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Fooling Everyone:

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Sakura stepped out of the cab letting the bright rays of the sun hit her pale body. Her dress lightly hugged the fragile figure as the breeze blew pass her.

She paid the fare before turning to the tall hotel standing in front of her.

She was the first of the many guests to arrive.

After checking in and getting her key from the front desk, Sakura made her way towards the room. She slid the card into the slot waiting to hear the locks click before pulling it out.

When she opened the door her eyes lit up in amazement. The bright sun beaming into the white room gave everything a light glow almost too precious for the eyes to look upon.

She cautiously stepped on the white carpet as she entered the room.


She made a quick spin trying to take in all the sights at once. The bathroom was to her right as she entered and her closet was to her left. Straight ahead was the television. In front of that was the love seat sitting besides the king size bed with only a nightstand between them.

She let her fingers glaze the top of the comforter before throwing herself on the bed. Her arms were open wide as she closed her eyes freeing herself from reality. Her hands wondered on the soothing silk beneath her making her feel like royalty.

Her blissful moment came to a halt at the sound of the door closing.

She immediately got to her feet blushing for the childish behavior.

At the door was a man wearing a bellhop uniform holding her luggage.

Her beating heart began to slow down.

'Oh, good. For a second there I thought it was Syaoran.'

She directed the man to put her luggage by the door and tipped him before leaving.

Feeling the security of being alone again, she kicked off her shoes and started jumping on the bed. Yells of excitement escaped her mouth with each leap into the air.

'I can't believe Tomoyo and Eriol are finally tying the knot. They've been together since high school. They are so perfect for each other.'

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a thud. She stopped her jumping looking towards the origin of the sound.

Syaoran was picking himself off the floor cursing at the luggage that caused his fall.

"Stupid bags what kind of idiot would leave them there?"

He had failed to notice the shocked girl lightly bouncing on the bed.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

He turned to see a honey brown haired girl standing on top of the white bed. Her question passed through his mind and the only thing he could think of was 'what was she doing here?'


Tomoyo and Eriol had just entered their suit. She squealed at how perfect everything looked. Fresh flowers greeted them as they entered.

"Eriol this is all so…so…"

Tears began to form in her eyes. She turned to him hugging him tightly.

She backed away giving enough room to see his face.

"I love you." This was a rare moment when she was not overly happy. She wasn't joking or just saying it for the sake of it. She meant each word that passed her lips, and her serious amethyst eyes reflected it.

Eriol pulled her close to him, loving the warm sensation it created. His soft dazzling blue eyes shinned with a soft glow, a loving glow. One look in his eyes and Tomoyo had gotten the response she was looking for.

They were getting married. Everything was perfect.


"This is MY room. Go find another one!"

Syaoran was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head in his hands. Sakura's tranquil mood has long passed.

"I CAN'T get another room. The guy at the front desk said everything else is booked. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to get out!"

She had her slender fingers pointing to the door.

Syaoran ran his hands through his messy auburn mane. He was beginning to get a headache and Sakura's constant screams were not helping.

She picked up his suit case throwing it outside the room. His head snapped up at the commotion.

"What do you think you're doing?"

He ran out in the hall gathering all his stuff when he heard a slam. He turned around to find that Sakura had locked him out of the room.

He dropped everything and started knocking on the door.

"Sakura let me in. This is my room too."

He was cautious not to bang on the door so that he wouldn't disturb the other guest.

He leaned back against the door allowing his head to hit the hard material as he pushed his hands into his pockets.

His eyes lit up feeling a familiar plastic card in his right front pocket.

'I could just open the door and walk right in. But she'll probably just do the same thing all over again. Maybe if I beg I could get another room.'

Syaoran picked up his luggage, thankful that it didn't open, and headed for the front desk.


Eriol was holding the phone in his hands listening to the person on the other end.


"I know."

"Don't let him bribe the staff."


"Yeah, don't worry about it."

"And thank you. I know this must go against some rule. But my fiancé and I are willing to compensate for the trouble we are causing this fine establishment."

"No, thank you. Bye."

Eriol hung up the phone and joined his future wife out on the balcony.

"Who was that?" She was holding one of the many flowers that were in the room as she leaned against the railing looking at the view.

"The clerk at the front desk was calling about the rooms."

Tomoyo smiled as she brought the yellowish flower up to her nose.

"So I'm guessing Sakura and Syaoran have arrived."

Eriol nodded then wrapped his arms around Tomoyo's waist rubbing her flat stomach.

"Yeah, Syaoran's downstairs trying to get another room. But I had the guy tell him everything was booked so we have nothing to worry about."

He leaned in lightly kissing behind her left ear.

His lips on her skin sent a heat through her body.

"I hope everything works out this time. I'm getting tired of the constant drama between those two."

Eriol barely pulled himself away from her whispering, "I know." Then he continued to suck on her milky white skin gradually moving to the back of her neck. His hands snaked their way up to her shoulders pushing the straps of her dress off her them leaving it bare.

Her heart began to beat faster. It was pounding against her chest. His light kisses and nibbles left her feeling weak. She stretched her right arm behind her holding onto his blue locks keeping her from falling.

He slowly unzipped the back of her dress streaming his fingers down her back.

Her chest being the only thing keeping her clothed was rapidly moving up and down.

He grabbed onto her left breast giving it a rough eager squeeze causing her to arch her back and her knees to buckle.

She fell backwards putting all her weight on Eriol while desperately trying to hold up her dress.


Her voice was faint coming out more like a sigh.

"Eriol…we said…we said…"

Her heavy breaths were making it hard to finish a sentence.

"I know what we said."

He turned her around looking into her hazy eyes.

"I can't wait until the end of the week, the honeymoon. I really, really…"

Tomoyo shook out of her phase remembering her words from before. She pushed him away from her while holding up her dress.

"We said we'll wait until we are married before we have sex again."

"But we already…"

"I know, I know but I still want that night to be special, even if it isn't our first time."

Then she kissed him on the cheek before going back into the room.

He rolled his eyes mumbling to himself, "This is going to be a long week."

The next morning…

A knock at the door caused Sakura to wake from her peaceful slumber.

She blinked her emeralds slowly letting the light hit her pupils. Turning towards the wall she laid there ignoring the sounds of a fist colliding with the door.

The banging became more relentless and persistent demanding that she get up from her dreams.

"I'm coming!"

Lazily, she lifted herself off the bed sliding her feet on the carpeted floor until she reached the metal doorknob.

Before she could even make contact with the cold conductive object, a static charge escaped her body shocking her.

"Ouch!" She jumped pulling back her hand slightly before reaching out one last time.

When she opened the door she saw a brown haired figure standing there tapping his foot on the floor. His arms were crossed and his eyes were barely seen under the long bangs that drooped in his face.

"What the hell do you want? Didn't I tell you to get a room?"

An angry aura spewed off of him making Sakura feel less like the dominant girl from yesterday, and more like the child she once was.

"I need to take a shower."

Without hesitation she moved aside letting her hands direct him to the washroom.

He walked with an arrogance and power that Sakura has never felt from him. Her eyes watched him intensely waiting to see his next move. The person walking pass her was not the Syaoran that she grew up with. It was not the gentle boy that once rescued her favorite stuffed toy from the stream. He has changed, and it didn't feel like it was for the better.

'Did I do this to him? