Revenge Rebirth

(Ramna 1/2 Altaverse)

by Shad4c

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NOTE: The Original Ranma is Ukyo and Ryouga is the new Ranma.
So RANMA'S called Ukyo and RYOUGA'S called Ranma.

Chapter 2

Prepping for School

A 7 year old Ukyo sat and stared out across the cityscape of her home town from her place on the roof of the Kuonji household, a favourite spot both in this life and her original one. The ponytailed girl had taken to relaxing up there so often since she re-mastered roof hopping that her father had semi- permanently attached a ladder to the back of the house so he could reach her if needed.

At the moment thoughts of a father were the main focus of the body swapped martial artist, though not the one that was concerned enough about his child that he installed a ladder even after seeing his little girl safely jump the distance many times before without harm. No, the Kuonji's thoughts were directed at a lying thief that went by the name of Genma Saotome. Ukyo groaned and flopped back onto the rof so she was gazing up at the clouds.

It had been a year since she had sworn to her, Ukyo's, father that she'd get revenge on the Saotomes for stealing the family yattai and running out on the engagement. Not that she minded missing out on the second part of the reason for this revenge, the public reason at least. A few extra hard hits in practice had hopefully smashed further ideas like that out of the elder Kuonji's head.

Ukyo closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun as she allowed it to balance the growing turbulence inside her with its tranquil warmth. The last thing she wanted was for this life to be a repeat of the last one, only this time with boys instead of girls. It was bad enough that she was engaged to marry herself or at least her old body, she didn't even want to consider where that road might lead to even if she was in Ucchan's body right now.

Her eyes watered behind closed lids as she thought of her departed friend, years of being her in a way had allowed her to understand the chef a little bit better but she still remained a mystery to her in so many ways. Blinking away unshed tears Ukyo smoothly climbed to her feet and hopped off the roof, landing on the ground below softly. Reaching to her left she picked up a large travelling pack that she had placed there before going up to the roof and donned it with an ease that belayed the true weight of the pack itself. As she started towards the front gate the voice of Saito caught up to her.

" So you're really going through with this then". Saito spoke calmly as he looked at the stiffened back of his only daughter.

" I have to do this. The Saotomes will be training on the road constantly, moving from place to place, visiting as many different dojos and training grounds as they can find. Weekend trips alone just won't cut it if I want to stand a chance against them. I need to spend as much time as possible training in as many ways as I can if I'm going to settle this debt with them properly." Ukyo replied seriously as she stopped and looked over her shoulder at her father.

" You agreed that as long as I kept my test scores up that I could go on local training trips whenever I wanted to. On weekends and holidays you'd come with me so we could visit other training grounds and martial arts schools farther away in order to improve my skills." The brown haired girl finished in an annoyed tone as she turned her head away again.

" I have a right to be worried Ukyo, I'm your father after all. Just don't spend all your time training for combat, the Kuonji school is far more than just that. I expect you to be an even better chef when we head out on our first grand adventure next weekend!" Saito announced over dramatically causing Ukyo to visibly twitch at the rapid turnaround.

As the younger Kuonji made her way to the gate and into the world beyond on her training trip, Saito watched in silence as his only child took on a burden that he had refused knowing that he'd never succeed. Sometimes he was mystified by his only heir's actions, so willing to drop everything in order to chase after a couple of strangers across Japan when the time came. Her singular focus on the subject was such that he'd had to put his foot down to stop her from just heading off and ignoring school altogether in favour of more time spent training. Scratching his beard he watched until Ukyo vanished from sight before turning and heading back inside.

' I may have been more right then I thought about the connection I sensed between my girl and the boy after all.' He mused as he closed the front door behind him.

As Ukyo set out on the next stage of her training a 7-year-old Ranma was immersed in the teachings of the Saotome School, absorbing the techniques that his father showed him with a speed nearly reaching that which the brown haired girl feared he would. Genma looked on with pride and a little amazement as his son performed moves that martial artists twice his age would have trouble with.

