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Suit Up

"You say you found this boy. How did you ever manage to stay alive?" Jane asked looking at Kit. She had long blond hair that was tied back and she wore a uniform.
Kit looked to the side as Lloyd said, "Kit has been through a lot. He'll tell you later. Jane, do I have permission to teach him how to use the iron shrike?"
"Go ahead and use mine but if you lose it, you're dead," she said walking away.
"Thanks, Lloyd," Kit said as Lloyd replied, "No prob. Now let's go find something to eat."
Kit was forced to follow and the two found something to eat.
"I know it might not look like the best thing in the world but you'll have to get used to it," Lloyd said taking the first bite as Kit just stared at it.
"So, Lloyd, do you like Jane?" Kit asked still staring at the food.
"Why? Do you think she's pretty?" Lloyd asked as Kit gave out a blush. "You just want to know if I like her because if I didn't you would be free to hold a crush on her, huh?"
Kit gave out another blush. "Of course not. She way older than me anyway."
"Only because she's wearing her uniform. To tell you the truth, she's actually seventeen. Kit, I'm telling you now and never forget it," Lloyd said grabbing Kit and pulling him up to him. "I do not like her so do what you please and I'll keep the other soldiers away from her. I got your back on this one kid."
"Stop it!" Kit yelled pushing Lloyd away from him. His face was bright red from embarrassment as he shot out, "I don't like her okay!"
Every soldier in the tent eating looked at him. Some whispered to each other as others laughed at him. Kit stood up and ran out of the tent. Lloyd just sat there as the soldiers started looking at him.
Lloyd ate his meal as they continued to stare at him. He stopped and yelled at the top of his lungs, "WHAT!?!"
Everyone jumped as his voice echoed around. They looked away in fear and either sat down to eat or ran out of the tent.
Kit was seen looking around the campsite. He stopped and stared at the iron shrikes.
"Magnificent aren't they?" Jane said she walked up from behind him.
Kit let out a blush as he stuttered, "Y-y-yeah." He looked away as he thought, {That was stupid of me. Why'd I have to go and stutter all of a sudden?}
Jane gave out a little giggle. Kit looked to her and asked, "W-what is it?"
"You're so cute when you blush," she said turning her back to Kit. She began walking as she gave a backhand wave and said, "A good thing my brother found you."
{Brother?} Kit thought.
Lloyd was found sitting down next to a tree with headphones on. His eyes were closed as he was humming the tune that Yuji and Joey were singing in the original Blue Gender. Kit walked up to him and kicked dirt on him to get his attention.
"Hey, what'd you do that for?" Lloyd said as he opened his eyes and began brushing the dirt off of him. He took off his headphones and looked to Kit.
"Why didn't you tell me that Jane was your sister?" Kit asked sitting himself right in front of Lloyd.
Lloyd rolled his dark green eyes as he answered, "I didn't think it was that important. At least you know I can't be in love with my own sister."
Kit narrowed his eyes and yelled, "You're so immature!"
Kit stood up and was about to walk away when Lloyd grabbed him by his shirt collar. Kit struggled to get himself loose but didn't prevail.
"You know. That look of yours just won't cut it and that hair is coming off," Lloyd said leading Kit toward a tent.
Through entering the tent there was a young man seen lying on the bed in there. He was reading a magazine that was published a year or two ago. He looked up with his crimson red eyes and greeted the two by saying, "What brings the two of you here?"
"Well, would you happen to have a uniform that could fit this kid?" Lloyd asked releasing Kit from his grip. "Oh, and can you give him a better hairstyle then what he has?"
"I see nothing wrong with his hair, Lloyd," the young man said swiping his hand through his own hair, which happened to be short and jet- black.
"Well, whatever," Lloyd said. He walked out of the tent saying, "I'll be over at the iron shrikes for your first lesson, kid."
{Great. That thing looks too complicated to figure out} Kit thought as he looked to the young man before him. "Awe, man."
"Don't worry, kid. First I'll give your hair a trim and second I'll see what uniform's meant for you," the young man said as he pulled out a pair of scissors. Kit walked over and sat down in a chair that was provided.
The young man wrapped the cloth around Kit's neck and began to snip off the hair. Kit just watched as his brown hair fell to the ground. To keep himself about thinking of what was going on he asked, "What do you know about the Blue?"
"Not that much. No one is an expert here. I'm just an ensign," the young man said. "Oh, by the way, the name's Drake."
"Kit," he said forgetting all about the hair that fell to the ground.
"What a interesting name. I bet your father gave it to you," Drake said as he took of the cloth around Kit's neck. "There. All done. Now, if Lloyd says anything about it, I'm going to punch him so hard that he won't ever smile again."
Kit chuckled as he stood up from the chair. He turned around and saw himself in the mirror behind him. His hair was now short and showed his face. Drake smiled admiring the work he had done. He walked over to a cabinet and looked at all the uniforms in it.
"Why so many?" Kit asked walking over to Drake.
"Well, for one thing people are always in need of them after they've been in a battle," Drake replied. "Aha!" he yelled as he held up a uniform. "Here you go. I hope it fits. You can change in here if you want. I doubt that you want to change outside in front of everybody else."
Kit began to change as Drake laid back down on his bed. He grabbed his magazine and began flipping pages. Kit stood in front of Drake when he was done. The uniform he wore was similar to Joey's from Blue Gender but was blue instead of green.
Drake looked up from his magazine and said, "Man, you could catch girls. Girls love a man in uniform, you know. Oh, but fist you need some shoes."
Drake ran over to the side of the tent and pulled out a pair of socks and some shoes. "Hope these fit. There the only ones around here."
Kit took the shoes in to his arms and started putting on the socks. After that the shoes were pulled on. "There perfect," Kit said.
"Now you're just lucky," Drake said returning to the comfort of his bed. "Now I suppose you should be off on your first lesson with the iron shrike."
"Do I have to?" Kit whined.
"Yes, now get going. We need as many people ready to deal with the blue when they attack. We have no time to protect anyone but ourselves. Now go," Drake ordered shooing him out from the comforts of his bed.
Kit sighed and ran out of the tent. He ran over to the iron shrikes to see Lloyd standing there waiting. A smile broke Lloyd's face as Kit thought, {Here we go.}

End chapter. Hope you like it. Next one's going to be out in probably two weeks. It would be out next week but I have my hands full.