Aiden sat silently in front of the fireplace, in his usual chair.

Draco looked worriedly at his unusually silent friend. "Aiden? Is something the matter?"

Aiden gave him a weak smile. "Just nervous about tonight."

Draco laughed. "Don't worry. We will all be there, watching you, expecting the Saviour of the Wizarding World to blow us all away with his eloquence, ready with tomatoes if you mess up."

Aiden shook his head. "Thanks Draco." He stood, and headed back to the bathroom. He leaned on the sink, staring at his reflection. He was nervous about tonight, that was true. But not because of the speech. Gathering his reserves of the famous Gryffindor Courage, he drew his wand, whispered a stream of Latin.


Severus craned his neck, peering through the crowds. Aiden was no where to be seen. Dumbledore took the stand, it was already time to begin. He hardly listened as Dumbledore presented the new Minister of Magic, or to the speech about the demise of the most feared Dark Lord in existence, honoring all those who had fought. The crowd was shifting in their seat, anxiously waiting for their Saviour to appear.

All heads turned as the back doors creaked open. A thin man, dressed in black silk dress robes, forest green lining, messy black hair falling just below his ears, emerald eyes shining brightly stood in the doorway.

Harry Potter swallowed nervously. He slowly walked to the dais, and looked out over the gaping crowd. "Good evening." He began nervously. "My name is Harold James Potter." Severus looked shocked. What if he didn't want him now that he was back to being a Potter? Harry's hands shook. "You all know that I am the same as Aiden Applin. Someone once told me that I would always be me, inside. I have discovered this to be true. After my imprisonment, I felt the need to hide. It had taken me a lot to do this tonight, so used to hiding. But, I just want to be myself. I am not Aiden Applin. I am the son of James and Lily Potter, and nothing I can do will ever change that. I will always be Harry Potter. My experiences did not change my person; I was changed, yes, but the mistakes of yesterday build character. I am positive that had the events of the last seven odd years taken place, Tom Riddle would still be a threat. Those experiences made me who I am. I have to accept that. I am not who I used to be, and I thought that I had to become a different person to prove that. You have all accepted Aiden Applin, as your son, friend, lover, hero. I hope you can realize that Aiden never really existed, that the person you cared for was still me. I know some of you never liked Harry Potter, but accepted Aiden, and I want you to know I am still that person. Just a different name."

Silence reined. Harry shifted nervously, before the applause rang out. It echoed throughout the auditorium, they accepted him. He grinned, looking over the crowd. Sirius and Remus, looking as proud as parents ever could. The Headmaster, beaming. Draco and Ginny, arms around each other, smiling up at their friend, Draco rolling his eyes. The Weasley's and Hermione, cheering loudly and grinning. So different from the last time he had stood before this very crowd.

His eyes darted to the one person he was the most nervous about not being able to take the change. Severus' brow was furrowed; eye's directed at the ground. Harry shakily stepped aside as Author Weasley, the new Minister, presented him with the Order of Merlin, First Class. In a haze, he went, on autopilot, through all the presentations; the New Chocolate Frog Card of himself, Naming buildings in his honor, Dedications, Gifts of all kinds. Severus couldn't reject him, he couldn't! He was swept away into the crowd as the festivities began, everyone wanting to have a drink with, dance with, and talk to the great Harry Potter. He saw Severus leaving out of the corner of his eye. With a sigh, he let himself be dragged into the crowds.


Harry slowly made his way back to the dungeons. He paused by Severus' portrait. He gathered his courage, and knocked. The portrait swung open at his touch. He slowly entered, squinting in the firelight. He saw Severus, curled up on the couch, sleeping. He smiled softly, and turned to leave.


He winced at the name. He should have known.

"Severus?" He looked warily at the man he loved more than anything, before sitting on the couch, sideways so he was facing the Potions Master.

Severus studied Harry for a long moment. He could see the nervousness in his eyes, the way he sat. He had long ago decided he didn't care if Aiden was Potter. Though seeing him like this, and calling him Harry Potter was.a shock, the young man had said in the speech, it was who he had always been, and Severus knew that. "I hated you, for years you know." He began.

Harry stared at the floor. He had hated Severus as well, there was no use in hiding that. After Azkaban though, that had seemed so trivial. He had thought Severus had felt the same.

Severus leaned forward, reaching out with one hand, brushing a stray piece of messy hair out of Harry's eyes. "But, now, I love you too. Harry." He said softly, before pressing his lips softly to the other mans.

Fin ---

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