"NO!! No! Please, I didn't do it I swear! Please! Listen to me, I
didn't do it."

17 year old Harry Potter was panicking. He was innocent, they had to
know! Why did no one believe him?

"Harold James Potter is hearby sentenced to life in Azkaban for
the murder of Ronald Weasly."

"NO!" he screamed. "Please."

He looked frantically around the courtroom. Hermione Granger,
his former best friend, was glaring at him, utmost loathing in her
eyes. "Murderer." She mouthed.

"No, Ron."


"We have an eye witness. Miss Hermione Granger?" Hermione took
the chair. "Miss Granger, please tell us the events that you saw
concerning the murder of Ronald Weasly that took place on the second
of January."

"I was heading for the Gryfinndor common room from the Library.
I was walking up the stairs when it moved to a deserted corridor. I
was about to turn around and try to find my way back when I heard
terrified screaming. I ran down the hall, and came to an empty
classroom." She broke off here, tears running down her face. "I.I."

"Yes, Miss Granger? Please, pull yourself together, you are
under oath remember!" barked Fudge.

"I." she sniffed. "I saw Harry Potter stabbing Rons now lifeless
body. he saw me, and smiled, it was a twisted, evil smile. It was all
I could take. I turned and ran to Professor Dumbledors office."

"Thankyou Miss Granger. That will be all."

"Hermione! No please it wasn't me I swear to you I would never."

"Silence Mr. Potter!" cried Fudge. "You have caused Miss.Granger enough trouble as it is!

*End Flashback*

Fudge gave Harry a twisted smile. Finally, he was getting what he wanted; Harry potter would not be stirring up ridiculous nonsense about the Dark Lords return anymore! "Albus, the boys wand if you please."

Albus slowly rose from his seat, and withdrew Harry's faithful wand, and handed it to the Aurors outstretched hand.

"Headmaster." whispered harry. "Please.."

He turned to harry. " I am disappointed it you, Harry. I expected better from you."

Harry watched, unable to do anything, as the auror handed his wand to Fudge, who rather too gleefully snapped it in half. He turned to face the audience. Mr.Weasly refused to look at him; he was holding a sobbing Molly. Bill Charlie and Percy were all glaring daggers at him. Ginny and the twins were slumped in their seats, in shock. His eyes darted to his head of house, but McGonagall pursed her lips and turned away. "Please, someone help me, I swear I am innocent, Ron was my best friend, I would never hurt him! I-"

A hand brutally slapped against his cheek cut him off. He looked up into the face of none other than his Godfather, Sirius Black, who, thanks to him, had been freed when Harry had found a certain rat lurking around Knockturn Alley. Unfortunately, he had been poisoned before he could give away any information regarding his Masters return, but even Fudge could not argue with the fact that since he was alive Sirius had to be innocent.

"I am ashamed of you harry potter. I am no longer willing to be called your godfather. You are nothing to me."

Sirius best friend and recent husband Remus Lupin put a hand on the angry animaugus' shoulder. "Sit down, Paddy." he whispered comfortingly.

"Remmy.." Harry rasped.

The werewolf glared at him. "Shutup harry. Your parents would be so ashamed of you. You are not James and Lily's son. They would hate you for this."

Harry stared at the two men he had come to regard as his family in shock. Surly, after what happen to Sirius, they could see that maybe he was innocent. Surly they, out of all the people would know harry well enough to see that he could never kill anyone, much less his best friend. They had seen that in the Shrieking Shack in Harry's 3rd year. Why could they not see that? He frantically backed away, not understanding how they could drop someone they claimed to love as their own son like this. The sea of faces began to swim before his eyes, and his world was suddenly filled with his mothers dying screams as 2 Dementors grasped his arms and led him away to the Hell Hole all wizards and witches feared, known as Azkaban Prison.