Ed and Carol had just gotten together. Their relationship started off awkwardly but then they starting adjusting to life as a couple and everything was really great.

They were spending all of their free time together and spending every night at his house or hers. They were also getting really disgusting in their physical displays of affection, atleast their friends thought so.

The whole gang was hanging out at the Goat, having dinner and drinks. "Hey Ed, ten bucks to stop acting like a whipped ass bee-yotch" Mike said annoyed that his buddy wasn't paying any attention to him.

Everyone looked towards Ed and Carol who were completely enthralled with each other, kissing and whispering, completely oblivious to everything around them including Mike's wager.

After a minute they realized that everyone else had stopped talking and they could feel their friends eyes on them. Carol turned to look at them first then Ed followed her stare, to see all of their friends staring back at them.

"What?" Ed asked smiling one of his infectious toothy grins.

"I proposed a bet Edward, do you accept?" Mike informed him.

"How can I accept it when I didn't hear it?"

"Well that's just too bad my friend, I don't believe there is a rule in place governing such an excuse, you have to accept or you'll be squelching on a bet for the first time. So what's it gonna be Ed?"

Ed narrowed his eyes at Mike "You know buddy, I am a lawyer, I could argue this"

Mike responded by clucking like a chicken to taunt Ed.

"Okay Michael, what'll it be?" Ed asked slightly annoyed that he had allowed Mike to defeat him so easily.

"I said ten bucks to stop acting like such a whipped-ass bee-yotch and to do that you have to not kiss your girlfriend for the rest of the night" Mike said smiling proudly.

"I am not a whipped-ass bitch" Ed protested emphatically.

"No I said bee-yotch, you're most definitely a whipped-ass bee-yotch and as such a bee-yotch I think you'll do the bee-yotchy thing and squelch on this bet"

Ed looked at Carol "I cant kiss her all night?" he frowned

"Well not all night, I don't know what you do at home, well actually unfortunately I do because you insist on telling me but I don't want to know"

Carol smacked Ed's arm "What do you tell him?"

"Ow! Nothing more than you tell Molls and Nancy!" he shot back.

Ed turned back to Mike "So I cant kiss her just while we're here in present company then?" Ed asked getting the details of the proposed bet.

"Yeah, not that it's gonna matter though, I think I have found the bet that's going to do you in my friend" Mike announced proudly.

Ed just smiled back then smiled at Carol who smiled back at him knowingly.

Five minutes later, Carol let out a dramatic yawn. "Man, I'm tired, Ed you ready to call it a night?"

Ed grinned at Mike "Yeah honey, I'm pretty beat myself"

Mike sighed and pulled a crisp ten dollar bill out of his wallet "You're satisfied winning this bet on a technicality?"

Ed pretended to think this over for a minute then grabbed the ten dollars and answered "yep" heading out the door with Carol.

They went back to his house, as soon he had shut the door Carol pushed him back against it. "So we're home now" she said teasingly and bringing her lips within inches of his.

"Yes we are, what are you implying Miss Vessey?"

"This" she answered kissing him. She kissed him deeply, he responded eqyually passionately. She broke away from him leaving him standing there with his mouth open. She walked backwards toward the stairs, looking at him seductively as she let the straps of her dress fall off of her shoulders. Ed raised his eyebrows and watched her intently. She giggled and let the dress fall to the floor. Ed walked over to her and picked her up in his arms, she laughed and wrapped her arms and legs around him as they kissed their way clumsily up the stairs, bumping into the walls all along the way.

He kicked open the bedroom door and stumbled his way over to the bed. He laid her down gently on the bed and climbed on top of her. She pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. They kissed deeply for a while, she reached for his belt. He stopped and stared into her eyes "I love you Carol" she smiled back at him "I love you too" she replied before ripping off his belt. They made love all night then held each other close falling asleep in each other's arms.