Daddy's Little Girl

Smith was sitting on a couch in an old abandon apartment building. His head was down, his legs and arms were crossed, and he almost appeared to be sleeping. He sat on an old red couch, it was tearing and wearing off. The paint on the walls was peeling, and the floor had holes in it. Smith sat in a small room next to a window. The window was broken, and it let in a small breeze. That blew Smith's hair only slightly. He still didn't move. He never seemed like he would again.

Smith had been in that one spot for three days now. He was thinking. Thinking of a plan. This plan was bizarre even for him, but if he was correct it would work.

Smith had just fought Mr. Anderson about a week before. His suite still had some wrinkles from the battle.

Two copies entered the room. Smith still didn't move, they waited, patiently, for their leader to acknowledge them.

"I have an idea."

Smith said to the copies. He still didn't bother to move, but the copies moved in closer.

"I've been free for around six months now. I have been with these viruses. I have observed them. I've seen their disgusting way of living. And I know how they think."

The copies turned their heads. They were confused.

"Humans are very emotional. Emotion causes an overwhelming power over all logic. And what are humans most emotionally attached to?"

Smith was expecting an answer from one of them, but was not given one.

"Humans love their children, or even any other child. Even at an instinct level, they will protect their young. There is just something about children with humans. They are so young, and so innocent."

Smith finally looked up at his two copies. They came in closer, ready to hear the rest.

"Emotion can also be a distraction. If you put a child in danger, the child becomes their top priority. They will be so focused on the child, they will not have anything other on their minds. Nothing else on their minds what so ever."

Smith finally stood up, looking at himself.

"Which one of you was previously a human of age fourteen?" Smith asked.

"I was." The copy to his right said.

"If we get a child, we can use it. We can distract Mr. Anderson, and strike him when he least expects it. Sadly it is too hard to just kidnap a child, it is too messy. So, in order to receive a child."

Smith lunged his hand in his copy. The copy showed no pain, even though the whole process was horrific.

"I must make my own."

Darkness engulfed the copy. In the end, just when the darkness went over the copy's head, he showed signs of severe pain. But it was too late. The darkness started to disappear, and the body that was once a copy of Smith began to shrink. It went down to the height of five feet tall, and the darkness began to leave the new body. It revealed the child had black hair, and soon pale skin. The darkness left the body, and Smith stuck his hand out. The child didn't look up, it stared at the floor not moving. It was dressed in entirely black, and stood hunched down.

Smith didn't like the fact that it didn't look at him, nor the fact it didn't stand correctly. That was too human.

"Look at me." He said in a demanding voice.

The child did not. Smith was getting angrier. He was not used to being disobeyed. Even before he was free, he was still the leader of the Agents.

"I said look at me."

The child did not. Smith shot a glance at his copy, it didn't know what to do either, it's not like any of them were around children.

"Look at me!"

The child took a moment to comply, it slowly raised its head, its eyes still closed. Smith could see now that the child was a female, he found that a little odd, he did not really care what sex of human he would get, but he wasn't expecting a female. The child took a deep breath. And finally looked up at the man that created her. Smith could see the child had his eyes. Although hers were more of stunning pale blue. Smith was also a bit surprised at this, he didn't want any distinguishing looks on this child. He assumed it wasn't what he wanted, because it was his first attempt on creating a child.

The child didn't speak, she merely looked at Smith, with her big blue eyes. Her eyes scanned Smith, he could feel her looking at him, and he didn't really like it.

Neither of them spoke for a while, their first encounter with each other was merely staring at each other. Then the child opened her mouth, and took in another deep breath. Then she made an expression Smith had not seen often. It looked like desperation. It soon turned into an expression Smith knew very well. Fear. He didn't know what was happening. Why was the child scared? It shouldn't be. He thought it maybe because it was still his first try. The child took a step closer.

"Daddy?" She asked in a quiet voice.

