You idiot! Why weren't you looking out for yourself?" he barked, but heavens, you could see worry in his eyes.

"Is that what you say to a lady who met an unfortunate accident?" asked the purple-eyed young man, looking at Kyo-sensei with equal dismay. He turned to you and smiled. "My name is Sohma Yuki, and I teach Social Studies."

"Heh! Girly subject," muttered Kyo-sensei.

Yuki-sensei merely smiled coldly. "And you teach your students nothing but physical brutality."

"And you bore them to death, you girly boy!"

"Boredom to some, intellectual stimulation to most of us…the thinking ones," replied the other teacher calmly.

"Damn mouse! You think you're so great because you wear that suit and you go and talk classy in front of your students!"

Yuki-sensei ignored him and instead turned his attention back to you. "I'll help you up."

Your heart did a somersault. OMG…

But before you could take Yuki-sensei's hands, Kyo-sensei suddenly grabbed you and carried you in his arms, just like a rag doll. Another OMG…

Behind you, you heard the girls squeal in envy. You heard your angel and devil conscience squeal along. He he he.

"I think I can take care of my student fine, all by myself, kusu Yuki," said your PE teacher before leaving in a huff.

You on the other hand, couldn't speak. You were too busy enjoying his natural virile scent mixing with his perspiration that on turn was dripping down his forehead. No, this guy could give any Hugo Boss or Axe model a run for his money in any given day and time.

"Let's bring you to the clinic," he said after awhile, his voice evidently losing its initial harshness that you heard when he was addressing Yuki-sensei.

Suddenly, you wished that the clinic was built somewhere farther…like Hawaii?

But go back to reality, girl! You're in the clinic already!

Fortunately, the school doctor was on duty.

Um, erase that. It was a devastatingly gorgeous school doctor who was on duty.

"What happened to her?" asked the doctor in a gravely serious voice.

Kyo laid you down the bed gently. "An accident in class. Take care of my student, Hatori."

Hatori. So that was the name of Mr. Dreamboat. You repeated the name over and over in your mind, singing, "Mother, mother, I am sick. Call the doctor very quick. Call doc Hatori very quick."

"No problem," nodded the doctor.

You were sorry to see Kyo-sensei leave, but then, you still have the doc. Not much of a loss, right?

You gasped when you felt him apply an ice pack on your forehead with gentle firmness.

"Don't worry, you can still make it to your next class. Both of us, actually," he said.

You vaguely remembered that you were intending to take Values class next, but your classmates will all go to Math class, saying that it was easier than the Math you had when you were in first grade. On the other hand, Yuki-sensei was teaching Social Studies…

"I'm teaching Science," the handsome doctor said.

Wow! This piece of heaven was going to teach too!

You smiled, suddenly finding the inspiration to go to school everyday.

To be continued