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Right, this is an AU fic, and I feel kind of obligated to explain some terms and things here:

-There are no Millennium Items in this fic, like it was stated in the summary, but there is something else...what that is, you'll find out soon enough. ^_^

-Now, as for the characters, (since this is an AU fic), their roles will be slightly different. I decided to let out the yamis this time, so the character will be either his normal self, or it will be just yami. You'll see what I mean when you'll read the next paragraphs:

~Solomon Mutou~ a retired archeologist, the grandfather of Yuugi Mutou

~Yuugi Mutou~ a young man with interest in archeology, admires his grandfather

~Tea Gardner~ a young woman, a childhood friend of Yuugi's, also interested in archeology and ancient Egypt mythology

~Mai Valentine~ a young journalist, a friend of Yuugi and Tea's, on her first assignment

~Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor~ tour guides across Egypt (I know their names don't sound very Egyptian like, but I didn't want to cause more confusion with coming up with different names for them)

~Serenity Wheeler~ Joey's sister, lives with him alone

~Bakura (as in Yami Bakura only)~ a tomb robber, thief

~Seto Kaiba~ a powerful businessman, with a secret interest for ancient Egyptian mythology

~Mokuba Kaiba~ Seto's brother, lives with him in his mansion, idolizes his brother

~Marik Ishtar~ a thief, Bakura's "brother" in his gang of thieves

~Ishizu Ishtar~ Marik's sister, the leader of the Museum of ancient artifacts, despises her brother for becoming a thief

These are the basic characters we all know, the bad guy of the fic is my own OC, and he's called Amukh. There will also be one of the characters from the original Yu-Gi-Oh cast, but I will let him be a mystery for now... ^_^

I hope you'll like this prologue, and I hope you'll drop your comments and reviews about this story.

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The legend of the three souls

-by Alena S. Anigor


The sun was set highly on the sky, burning the already heated sand of the ancient country, blurring the vision and the air with its heat. There was no wind, making the air thick and dry, almost unbearable. The sand glistened, tiny specks of minerals reflecting the burning orb on the sky, and making a dark haired girl sigh under the hood of her white robe.

Ishizu Ishtar stopped with her observations, holding a funny looking stone in her hand, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. She rested her hands a bit, putting them on her waist, looking around the big hole in the ground, and watching her coworkers dig under the heated sun. She raised her head a bit, shadowing her eyes with her hand, and stared at the sky. It was perfect blue, the exact color of her eyes, and she sighed, deciding that the work was still not done, and that there was a lot to do. She put the stone on the small metallic plate, standing on the shaky table beside her, and took the cramp in her hands again.

Although it was a manly job, to do the diggings and drag the ancient findings away from their hideouts, she enjoyed every piece of it; after all, she was the main responsible person for the diggings, working as the leader of the Museum of ancient artifacts.

Just when she was about to swing with the cramp to break another layer of sand, there was a sudden commotion between the men on the other side of the pit, and she stopped in mid – swing, turning her attention to the opposite side of the digging pit. She let the cramp fall down with a thud, and it sank slightly in the sand.

"Ishizu, I found it! It's here!" One of her men exclaimed excitedly, and her eyes brightened in relief, after the two –days long diggings finally came to an end; they found what they were looking for, they found what she presumed would lay under the deep sand of the mysterious desert.

She hurried to the opposite side, almost skipping trough the soft sand, and her eyes glistened when she saw what the man was holding in both of his hands, proudly eying the revealed bust of a man, with a crown on his head, a giant bug imprinted in the crown, and Ishizu let out a gasp.

She was right; it really did exist and they really found it! Unfortunately, they only managed to find one of the ancient artifacts, and her eyes clouded with slight tiredness that this was only the first one, but at least they found it, non – the less, and she marveled in its sight for a while, until the man handed it to her, and she took it, carefully embracing the bust like it was made of porcelain.

She eyed the stoned face of a man, and her eyes traveled across the giant bug in the crown.

"The scarab", she whispered, "the sacred animal of Osiris."

The men in front of her eyed one another, grinning at her, happy to see their boss happy, and one of them suggested a celebration for the new success later.

They eyed her carefully, wanting to hear her allowance, and when she nodded, grinning herself, they cheered happily, swinging the cramps in the air, and thanked her.

They were gone in a couple of minutes, and she was left standing there, in the middle of the pit, still looking proudly at the little statue in her hands.

She smiled, hardly waiting to present the bust to the other skeptics who only looked at her with derision, mocking her that she'd never find anything if she would chase after mere illusions and legends.

