1. Awaken

A boy is seen asleep surround by light. He slowly opens his eyes to realize he's in the dark in a building he's never been in before. He has brown hair and blue eyes.
"Where am I?" he asks puzzled. He stands up and looks at his surroundings. The room he's in is in ruins and looks as if it was abandoned a long time ago. The walls around him have fallen down slightly leaving their debris on the floor.
The ceiling has many holes showing that there was another floor above him. He looks to the torn down door and walks through it. "What happened? Where am I?"
He walks down the hall and looks at the broken windows along the walls. Huge pieces of glass were on the floor and seen on them were traces of dried up blood.
He dodges them realizing that he's wearing clothes he's never had before. He has no shoes, though, and dodges the glass.
"What's going on? What is this place? Why is this happening to me!" he yells. His voice echoes through the abandon building.
He takes a turn and jumps hearing a growling sound that is coming from behind him. He looks to the wall that he took a turn at and wonders what the heck is making that noise.
"Who's there!" he tries to say in a serious voice. It comes out as a wimpy and frightened sound. The growling grew louder and whatever it was started to bang on the wall. He could tell it was trying to break it down and get to him.
He just stood there scared to even take one step back or forward. The wall began to crack and pieces of it flew to the ground. The creature broke through the wall and the boy yells in terror. "What is that thing?"
The creature took on the form of what seemed like a gigantic cockroach. Instead it had teeth and could balance itself on it back four legs. It charged toward the boy and he started running trying his best not to trip. He got a good lead by taking a turn with no problem.
As he was running, something broke through the wall to his side flinging him to the wall. He looked to it with terror as it reached out its arm to him. He freaked out and ran from it.
"WAIT!" it yelled as he ran away. It stopped to face the creature that was after him.
The boy stopped and watched as that thing was fighting the gigantic bug. He could tell it was trying to protect him. It even spoke to him. As he watched the two things fight, he didn't notice that something was coming up from the shadows behind him.
Bam! Bam! Bam! The thing protecting him shot. The bug fell to the floor as he looked to the boy. "Watch out!" a voice cried as the creature behind the boy grabbed a hold of his arm.
"Ah! Let go!" the boy yelled trying to struggle himself free. The metallic creature that seemed to be helping him ran over there. It grabbed the antenna that bound the boy to it and tore it off.
The boy slammed against the wall nearly blacking out as he watched. The metallic creature shot the bug creature with the remainder of the bullets he had. The metallic creature turned to the boy and reached out its arms to him.
"Ah! Get away from me!" the boy yelled still shaken from what happened.
"Calm down," A voice said that came from the metallic creature. "I won't hurt you." The creature opened up and out jumped a human. He took off the mask he was wearing and looked to the boy.
"Your human?" the boy said with shock.
"Of coarse I am. Why would you think I was one of those things?" the young man said walking over to the boy. "By the way, my name's Lloyd."
"What were those things? What's going on? Last night I was in a car sleeping and I wake up to find myself here nearly getting attacked by giant bugs," the boy said. "Ah." He cried out as the arm the second bug grabbed began to bleed heavily.
"Here. Let me see your arm," Lloyd said reaching out his hand to the boy.
The boy pushed him away as he stood up. He looked to Lloyd as he began taking steps back. Blood fell from his arm to the ground as he walked. Lloyd just stood there wanting to help but knowing the boy didn't want it. The boy then began to breath heavily as his eyes began to close.
"Are you okay, kid?" Lloyd said walking toward him. The boy stopped and fell back with Lloyd catching him.
{Where am I?} Flashed through the boy's mind. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself not in the ruined building. He looked to the side to see that he was in a different building instead. He sat up and saw that his arm had been wrapped up nicely.
There was a blanket covering him up as well. He looked to the door of the room he was in and saw Lloyd. He had a gun in his arms as he sat by the door asleep. The boy stood up and walked over to Lloyd covering him up with the blanket.
Before he could take a step away, Lloyd said, "You didn't have to do that. I am supposed to be keeping watch for the two of us."
"Who asked you to watch me?" the boy shot back as he walked over to the opposite corner. He sat down in the most comfortable position he could find.
"I told you my name but what is yours?" Lloyd asked looking out the door.
The boy crossed his arms and looked at Lloyd with narrow eyes of fury. He turned away and said, "It's Kit."
"I do believe I've never heard that name before," Lloyd smiled. He looked out the door to see if anymore of those bugs were there.
"What were those things?" Kit asked.
"Blue. At least, that's what everyone else is calling them. They started appearing five years ago. No one thought they would be that big of a problem. People were saying 'Oh the military will handle this'," Lloyd said. "They were wrong. We had them under control but if we took them seriously in the first place then they would have been dead by now. My father was right."
"Is he dead?" Kit asked looking away from what he just said.
"Yeah, it was just after I got into the military. Because of those blue, my only living relative is my sister," Lloyd said looking to Kit. "Our top priority now is getting to the camp. Just how old are you, Kit?"
"Fifteen," Kit replied closing his eyes and leaning his head against the wall.
"I guess you could say that I'm older than you," Lloyd said. He realized that Kit fell asleep and continued his watch.
Morning came and Kit awoke to find that he was in the arms of Lloyd who was carrying him. Lloyd set him down and said, "Well, I didn't want to interrupt your beauty sleep and besides I'm sure you didn't want to wake up to a blue."
"Where are the blue anyway?" Kit asked looking left and right. "Why aren't you traveling in that machine?"
"First, the blue aren't here because they just aren't. Second, if I were to travel in my iron shrike, I would have to ditch you and besides the engine died on me," Lloyd smiled. "Now try not to waste anytime and follow me."
Lloyd began to run and Kit followed the best he could. As the two were running, a flying blue spotted them. It charged for Kit but Lloyd managed to shoot the core.
"One thing about blue is that they all have a core no matter what. If you shoot that, they're dead," Lloyd said as he began running again.
Lloyd suddenly stopped making Kit knock into him. "What'd you stop for?" Kit complained.
"We're here," Lloyd said pointing to the campsite. The two walked there and saw soldiers doing whatever to pass the time.
A girl who looked the age of eighteen walked up to Lloyd and said, "You're name and rank, soldier."
"Well, that's a warm welcome, Jane," Lloyd said as he gave a salute and said, "Captain Lloyd Ferguson and I guess I already gave you my rank. Reporting for duty, sir, I mean, ma'am. This is Kit and I found him."