Biting into one of the last preserved okonomiyaki from the Kuonji yattai he had dumped a while back, the m-m-m-master did teach some useful techniques, may he never return. The bolding martial artist chewed as he smiled to himself and gloated. At this rate Ranma was sure to prove a worthy heir to the schools and secure his retirement playing shogi with Soun. Genma started laughing only to nearly choke and go into a wild coughing fit.

Barely glancing over at the other Saotome's antics Ranma rolled his eyes and re-focused on the moves he was practising. When the time comes he would be ready to protect Akane from the things he knew would come after them.

The years passed for both Ranma and Ukyo as they grew and trained during their respective training journeys. Ranma soaked up the training that Genma offered him with a smile that became a little more strained everyday. Only the twin thoughts of Akane's smiling face and the knowledge that one-day he wouldn't need the moron anymore kept him going. He often sneaked away from their campsite after encouraging the elder Saotome to indulge himself with the local alcohol and took the chance to really train. Re-learning all that he had learned in his original life as Ryouga and improving on it along with integrating it with the new techniques he was learning.

While Ranma travelled with Genma learning the Saotome School and anything else the man could steal the scrolls for, Ukyo also travelled whenever she could. Setting up an elaborate training course nearby she pushed her body and knowledge of the Art to her limits and beyond. During the weekends and holidays the 2 Kuonjis visited every dojo and martial arts hotspot they could find, searching out every secret school and new technique they could reach in the time they had. The spatula wielding fighter also spent a lot of time relearning all that she had known as Ranma in her old life and improving on it as best she could. For her this training voyage was different from her last one or the one Ryouga was on right now. Its goal added at second dark fire alongside her love of the Art as fuel to her drive to be the best, Revenge.

Ukyo age 8

Ukyo stood in the backyard of the Kuonji home as she finished setting up a small fire in the centre of it with care. The last thing she wanted to do right now was leave any evidence. She'd had to time this stage of the training very carefully so that she did it when she knew that her father would be out for most of the day on business.

The small girl winced as she remembered the angry tirade that she'd been subjected to by Saito when he had caught her trying this the first time.

He hadn't been too pleased about the Koi incidents either now that she thought about it.

Picking up a handful of chestnuts in singed hands Ukyo tossed them into the fire carefully. Taking a deep breath to centre herself the Kuonji focused her ki into her arms and lashed out like she remembered doing in her last life.


Her arms became a blur of motion as she reached into the small inferno and retrieved the nuts one at a time. Momnets later the brown haired martial artist had dropped the nuts to the ground and slammed her hands into the bucket of ice cold water that she hand placed next to her earlier while looking at the state of the chestnuts lying on the floor at her feet.

" Not yet." Ukyo muttered to herself with pained irritation. " Forgot how hard this was the first time around, dumb Amazon techniques, almost as bad as the panda's ideas."

Reaching for another handful of nuts she tossed them into the fire once more and prepared to try again.

Ranma age 9

Ranma ran behind his father as the 2 of them fled through an underground parking lot after having ducked into it to get off of the street in the vain hopes of losing their pursuers. A hope that hadn't worked out as the angry group of fighters that Genma had wronged split up, some continuing down the street while others followed them into there.

" I told you not to take that prize money, your brains must be fading faster then your hair!" Ranma snapped at his father with irritation as the pair vaulted to the next level.

" Quiet boy! That money was meant for the best fighter and since that's obviously me I have every right to it." Genma replied as he spied a door to the stairway ahead.

" Then why didn't you just fight and win it then!" The irritated younger Saotome shot back as he heard one of their pursuers shout something incomprehensible.

" I'm obviously far superior boy! There was no need to fight for it, all I did was remove the unnecessary middle section of the transaction!" Genma said quickly as he reached the door.

Pulling hard on the door handle, the elder Saotome failed to budge the door. Shaking it and then shoulder ramming it several times failed to case to door to move in the slightest. The pair both looked back at the fast approaching group, one of which was holding his hands in a strange way and had a look of intense concentration on his face.

