Damnable Angel

Chapter 8: Burn

I smiled grimly.

You can't kill Yusuke...

Yusuke... the tough delinquent, my best friend.

He... He's still alive and no one should deny that.

"Hey there..."

I stared down at him with blank eyes. He's all dirty with blood staining his shirt and cheeks. But still, a small smirk was placed upon his lips even though there was a hole through his gut. That's Yusuke for you...

"So... you're just going to leave me on the cold floor? No soft lap for my head to lean on? Come on, what's up?"

I don't want to touch you... I don't want to feel this pain. Even so... I reached over to his stomach and felt around. It was there for sure. That hole with blood gushing out...

"Yusuke... get up and stop acting..." I loudly demanded.

He gave me a surprised look, but his face returned to that smug look he always gave me whenever we decided to hang out together.

I immediately became irritated with it. "Get up! Stop being stupid and get up!" I choked out.

"You can't tell me what to do... I do what I want and you can't tell me otherwise."

"Stop it, Yusuke! Just... get up!"


Tears started to freely fow out of my eyes. They stung badly... it hurts, it really hurts.

"Please... Please get up..." I gripped his shoulder tightly and shook him around a bit.

He smiled. "No."

You... stupid... idiot.

"Don't cry for me."

You big headed fool...

"Botan... smile that ditzy smile."

You empty minded moron...

"Because I'm trying to help you."


"I'm being a friend... and helping you."

I don't understand, Yusuke. And that's a first for you...

He smirked playfully and turned his head slowly to avoid my passive expression. Slowly he closed his eyes to rest. "Botan... you're an idiot..."

"How so?!" I demanded.

"Where the hell is my medical attention?" He chuckled lowly.

I closed my eyes and smiled. The tears continued to fall... but I still smiled. "Yusuke... you're an idiot..."

"'Til the end."

"Shut up..."

He managed to get up, but with much struggle. He glanced around the vicinity and over his maimed body. "Damn it... death by blood loss is really slow..."

"Shut up..."



"Tell Keiko for me okay?"

"Yusuke!" I gritted my teeth in irritation. "If you're still going to live at least let me get you to the hospital!"

He twitched. "Damn it Botan! I can't help it if I die really really slowly! At least give me sympathy!"

"Do you want me to call the hospital for you right now?!"

"No way, then if I revive I'm going to die again!"

"What do you mean by that!? What's going on!?"

"Stop ruining my dramatic death!"

"It's not my fault you can't die right now! You should be asking what's wrong with your body!"

"Shut up! At least let me have my moment!"

I sighed. You are a fool...

I turned over to see Keiko and Koenma approaching us, each wore disgruntled expressions. I quickly turned over to Yusuke... but there was no Yusuke to look at. My breathing quickened and I frantically scanned over the area. No trace of blood... no piece of evidence. It was the same darkness I stumbled upon earlier. It was too real to be dreaming about it.

"Botan! You... why do you keep dissappearing like that?!"

I looked up groggily at the pair and said nothing.

"It's really late... let's go." Koenma tugged at me but I didn't respond. "Botan. Are you getting sick again?"

Keiko grabbed my hand, but suddenly recoiled with a tiny shriek. I quizically looked at her and then at my hand.


I couldn't register this thorugh my head since I was feeling a bit unsteady at the moment... but I know it has to do with Yusuke.

They both pulled me up to my feet and dragged my away. I could here their voices converse but my attention was averted elsewhere.

I stared dumbfoundedly at him while he watched me.

His eyes were dark and blood tainted his disheveled clothing.

I wanted to rub my eyes, make sure if I wasn't just seeing things, but their grip was so hard. All I could muster up was a quiet call of his name.

"Good Morning!"


"Come on Botan, you're temperature has gone down and it's time to get to school. You have a ton of make up work to do."

"But last night-"

"Today's good news, forget about yesterday and Koenma's idocy. Miki and the ohers are out of the hospital. They're a bit dissappointed you didn't vist though."

