This is my first CCS fanfic so please if it sucks don't hate me but try my other fanfic called Back To You. So far some people like it so it can't be all bad.

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Fooling Everyone

Chapter one

Sakura is in college and she just came from her last class for the day. She spots Syaoran and runs up to him.

"Hey Syaoran, how was your last class?"

" It would have been better if that girl would stop bothering me to go out with her."

"Anyway, do you want to go to a party with me tonight? It's supposed to be really good."

"Yeah, what time does it start?"

"Around ten, but I need you to come over and help me pick something out ok?"

Syaoran afraid of what happened last time he helped her pick out clothes protested to the idea.

"No way am I going through that again."

"Don't worry I promise I won't get mad this time."

"Fine but after this you need to ask Tomoyo to help you."

"I would but since she and Eriol got together I haven't seen much of her these days."

Later that night

Sakura heard a knock on her door.

"Who is it?"


"Come in."

When he walked into the room there were clothes all over the room and he knew that it was going to be awhile before she would be ready to go to the party.

Hope you liked the first chapter. It wasn't great because it was just the first chapter but that other chapters would be better.