Panicking slightly at the prospect of being on the receiving end of a Genma induced beating Ranma was about to use the Bakusai Tenketsu on the obstinate door when he felt a ki spike from Genma. Spinning back around quickly he witnessed his father launching an ki-enhanced kick at the door with a shout.


The attack blasted the door off its hinges and sent the shattered remains flying backwards into the stairway. Not wasting a moment the oldest of the pair dived through the now open entranceway followed closely by an even more irritated Ranma.

' The old man had been holding out on him, well he had ways of making him cough up the good stuff.' Ranma thought with a smug grin as he raced after his teacher.

Ukyo age 9

Ukyo is standing in a deserted quarry looking across the ground at a large group of boulders 100 meters away along with the remains of several others. The Spatula fighter glare across at the rocks before powering up another Moko Takabisha and firing it off, destroying yet another boulder in her anger as she then started to raise her ki again.

This hadn't been a good week so far, first she pulls a Ryouga after separating from her father and ends up hopelessly lost along with getting chased out of several villages for no apparent reason. To add insult to injury it seemed that the life stealer himself had been through the town recently and several of the villagers, including the proprietors of the place she was staying, had GLOWING things to say about...HIM! About how he was kind and polite, how he helped out and tried to stop his father's thievery. The praise was almost too much for her to stomach.

To think that that bacon-butt was getting what he wanted after doing what he did...

At this time the 9-year olds fists were clenched at her side as a dirty red aura clung to her skin and concentrated around her hands. Her thoughts raced around her head fuelling first her rage then in turn her ki. Red lightning flickered around the chef's fingers, building upon itself until she lifted her arms out to the sides and with a scream of pure anger brought them both forward together while imagining smashing Ryougas head between them. As her hands came together a flat reverse-crescent wave of red energy sprang from the passage of her hands shooting out at the rock at incredible velocity. The wave SLICED straight through 2 rocks and the larger boulder behind them causing them to split apart with a loud crash.

The brown haired girl stared in wonder at the sight as the unexpected TYPE of destruction snapped her out of her rage. A slow smirk appeared on her face as what had happened sunk in. Slowly raising her arms once again and focusing on how her ki felt mere moments earlier she prepared to try and produce the attack once again.

The Doku Eki Eiken had been born.

Ranma age 10

Ranma stood in a large grass field facing a fence that ran its length. He smiled since life recently had been going well for him! Well, as good as it gets with having to travel with the walking food vacuum and professional moron that was Genma Saotome his so-called father. The training with the moron had improved his skills dramatically with the knowledge of the Yama-sen-ken giving him a whole new arsenal while the advanced Bakusai Tenketsu training had made him even tougher then he had been before. He felt confident that he could have taken on his pre- Wish self and won without much of a problem!

Though...there was one problem he noted with a slight frown. While he could still barely perform the Shi Shi Hokodan by bringing up the memories of his last life as the Eternally Lost Boy. The powerful Perfect Shi Shi Hokodan variant had eluded him for some time. He just couldn't get depressed enough to pull it off, one of his best moves, gone!?! He didn't even want to consider being forced to use the Moko Takabisha regularly, he wouldn't give the original Ranma the satisfaction of having to do that wherever in Hell his soul was burning right now.

The former lost-boy set himself to fire off a ki blast at a nearby tree as his thoughts wandered. It wasn't FAIR! He was getting the training Ranma had last time, he had a future and most importantly he was on the way to gaining his dream of being with Akane. With everything going so well he had to go and lose one of his best moves! A move he would need if that jerk Herb showed up again this time and harmed Akane! Ahhh...Akane, sweet Akane...

His thoughts continued along in his fantasy as his ki built around his hands, changing from a light green to a pale yellow in the process, as he became happier. As his fantasy finally peaked he threw one of his fists forward in excitement, releasing a pale yellow bear-claw shaped blast which proceeded to remove a part of the fence from existence.

He stared at the hole before an identical smirk to the one Ukyo wore 1 year earlier appeared on his face. 2 hours and numerous holes in the fence later he gave his new attack a name, the Kokuma Kouda. He then spent another hour frantically fixing the fence before anyone noticed what he'd done!

