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Hello, minna-san, this'll be very confusing to you. I'm taking a guess it will be. I hope you'll understand this sooner or later.

Summary: Popular and Pretty Botan lived a life that was perfect. Though, it took her 14 years to be accepted by this small village. You see, these people never really adapted to… Unusual things… and to meet a girl with long, blue tresses was out of the ordinary. Especially when her father had black hair and her mother had brown. Now, with her mother dead and her father a widower who despises his daughter, life has been slowly going down hill for her. But, when she meets the new boy, a handsome young male who is greatly confused as a female, life just started to go her way until her friends and family start taking a problem to this. Immediately, her life is massacred with danger and banishment.

…Yeah…so that's pretty much it… Um, this as you see is Romance/Drama… but there is also mystery inside and some humorous occasions. This is a dark angsty fic… but let's see what it will turn out to be by the end of the story…

Disclaimer: I don't own the Yyh crew but I own the other characters you don't know… and I give a special thanks to Carol Plum-Ucci

Chapter 1: Forthcoming

Monologue: (What is a monologue? I don't know about it, my friend just told me…I might be using it wrong but hey.)

I lived a life of lies…lying to my friends…lying to my family…everyone…Don't get me wrong, I don't like lying in particular…but…I've lied about how happy I was…every single moment I disguise my foulness with a fake smile…I hide away the crappy mood with a cheery, ditzy disposition… and when I do that…it discomforts me in some odd way…I feel insecure of who I am at the moment…and that's bad, right? Right…

But… I guess it…changed…a bit when I met HIM…the guy who can put my life in danger and most likely…end it…

I yawned and brought my face closer to the text book. There were so many damn numbers in here; it was enough to confuse you for the rest of your life… I stretched my arm out in the air and brought it down very slowly… Yup, just taking my time, no need to rush things. I don't why, but hey, it was a great concept. My amethyst eyes wandered over to my best friends, Miki and Akiko, who were chewing one of the school's banished objects, the gum. But, they never really caught us, only if that teacher would keep a close eye on their most troublesome students, which meant Miki and Akiko. So far they lasted through the period for 10 minutes and that my dear friends, is a new record! I giggled softly and they just stared at me with devious eyes.

I turned my head to the clock, only 25 minutes to go. To me, it was lasted for 5 whole hours. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. My eyes returned to the book and I just sat there staring at it. Yup, what a fun-filled activity…you're supposed to be doing your homework. I picked up the pencil and examined it for a while. Ugh, dull tip. I hate dull tips, they always make those annoying scratching sounds whenever you write with them, and I admit it always annoyed the hell out of me. I purposely broke the tip off and immediately raised my hand. "Um, Fushikuro-sensei," I called out, "I seem to have broken my pencil!" The teacher looked at me with weary eyes. "Then use your common sense and go sharpen your pencil," he snarled. That was sort of rude. I thought I needed to get permission…whatever. I got on my feet and sauntered slowly over to the sharpener. I slowly turned the lever on it and studied the whole class; most of them were doing worthless things while the other actually DID their homework.

"Yo, B," Taro Matsushita whispered over at me. I turned my head over to him and plastered a quaint smile on my lips. He grinned widely. "Hey, Taro, what can I do for you?" I questioned. His thumb pointed over at Miki who was mindlessly braiding her hair. "Send a message for me, I want you to tell her that her panties are showing when she sits like that," he slurred. Perverted idiot instantly popped in my head. I smiled weakly and nodded gradually. "Witty, but I'm not going to do that mindless favor for you," I said sternly, but with a feeling of humor also mixing in so that he won't get so…infuriated at me like last time. See what I have to put up with this year? Idiots, that's who…but these idiots are what keep me happy and likable… That was a lie again, Stop lying to yourself, B, you don't know how much it will affect you in the future.  I sighed and just continued over to my seat. 

When I sat down, a paper ball immediately flew to my head. I cursed and scratched that area. My head involuntarily snapped over to Miki, Yes, involuntarily, I really wanted to ignore it but, I knew it came from Miki and Akiko. I once again put on her forced smile. "What?" I asked. "What did my Taro say?" Miki squealed. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "He told you your crack-stained panties are showing," I truthfully joked. Miki blushed hotly and pulled her skirt down. "Well, tell that freak to stop being a freakin' pervert!" she yelled. The teacher's eyes darted across the room to meet her hazel eyes. Chortles and giggles rose up from the class. I couldn't help but laugh also. "Chewing gum AND disturbing the class, Ishigawa!?" he deadpanned. Ooo, she gonna get it. Miki laughed awkwardly. "No, sir." She squeaked. "Oh, and I suppose that wasn't your voice I heard?!" Miki thought for a while. "Exactly!" she proudly shouted……Okay, Miki…what was that about? I sweated at her moronic answer. Fushikuro-sensei pointed his finger out the door and it most understandably meant principal's office. I laughed. Miki rose up from her seat and patted my back. "Don't miss me while I'm gone, okay B? You too TARO!" She slapped my shoulder very hardly that I almost coughed out spit. I smiled feebly and waved off at her. Taro just gloomily stared at her leave.

My eyes turned over to the clock. Only 7 more minutes passed. This is taking a whole lifetime to make this class end, so I raised my hand. "What is it now?" he growled. A bit moody isn't he? "I need to empty my bladder," I blurted out. Wrong thing to say! You could have just simply said 'I need to visit the restroom'. My brain must be going wrong today. The whole class gave out stifles of laughter and I blushed embarrassingly. The teacher massaged his temples and just waved me off. I carefully picked myself out the seat and strolled out the door.

I walked past the bathroom that I supposedly "needed to empty my bladder in" and wandered down the hall to the farthest bathroom that I would know. The conclusion I came up with was the nurses' office, it's cleaner than these nasty student bathrooms, anyway.

I just examined the hallway while going here and there. Lockers…doors…trophies…water fountains…trash…yup…the same old thing, pretty much. It's just the same regular, old, boring highschool of Obata village. Nothing interesting ever happens. Well, save me since I'm really odd myself. I laughed softly and reminisced the days where I was abandoned by almost everyone, left alone in the corners. Hard to believe that was about 2 years ago… it took me 14 years to get accepted…I hate this place for that…I truly despise it. But, I guess I learned to live with it for now. Me being the renowned klutzy, out-going, spunky, ditzy, happy girl…yup…that is me now…but not back then… and the one in the interior…

I turned around the corner and bumped mindlessly into a girl with long red hair. The books from her hand fell and I sputtered out many apologies. I bent down and started picking up her many library books and papers.

"I'm really sorry, Missssssssaaayaaahhhh!!!" I screamed when I received the shock of my life. That she…was actually a HE… Oh, damn… what was I thinking?! He gave me the loveliest smile I ever saw and said, "It's really okay… and don't scream please… you'll agitate the other classes." I just stared at him with curious eyes. REALLY curious eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"……… Who…are you exactly?"

"Exactly? What do you mean EXACTLY…?"

 "I mean…" I trailed off for a while and examined every part of him…or her… his body was very manly indeed… but his face and hair…they were…very feminine…especially his scent of roses. I laughed awkwardly. "W-What's your… name?" I stammered. He chuckled softly.

"I'm new here…Shuuichi Minamino…but my friends call me Kurama…" he held out his hands at me. I stared peculiarly at it for a while and gladly shook it. I think he was hinting that he'd like to be a friend of mine since his greeting obviously told me that his friends called him… Kurama…and yeah, it was a masculine name at least. That's good…

"…My name is Botan Uzumaki… (It's so hard to pick out a name for her. Deal with it, please?)… It's… uh… a pleasure to meet you, Minamino-san."

"And to you too," he bowed. Whoa, he had very courteous manners… I like that…but maybe WAY too courteous…   

"So… what class are you in?"

"Room #417, I think I'm sort of lost."