But she didn't give up, and the result was there, neatly positioned in her hands, and she smirked satisfyingly, wanting nothing more than to show those old and primitive idiots what she was capable of.

When she thought of it, maybe she should threw a convention, inviting all respective people who had anything to do with ancient Egypt and archeology.

The first person that came to her mind was Solomon Mutou, a well - known archeologist, who was enjoying a great respect among his fellow colleagues.

'Yes', she thought, smiling victoriously, 'I will definitely invite him.'

Holding the bust in her hands, she stretched her hands forward, observing the bust with such admiration and love in her eyes, that she almost kissed the face of the man, but she dismissed that thought, deciding to clean it and brush it first.

"Aw, how long till we get there? I hate flying with the airplanes..." Mai Valentine muttered, sitting next to her friend, and Tea Gardner giggled a bit, the thought of Mai holding the bag in front of her face crossing her mind.

The blond journalist frowned, obviously not feeling so good, and she redirected her eyes to look trough the window, and seeing nothing but clouds, groaned in frustration. The plane shifted a bit, and Mai grabbed Tea's shoulder tightly, making the older girl yelp.

"Mai!" She exclaimed, looking at her startled.

"Is everything all right, Mai?" The voice on the seat in front of them was heard, and the head of the young man peeped trough the loop between the seats.

"Yeah, Yuugi, I'm fine, but Mai is..." She stopped, casting a glance at the girl next to her.

"Not so fine", the blond girl finished for her, and Yuugi sweatdropped, turning to his grandfather beside him, who was snoring softly in his nap. The stewardess announced the arrival in one hour, and one loud 'Thank God!' was heard trough the plane. Tea covered her face in embarrassment, wishing she was sitting somewhere else.

Solomon Mutou mumbled something in his sleep, and Yuugi shook him gently, trying to wake him up. His grandfather mumbled something again, which wasn't quite understandable to the young man next to him, but he only shrugged, deciding to wake him up later.

It was getting dark outside, and the lights in the airplane turned on, illuminating the interior of the plane with a soft light. Mai was in a search of a plastic bag, while Tea was tumbling trough her backpack, trying to find a book she was reading before. She managed to find the book in a mess of other things, and she placed the backpack down, opening the book and starting to read where she stopped the last time.

Mai turned her head to look at her friend, and tried to read the title.

"Anci...ent...Egyptian...what is that last thing?" She was muttering, leaning slightly to see better. Tea rolled her eyes and turned the book for her to see.

"Mythology, Mai, mythology." She replied, and the blond journalist nodded with a 'ohh' and then leaned back, holding the plastic bag in her hands, and praying every god that ever existed to grant her the wish not to throw up...this time.

Yuugi smiled softly, hearing the conversation behind him, and then leaned into his seat, deciding to spend the remaining time to take a rest. He hoped he wouldn't fall asleep like his grandfather, but he relied on Tea and Mai to wake up them both if that was about to happen by any chance.

Closing his eyes, he relaxed, images of the ancient hieroglyphs and ancient culture flowing trough his mind, and he couldn't wait to set a foot on the golden sand, and finally see the land that he's been drawn to so much.

The night fell, making the golden sand dark and mysterious, almost ominous to the eyes of the person, kneeling on the top of the mountain of sand. The night was clear and chilly, a full contrast to the heated day. The person was eyeing the light, coming from the people below him, but he was too far away to see anything too closely. What he had seen, and what had made his mind clouded with worry and dread, was the cloaked figure, standing a tad bit away from the crowd of people, equally shadowed with cloaks.

The person, kneeling and hiding from their view, was secretly hoping it wouldn't come to this, but he was once taught that history was repeating itself, and that the day would come again.

He gritted his teeth slightly, watching the tall and mighty looking figure stand high in superiority, giving orders to everyone else around him, as they were digging trough the sand, obviously in a desperate search of something.

One of the cloaked figures knelt in front of him, and the tall figure's face was not able to see, but he nodded slightly, and the person who was kneeling in front of him nodded as well, and bowing once, stood up, and went behind him, grabbing the strands of rope that were firmly enveloped around a camel. He climbed on the camel, and the animal twitched its ears a bit, before it obeyed, and the person was gone behind the other mountain of sand.

The shadowed person was observing the cloaked one, and it suddenly raised its cloaked head in its direction, but there was nothing there.

The person, who was watching the scene in front of him, and now was currently hidden behind the large amount of sand, sighed in relief, almost being caught in the act.

But then, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he dropped his own hood over his head. Crawling a bit away from his spot, he stood up, once again observing the soft light, coming from the pit.

"I guess the time has come again", he whispered and disappeared into the cold night.