Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho nor Inuyasha!


Kurama: He's the main character for the moment (he's so cute!).
Anyways, he's the prince, and in this story, he's in human form
but you'll eventually see his youko form, I promise. He has a half -
brother named Riyouko (made up character). He's also 18 in this story
(I think that's reasonable).

Botan: She's the heroine of the story and replaces Cinderella, using
occasional swear words but other than that, she's pretty decent. Half
sisters include Hari (from Inuyasha), and Maya, and her step mother,
Sayo. She's 18 and her father and original mother died long ago. She
is not a ferry girl anymore.

Yusuke: He's the royal vizier of the palace and is Kurama's best friend
in this fanfic (not Hiei). Though he can be perverted at times, he is
really nice (nicer than in the anime). He's also 18 and he has the
same punk attitude. He has no brothers or sisters, just Kurama as a
best friend.

Keiko: Botan's next door neighbor and probably the only friend Botan's
allowed to have, since her "family" is mean. She is 17, like Botan and
also has a brother named Souta (from Inuyasha). She's probably the
fairy god mother in this fanfic, since she does provide the dress and
slippers for Botan. But she still has the good-friend personality as

Hari: Botan's evil half sister who does everything to make Botan's life
miserable. As you know, evil does not prevail.

Maya: Botan's stepsister who has a little more sense than Hari but is
still clueless about reality and is very immature.

Other: Koenma, an admirer of Botan / Riku, another admirer of Botan /
Masaru, Koenma's little brother / Sayo, Botan's stepmother / Riyouko,
Kurama's sullen brother / and others you will find out about.

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