The child fell into Smith's arms. Smith could feel her shaking, and she started to breathe heavily. Smith could feel tears come from her face, and wet his suite. Smith looked at his copy, it was a confused as he.

Smith realized the child had called him daddy. He was not expecting that. He didn't want to be a father figure, he just wanted a child to use. But why would it call him daddy. Smith analyzed the transition between a copy to a child. He thought the problem may be because what he thought of child included children having fathers or "daddy."

Then he realized how the child was shaking. In this reality they were still bounded by the rules of the Matrix. This child may die. Not wanting to loose another copy to a child, he knelt down to the child's eye level.

"What is wrong?" He asked.

"Daddy." She said with tears in her eyes.

"What is wrong?"

The child passed out, and fell once again into Smith's arms. Smith didn't know what to do. The child's head rested on his shoulder, and she was still breathing unusually. He looked up at his copy.

"Get the car." Smith said.

Smith picked up the child and followed his copy to the car. Where Smith sat in the back, with the child in his arms.

"I hope she is not more trouble than she is worth." The copy said.

Smith took a moment to respond.

"Indeed." He said.

Smith raised the child's head to his chest. Her breathing was going back to normal, but she still shivered at times. Smith wondered what had happened. The change between a human into a copy always went flawlessly, but a copy to a child seemed to be a failure. He hoped it would not turn out to be that way. He didn't want to change all his copies into doomed children.

The car came to a halt, and the copy opened the door for Smith. Smith carried the child to the building in which he and his copies have stayed. It was an old building, no one was there but them. It surrounded a small square park, where Smith had once seen the Oracle stay. Smith knew Mr. Anderson would soon see the Oracle, and if this where the Oracle stayed then this is where he would wait.

They entered the building. Smith's copies were all standing in one large room on the second floor. They all seemed to be observing everything. Smith entered the room with all the copies, they all looked at him at the same time. They made a puzzled look as they saw the child in Smith's arms.

"Brief them." Smith said to the copy.

The copy nodded and walked towards the others, ready to tell the story.

Meanwhile, Smith went to the stairs, and walked up to the third floor. Where there was a small room with a bed, he laid the child there. She seemed better now. Her breathing was fine, and she had stopped crying. Smith looked down at her, he couldn't help but notice how peaceful it was when the child was asleep.

The transition from a copy to a child, was not as successful as Smith wanted it to be, but he was not ready to give up anymore copies for a mere child. He would have to keep this one, even though it may have been flawed with mindless human emotions and thoughts. The child would have to do. Smith started to head for the door, when he heard a small voice.

"Daddy?" The child said.

Smith didn't know how to answer, he wasn't used to being called daddy, he didn't even like it. It took him a moment to reply.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Daddy, where are you going?" She said, her eyes not even open.

"I must go do some business."

"When will you be back?" She sounded weak.


"I don't feel good, Daddy."

Smith turned to the child, whose voice was so quiet. He stared at her. She lay on her side, and slowly opened her blue eyes. She seemed sad.

"You will feel better soon."

There was a silence, as Smith waited for her to reply.

"Alright." She said.

"Go back to sleep."

"Bye, Daddy."


Smith left the room, feeling strangely. He didn't like being called daddy. There was something about being called that, which he didn't like.

Smith went back down to the room with the copies, they all stared at him.

"The plan seems reasonable." A copy said.

"Indeed." Smith replied.

He had to go now. Night had fallen, and he had to give something to Mr. Anderson. A package, a gift, because Mr. Anderson had sent him free.

"Come." He commanded, and a copy stepped fourth.

He picked up an envelope that had his Agent earpiece in it, and started to leave with his copy.

"What happens?"

One of the copies started to say. Smith looked back.

"What happens if the child wakes up?"

Smith thought about that for a moment, he wasn't really a good one to be asked that question, especially now that the child thinks he is her father.

"Take care of her." Smith said to them all.

It wasn't very clear instructions, but Smith started to leave.

The child continued to sleep in her bed.


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