"Oh, that's my room! I'll lead you there if you want to! But I have to get to the bathroom first!" His finger pointed over to the closest bathroom here. I sweated and laughed.

"I was going to the nurses' office."

"What's wrong with this one?"

"It's way too…dirty…"

"It seems perfectly fine."

"You've never been to the GIRL'S bathroom have you?"

"Girls are cleaner than boys you know…"

"…… That's not really the point."

"Then what is? Are you too prissy and hygienic to go in there?" I stared… baffled, at the comment he made at me. I know I shouldn't get so offended…but, I did.

"You don't know me!" I deadpanned.

"I'm just taking a guess here."

"That is exactly it! You shouldn't guess at what kind of personality I have!"

"…Is it so wrong for me to do that?"

"Of course it is!"

"Then was it really nice of you to scream right in front of me? I'm not any sinister evil guy." He still stared at me with that lovely smile of his. I rubbed my head. He was absolutely right about this. It is rude to scream in front of people you don't know… I just shrugged and strolled off leaving him behind,

"I thought you're going to help me…" I stopped. His voice was so soft and seemed…sad… Guilt is taking over me! Geez, and over this guy who has gender problems! (Oh…harsh…)

"I…I will… I was just going to take the nurses' bathroom."

"But, there's a bathroom right here." I smiled halfheartedly. I guess my moody state is growing inside and I'm taking it out on him… I entered the bathroom briefly. I gazed at myself in the mirror… …I'm not who I am anymore…what's happening to me…? How come I'm having so much negative feelings toward everything……It's because of this damn town, right…? Yes… this town…so dull and boring…so normal…and I dread what this new guy…or girl…will face…the pain of banishment and the feeling of an outcast…just like I used to feel…My hands caressed my cheeks. It will be hard for him… it will… and I want to help him… I went through this problem before… but not only that… but he'll face a problem more serious than mine… the fact that people here…will stereotype him as a gay person… a homo… And he looks so majestic and angelic to face that many perils… I don't care if I don't know him…because I will get to know him… okay, I'm getting way to ahead of myself by planning out my confused future… I sighed exasperatedly… There are people here that are VERY dangerous… The thought again popped in my head… it's been years since I had that thought… People who HATE abnormality... People who HATE you… And will be willing enough to KILL you for it. I shuddered and immediately exited the place.

"So, it wasn't that bad was it?"

"… No… it wasn't…" I smiled genuinely, "Stick by me, ok?"

"…If that's what you want…" He said in a tentative voice.

"That IS what I want."

"…Okay." Kurama walked side by side with me. I continued smiling.

"…So, what age are you?" I asked. He walked there in utter silence still… it greatly perturbed me…

"…It's not really of importance."

"…But, it kind of…IS…" The secretive nature in his voice made me grow more curious.

"Does it matter to you?"

"…Sort of…well… YEAH," I blurted out. He smiled serenely.

"Okay, I'll tell you this: My age is of great puzzlement that no man would ever understand…"

"…Okaaaay…" I said apprehensively. He chuckled to my annoyance. "That means… that I'll never get to know your age then!? I pretty much am guessing that you are 16 like me."

"If that's what you want to think."

"And that means…?"

"It means what it is supposed to mean."

"… Geez," I sighed exasperatedly. He chuckled again. I wanted to ask him if he was a girl of a boy… but I didn't dare venture further into that since… I don't know… I might HURT his feelings? I am aware of other's people's feelings… I just happen to blurt out stupid idiotic things… that's it. He studied me with those shiny emerald green eyes.

"…My gender…it's a boy…" he murmured. I snapped my face up to him. So, you're reading my mind!?


"It's a boy…"

"… Uh…"

"I could tell you were thinking of that…" He chuckled. I blushed.


"To you… I'm a boy…so I hope I answered your question…" To you…? What does he mean by that?! To you… I'm a boy…to you…to you?! His face was so sincere… do I want to believe him…? In his eyes, melancholic feelings were mixing in with other emotions that are in turmoil.