I rubbed my head painfully. "I had to worry for other things other than them."

Keiko smiled radiantly. "Yeah, guess they can't blame you."

She let herself out of the room for me to change into the uniform. I pulled the skirt up with no trouble and slid the white blouse on. It looks like Keiko likes to keep herself busy, seeing that she has taken time to iron all of this. I patted my tie after I finished fastening it and finally slipped into my dark blue blazer. Dressing for school seemed so normal and peaceful now that I realized it. I twirled in front of the mirror while checking over myself if anything was out of place. Smiling contently, I exited the room and walked over to the dining room.

"Eh... Botan? We have to eat breakfast on the run."

"No problem... I wasn't feeling hungry anyway."

She smiled and we both ran out the door after saying our good-byes to Yukimura-san.

It seemed so normal.

I saw a group of people I recognized as our friends. Kuwabara, Hinageshi, Ayame, and Koenma were waiting for us.

It seemed so normal.

"Hey!" Keiko cheerily greeted.

"Ayame! I haven't seen you in a while." I mentioned at her. She smiled at me and turned to glare at Koenma.

"Just keeping him in check for you, Botan." Ayame whispered into my ear. I grinned and silently thanked her.

"So... what happened to Urameshi? We came to his house but his mother said he was't home since last night."

My heart pounded rapidly.

"Yusuke is always away from home a lot, though." Koenma thoughtfully put in.

"That's right... what did he tell you Botan?"

"What?!" I asked, befuddlement came over me when Keiko questioned me.

"He tells you... right?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Not always! Besdies, NOTHING happened to him. Nothing ever will!"

"We're just asking... don't get so touchy." Kuwabara blandly commented.

"Even so! Nothing happened to him!" I retorted with force to get it through his head.

They all looked at me strangely. "It sounds as if something did happen to him." Hinageshi pointed out in her lively voice that could rival her current mood.

"Nothing happened to him!" I repeated.

"Come on, don't give her a headache guys." Koenma dismissed the conversation and took the initiative to be the first one to move. I followed behind, with a sour attitude and the others snickered silently behind.

The situation placed before me even confuses me so who else would be able to understand? Definetly none of these people.

I grinned at this obvious revelation.

Keiko striked up a conversation and we all started to talk again after a brief while in silence.

It seemed so normal.

When my problems are over again... maybe I'll finally appreciate them. I mean, I do love all these people, but right at the moment they are beginning to get on my nerves. They can't continue to smile everyday, waiting for another beautiful day to pass on by.

Now that I think of it... being like this helps you escape from the problems. Just be happy, that's what I have been told by my mother just before she left. Getting angry and sulky is easier than being happy and optimistic.

And so... I will try my best to smile. For you, okaa-san.

"Try not to trip Botan."

I blinked.

"You had that face on again. That daydreaming kind of face." Keiko noted and then nudged me. "Who are you thinking about?"

"My mother," I replied defensively and stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed at me and turned he face up to the sky. It was her turn to think deeply about it.

"Tell me again how she died? I'm sorry to say, but it really is a fascinating story."

"... It was a premonition that came true... remember?"

"It was a quick one... an angel flew down to you, very elegant looking yet extravagent at the same time. It said, Good-bye Botan. Your mother happened to be there and then the angel said to her, Hello, welcome home."

I nodded sadly. "It was really strange..."

"Can you tell me now?" Keiko politely asked, trying not to spark up any anger in me... or regret.

"Can you see it?"

She nodded.

"Just swinging there?"

She nodded.

It smiled. "What are you thinking?"

"I didn't know people could fly."

Her eyes softened. "She is flying, right?"

"The rope around her neck is helping her fly I suppose."

Botan walked over under her mother and sat there silently. The creaking of the wood above her haunted her mind, echoing through her head.

She tapped her foot... but no reaction.

"Is she sleeping?"

"Sleeping forever."

