The Redemption of Draco Malfoy

Chapter 1: The Interview

The light streamed through the picture windows behind Lucius Malfoy, leaving his fifteen-year-old son, Draco, in his shadow.

Lucius glared over the polished mahogany desk at the frowning face in front of him. "Before you leave for Hogwarts this year, we have some business to conduct. First of all, your grades absolutely must improve. I will be most upset if you are not Head Boy in keeping with the Malfoy tradition."

"But, Father–I've already been made a prefect–"

A stern scowl from Lucius was enough to quell the protest rising from his son. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, the elder Malfoy continued.

"Second, I have been trying to regain my Master's trustand for your own good, you will help me."

Draco ran his hand through his sleek blond hair uncertainly, wondering what he could do, but saying nothing.

"I need someone who can inform me about the whereabouts of a certain Mr. Potter so that I can deliver him to the Master before the end of the school year."

Draco's pale blue eyes narrowed. "Well, Father, the Gryffindors do share Potions lessons with us–and Care of Magical Creatures–but–"

"Yes I know. But I can tell that even you realize that abducting him in front of twenty witnesses is a bad idea. No, you must find out where he will be when he is alone. Or, perhaps, with only one other person. Eliminating just one witness is not a difficulty. Now, to obtain that sort of information"–here Lucius smirked maliciously–"you need to befriend Mr. Potter."

"Befriend? But Father–he hates me! And for good cause! I've dueled him tons of times before! I've put jinxes on his friends! I've" Draco stopped suddenly, seeing his father's hand come to rest on his wand.

"I suggest, my brilliant son, that if it is impossible to befriend Mr. Potter, you find another way to get the information." A slow, cold smile spread over Lucius Malfoy's face. "I am quite sure that if the Dark Lord were standing here in front of you, you would find the task quite possible. Quite possible indeed. Remember, Draco–"

"Every Dark wizard worth his salt can find a path to power." The words that had been drummed into Draco since he was a child sprang unbidden to his lips. "I will find a way, Father."

"You will contact me promptly when you have the information in hand." Coming from anyone else, these words would have been phrased as a question. Lucius made them into a command.

"Yes, Father."

"Very good, son. You are dismissed."

Draco turned and exited his father's study slowly. Once the door was closed behind him, however, he fled to his room, eager to pack his trunk for the first time in five years. Someday, he thought to himself, Father will not boss me around like that. Someday I will pay him out for treating me this way.