Konoha's Guardians : Book I : Awaken
By Silver Dragonfly
Chapter 00 - A Kitsune's Tale

We had sealed it over a millennia ago...

...and yet, every five hundred years it tries to escape again.

However, this time was different. Chimera had waited, stored its power. Nearly
1200 years after its last attempt, its keyssnuck into the human plane at the time of
my arrival. For like all clan leaders, I could not cross into the human plane until
my chosen partner was born. At the exact moment of my partner's, your birth, the keys
slipped through. Immediately I detected their appearance and gave chase.

For several days I hunted them, ignoring the tug that was my link to you, knowing
that taking my full physical form so soon was bad for both of us, yet I could not let the
keys go unchecked. I caught several, destroying them. Then the last approached
Konoha and I realized your peril.

I feared the key would destroy you before we could fully bond. With this threat to
your safety I entered into a state of fury. That was when the leaf shinobi counter
attacked. I knew they were only trying to protect their village, but my fury
only grew as they kept me from reaching you. Easily the key slipped past them
undetected and I was helpless to stop it with the entirety of hidden leaf's forces
blocking my path.

Then he arrived; the Yondaime Hokage, the Fourth. I was sealed within you, and the
key escaped... and yet, I relaxed. At least you were safe, now an orphan with what
everyone else feared was a demon sealed inside your navel, but you were safe
from Chimera's key and we were together.

- human and animal spirit -

- boy and kitsune -

- Naruto and Kyuubi -