Botan hugged her legs and closed her eyes before tears could spill out.

It smiled beside her, seeing her being distressed. "If only you could have seen her take her last breath..."

"Did you just sit there?"

"I don't know... I don't remeber much, actually."

Keiko patted my shoulder. "I'm still wondering about that person who was speaking to you. Who is it?"

"All I know is that I kept seeing its silver hair beside me."

I sighed deeply. It was good to get that off my chest again.

"Hey, there's Miki and the others!" Koenma informed.

I saw the two girls covered in bandages and Taro with crutches. Their appearance looked pretty pathetic like that.

"Heh... the minds of teenagers are dangerous..." Akiko jokingly muttered. She turned to glare at Taro who innocently looked away.

"How are you guys?"

"Physically, terrible. But what's more worse is our parents suspended us from practically everything. Strange way to show us they care." Miki scathed.

"And you?" Koenma prompted. Taro gave him a menacing glare and with a huff turned away. Koenma scratched his head. "Well... best we get going, huh?"

"Best idea you had yet." I murmured.

I fell behind since I recognized this area. It was Kurama's house just across from where I am and I saw a girl with teal colored hair exiting the house. It was really odd... I rarely see any other person come and go from his house. Somehow it really annoyed me with this. I watched carefully and then saw Kurama just emerge from his house, clad in uniform and all. I came to a stop.

I waved to get his attention. He glanced up to me with a surprised face and hesitantly waved back.

"Can I walk with you to school?" I questioned, hoping it will be a yes.

"Uh... what about your friends?"

"They won't miss me..."

"Oh... well, if it's okay..."

I smiled cheerfully and followed behind him. He seemed to be walking faster than normal today. Everytime I tried to catch up to him he would only speed up again. I guess he wants to avoid anything about last night...

"Um... who was she?" I decided to bring up something else.


"That girl... the one who just came out."

"Oh?" He smirked. "Is Botan jealous?"

"Who ever said anything about that?! I'm just asking!"

He smirked even more playfully when he saw I was flustered. Suddenly out of my surprise, his tone changed and he returned to being passive. "But you didn't have to ask. It's none of your business anyway."

"That again? Why are you keeping me in the dark?"

"Because it's things you shouldn't know about. It's not important."

"Yes it is. You're my friend aren't you?"

He hesitated again.

"Sure you are, Botan..."

I frowned. He didn't sound so enthusiastic. "Maybe we shouldn't be friends at all..."

He imeddiately halted. "Didn't I say you were my friend?"

"Saying it isn't proof that you want to be my friend."

"Please, don't be difficult. I already had a rough time yesterday..."

"And what about yesterday?!"

He seemed to be shaken by my abrupt demand. Kurama turned to look at me directly in the eye and I saw pleading emerald green eyes.

Something was going on... and I still haven't figured it out.

He started drifting off away from me in the direction away from school. His eyes distant and his expression became unreadable.

Kurama came to a stop in an alley. I saw Hiei, covered in blood and holding a bewildered look as he saw me. "W-What the hell is she doing here!?" he stammered. Kurama didn't answer and just motioned over at me. At first, I didn't want to go... but this was important. Finally, was he showing me an answer?

I walked over carefully and peered into the alley.

About thirteen men sat there with cuts and bruises all over them and ropes binding their torso. They seemed to be drenched in water or something.

I turned to Kurama quizically and he weakly smiled. He fell to the floor on his knees and pulled me down with him. I felt his arms encircle me then his hands pushing my head down into the crook of his neck. I smiled for a split second until he spoke up. "I'm really sorry..." he whispered. As he released me, I saw the people before me go up in flames.

So... it was gasoline...

Ending Notes: My... that was... weird. Even for me! So this chapter had its purpose and all and I hope you know what it should be or I guess I just gave you even more confusing things to think about. Like where's Yusuke and why are Kurama and Hiei killing people like that? I'm asking myself that. Well, I'll update soon, hopefully.