"…I feel I can trust you, Botan… that's why I told you…" Is he reading my mind again!? No one can READ minds…can they? This is all too quick… but I like it…

"I…" I trailed off since we stood in front of the class. I told him to wait here a while and I went in to tell Fushikuro-sensei that his new student is here. He rose from his seat and went outside to greet him. I ambled over to my desk and it seems Miki has returned.

"B, that took one hell of a time to piss," Akiko smirked. I laughed sheepishly.

"So, what'd you do?" Miki asked eagerly forgetting to tell me what happened in the principal's office.

"I met the new kid on my way to the nurses' office. He…" I trailed off.

"So…it's a he…and is he… y'know…HOT?" I couldn't speak to them. I just gazed at them trying to figure out what I should do…

"Hello? B, wake up!" Akiko snapped her fingers in front of me. I heard Miki sigh dreamily. "That meant he IS cute!" What would be their reaction when they see him? I bet it will be worse than mine! "Get over it, Miki; you think almost every boy is cute!" Akiko's attention was directed over to Miki's. What a relief that is. "No I do no!" she yelled. "All those geeks and other…PEOPLE are not!" Geez, you're so shallow Miki…

Fushikuro-sensei entered the room with a passive face. Oh No… I think he also hates abnormality… okay…okay… let's pretend that I don't know him…or her… NO! That isn't nice! I thought I would HELP him! He is like me! Or…was… I rubbed my head. Then Kurama walked in slowly and the room grew suddenly silent… I KNEW IT Boys were making quiet whisperings with each other and the girls are murmuring many… BAD thing about him to each other. The main question of the evening ladies and gentlemen:

Is THAT a HE or a SHE?

I sunk in my seat and breathed heavily. Many old memories of banishment flooded in. He'll be tortured…just like you were. I groaned.

"This is Shuuichi Minamino." Fushikuro-sensei said monotonously while writing his name on the board. Stifled laughter's of Miki and Akiko were heard here. I grew very annoyed with them.

"What the hell is that!?" Akiko sneered.

"Homo freak." Miki murmured. They grew into more laughter.

I was burning up inside. He was just like me! Except the fact that he was a male with long hair! I bet that people outside this damn freak town was just like him! The anger kept inside of me continued to grow in a rapid rate. I peered over to Taro who was smirking devilishly, "What are you, FREAK!?" he dared to shout out at him. The anger was rising at an alarming rate! That jerk…

Kurama just stared calmly at everyone. What are you thinking? Aren't these people just going to tease you endlessly …they're gonna torture you both physically and mentally! But, he just stood there with a confident composure… he walked over to his desk and calmly sat down. The sneering of the class continued to rise. I just sat there calmly with my face deep in the book. Ignore him… This other part kept telling me. I shook my head and dug deeper in the book.

"Hey, B! THAT your new friend," Miki's voice rang.

"I can't believe you walked with THAT to class!" Akiko derided.

"Once a freak, always a freak!" A kid behind them mocked. I couldn't take it. But… I had to deal with it… and these are my friends…or at least I thought they were… I smiled weakly some unknown reason and dug deeper into my book. I glanced over at Kurama whose lips were curved up into a little smile

 ………What is your problem!? Why did you even come here in the first place? This is the last place anyone in Japan would want to live……

But… he kept smiling…smiling as if nothing in the world would go on… Was he always like this…? Either that or… he is completely deaf… His face turned over to me. Those emerald green eyes were now emotionless. What he said next surprised me and didn't surprise me at the same time. "Looks like I caught another hell on earth…" he murmured.

………I feel so evil putting Kurama in this VERY HORRIBLE position… I feel very EVIL!!! AAH!... anyway… maybe things will lighten up for him and Botan… and yeah, maybe they did seem OOC but I'm telling you, this is the direction that this story is making me go… really… well… um… if you dislike the title I could change it. And yeah, I placed Botan and Kurama in a hell town. I'm telling you, Botan's friends are EVIL! EVIL!!!!!.... Okay I emphasized enough…Ja Ne review please.