Times like this he actually missed not having the old man nearby, he made an excellent scapegoat!

Ukyo age 11

The brown haired chef lay on her back while resting on a small beach and staring up into the night sky. The past few weeks had been tiring as she dealt with school, martial arts and perfecting her cooking skills. Trying to reach all new levels in the 2nd, even though she could probably kick her past life's butt at the moment, HA! Take that stupid panda!

She was really trying to do well in the 1st and 3rd to honour the REAL Ukyo, the one that's life she'd been forced to steal. The former-pigtailed martial artist screwed her eyes shut against the sadness and anger that this thought drew up from within her. All those years ago she'd decided to live her departed friends life the way it should have been lived, to try and live up to what Ukyo was as well as make the one who did this PAY!!

Her expression became grim as the chef sat up and the depression that had been threatening to consume her once again like it had several times over the years was crushed beneath a blinding rage that bubbled up from the core of her being. Thoughts circled through her head as for once she let some of the hurt and rage out.

Someone had taken her life

Someone had destroyed all her achievements.

Someone had taken everything she'd been

...And worst of all...

Someone had KILLED UKYO!?!?

No one had ever accused Ranma of being the smartest or most complex of people, in this life or the last and in general she'd agreed with them on that. However one thing she had always held on to were her friends, because she'd never had all that many of them.

Her ki levels flared up as the emotion that was filling her to the brim fed the fires of her inner energies. It manifested as a black ethereal bonfire radiating around her and drew forth depths of her spirit that were normally pushed down so far that it only showed itself when her mind retreated into itself. A primal part of her that responded to the rage as it would normally have to her fear, the intensity awakening it from its slumber.

Outside the black flames that licked at her still form pulled in and wrapped around her body, forming a black were-tiger shaped aura with bright red glowing eyes. The seeming nightmare given form that now sat in the spot the brown haired chef had been a moment ago lashed out with the back of her hand at an insect that had the misfortune to annoy her at that moment. The resulting invisible ki-claw swipe vaporised the bug, dug a huge grove in the beach and sliced apart a couple of innocent trees that got in its way. Ukyo raised her arm in front of her face and stared at the neo-black limb, as she did the rage in her system clearing enough for her thoughts to return. A sinister smirk slowly grew across her face as the black energy drained away.

Ranma aged 13

The bandanna boy was wandering through an empty park, a few stars shining overhead as the half moon glowed in the cloudy night sky. The Saotomes were back among civilisation again because one of Genma old 'comrades' had caught up with him. As a result Genma decided that Ranma should take some time to get some formal schooling in while the older Saotome cleared his debt now that he was no longer able to run away from it.

In a strange twist of fate the city he was now calling home and school that he was just about to start tomorrow were the same places as the ones he had first met Ranma in his original life. The irony of the situation had struck him full force when it had become clear.

Still, he had always wondered why his rival had been in the city to torment him at school in the first place. Someone actually catching the fat old thief and forcing him to honour his agreement did make sense though, he wondered if it was the same person that time or someone different. Had Ranma known about it then like he did now?

'I guess I'll never know what the answer to that was for sure.' He thought to himself.

This situation did offer some upsides as well, mostly to right some things that those jerks in that school had done to him the first time round, having time to focus on his education so he could be worthy of Akane in all ways didn't hurt either. Ranma clenched his fist in determination as his spirit flared up, he would be worthy and be with the girl he had sacrificed so much for no matter how hard it might be. This time round he would win!

" You hear me Ranma! This time I win!" He shouted to the night sky before exhaling loudly and making his way out of the park, a cheerful spring in his step.

As he left the area a patch of shadow a short distance away from where he was standing shimmered and a brown haired girl with an over sized spatula faded in.

" You think so huh P-chan." Ukyo said quietly with a confident smirk as she faded from view once again.

Authors Note:

Ok we've now reached the first stop in this ride. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next time.

Rough Translations (note very rough)

Doku Eki Eiken Sharp Snake Venom

Kokuma Kouda Happy Bear Paw