Revenge Rebirth

(Ramna 1/2 Altaverse)

by Shad4c

Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz. Not me. This is purely done for entertainment purposes and no profit is made from it in any form.


Ryougas Plan

The storm beat down on a weary traveller as he trudges up yet another forest path, the wind whipping his yellow shirt and black kung-fu pants around him. He didn't notice any of this, his immense depression was at the moment focused on the fact that by the time he found Nermia again the supply of water proof soap he'd bought would have run out. He sighed, then lifted his head to the sky and screamed.


After which his voice trailed away into a quiet mutter.

"Why can't anything good happen to me? Why does Ranma get all the lucky breaks? Why? Why him and not me? ARG!!"

He lashed out and smashed a large rock to rubble. Only to find it hollow, a brown paper wrapped object the size of his fist and a note. He bent down and picked them up holding one in each hand, he looked at each for a moment before deciding to read the note first. It wouldn't do for him to unwrap the object only to be cursed for doing so, he'd have to trick Ranma into doing it if that was so. He smirked with the final thought before turning his full attention to the note and started reading.

Dear Sir

If you are reading this note then you have proven yourself worthy of the prize at the end of your quest. The item hidden with this note is a magical artefact called the Monkey Gods Paw. It is the most powerful wish-granting artefact in the world.

As you will notice the Monkey Gods Paw has only 2 fingers left, the result of an encounter with a particularly powerful mage. Even with this it can still grant you any two wishes that you desire, but it does have one limitation. If you wish it to effect a person you must be within a mile of them.

Good luck my friend, I hope it works better for you then it did for me.

Ryouga threw the paper to one side and held up the damaged Monkey Gods Paw in both hands, staring at it before setting off at a run. The paper fluttered to the ground, forgotten in the lost boys' haste, the final words can be seen as it lays crumpled face up in the dirt.

P.S. Sir should be aware that this is a MONKEY PAW, be very specific how you word the wishes or it will warp them in ways you never intended.

It was late afternoon a week later before Ryouga reached Nermia, as it happened he stumbled right into a major brawl consisting of all the Nermia Wrecking Crew. The fight was raging in the middle of the street so he stood to the side for a moment, assessing the situation. He watched from a little distance as Ranma fought both Kuno and Mousse. Akane had sent Shampoo flying when Ukyo blindsided her and knock her to the floor with her Battle Spatulas.

This enraged him, watching his love being smashed face first into the pavement and he strode forward towards the fight just as Ranma finished off Kuno and Mousse with a couple of chestnut fists.

He glared across at Ranma who was now wearing a cocky smirk as Ukyo walked up to him. Ryougas hands tightened into fists as he watched the two people hoe had hurt his Akane talk quietly together. They were probably gloating over what they'd done to his love thought Ryouga in a fury. He was about to jump in and attack them when he remembered the Paw. He pulled off one of Nabiki's trademark smirks, why fight them when he could deal with the problem permanently.

He'd already decided that one of the wishes he had was going to deal with Ranma, he'd deal with Ukyo using the other wish, the note did say he had 2 wishes after all, he might as well use them.

He un-wrapped the Monkey Gods Paw and held up before him.

"RANMA, TODAY YOU PAY FOR THE PAIN YOU'VE CAUSED ME AND AKANE!" Ryoga shouted at Ranma, causing Ranma and Ukyo to turn and look at him.

"Why don't you leave Ran-chan alone you jackass!" Ukyo shouted back before Ranma could reply.

"Don't worry I haven't forgotten you and what you've done to Akane" Ryoga smiled cruelly before addressing the Paw in a clear voice" Monkey Gods Paw, for my first wish I wish that Ukyo Kuonji was gone and that her mind and soul will never bother me or mine again".

"WISH GRANTED" boomed through Paw as a finger curled up.

These words caused Ukyo to fall to the ground limply before her body faded away.

Ranma looked on in horror as his best friend disappeared before his eyes!? He then glares up at Ryouga.


Ranma coiled up ready to spring and force his rival to bring Ukyo back.

"I don't think so Ranma, she got what she deserved for what she did to Akane. Now it's your turn!" Ryouga gloated before addressing the Monkey Gods Paw again, "Monkey Gods Paw, for my second wish I wish that I had the body and life of Ranma Saotome".

As Ryouga spoke Ranma leaped at him before the monkey paws last finger curled over and a voice boomed.


With these words the world warped.

16 Years Previous

Three events happen.

The Hibiki's are devastated when they learn that a freak accident has rendered them both sterile.

In a small Tokyo hospital Nodoka Saotome gives birth to a son she names Ranma. The baby smiles as Ryougas mind and soul look on from his new body.

And finally in a hospital in Osaka Kumiko Kuonji gives birth to a daughter she names Ukyo. The baby blinks as behind its eyes the mind and soul of Ranma wonders what the hell is going on.

Authors Notes

Here it is the re-written prologue. The original version wasn't that well written as was kindly pointed out to me so I decided to go back and re-do it. I hope you enjoy it. The Fic follows Ryouga/Ranma and Ukyo/Ranma growing up and how they'll interact when they get to Nermia. Expect some changes in them both.

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