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A Forgotten Past

I Everyday is the same for me. My "friends" make fun of me. They call me a jerk. But they don't know who I really am. I cannot show the real me. If I did a past I have buried will return to haunt me. My "parents", they don't care. Heck they aren't even my parents. They found me in America, took me home with them, and changed my name. They don't like me they would rather watch T.V. I asked them once why they took me in. They said that they could not stand to see anyone on the street alone. But I was not alone I had a sister and friends. My "sister" is in her own little world. She just hangs out with me because she wants Matt. I miss my old life, my old friends, and my sister. I
"Davis? Davis? Are you okay?" Kari asked with much concern when he got spacey all of a sudden.
"What? Oh, yeah I'm fine," he tried to hide his real feelings.
"All of us new digidestine are going to the café to hang out and talk. Do you want to come too?" Kari asked.
"Sure, I'll be there. After school right?"
"Yup! Well have to go to class so bye!" Kari exclaimed as she walked away.
I Man, is she annoying sometimes! I
Demmi-Veemon hopped out of his bag and asked, "Is something wrong, Davis?"
"Nothing you would not know about."
"Oh, so I know!"
"Yup, but you probably don't remember. No one does."
"What? Does this have something to do with the name Cleo?"
"How did you know that name?"
"Well, you wake up crying and saying that name."
"Don't tell anyone!! No one!! Not one person!! Get it?"
"Yes. But why?"
"You will remember some day."
"There were skid marks in front of the raccoon!" T.K. said.
As the whole table was laughing at his joke a young girl walked up to the table.
She said, "David is that you?"
He jumped and turned around quickly, "What?"
"It is you! I knew it! Chris and Tiff will be so glad to see you!"
"I'm sorry, I don't know you."
"But it is you. It has to be."
"No, I don't know you. I have never seen you before in my whole life. My name is not David anyway."
"Oh, I'm sorry for bothering you," the girl apologized and walked away.
Davis turned around more pale than he had even been. Then he gave a nervous laugh, "Some people just keep saying that they know you. When they don't. Hey, you guys I need some fresh air. I'll be back in a minute," He said as he walked out the door.
He sat down on the bench and let Demmi-Veemon on his lap. He did not notice but a group of six kids coming up in front of him.
As they were right in front of him one of them spoke, "So, this is the end for you, David. Any last words, considering that no one is here to protect you this time."
Inside the Café
"That was weird when that girl walked up to Davis!" Yolie commented on the prior incident.
"He was so pale and shaky when he turned around. It was almost like he did know her but did not want to see her!" T.K. exclaimed.
Kari turned around and saw the girl that had walked up to Davis earlier and a boy and a girl leave the room with great haste, "Well, I just saw the girl and her two friends leave like there was no tomorrow. I wonder what they could be up to?"
"I don't know!" T.K. replied.
Back Outside
"Okay, why don't you guys just leave me alone? I've moved on with my life. I also have friends in there they will wonder what happened to me and-"
"Davis? Davis!" Izzy yells as he comes around the corner, "I discovered something new-"he slows down as he sees the group. He stops when he is next to Davis.
"Well... Well...look what we've got now. David the leader and Koushiro the boy that will beat anyone up if they get on his bad side."
Just then they three others burst out of the door. Demmi-Veemon was sniffing around Izzy's bag and then opened the zipper. When he opened the zipper Tentamon flew out. The three others opened their bags and let out three Digimon: Koalamon, Milimon, Yolamon. Koalamon looked like a Koala, Milimon looked like a caterpillar, and Yolamon looked like a yellow bird.

The End Of Part One
Don't you want to know more about the story!!! Like who are these new people and how do they know Izzy and Davis???
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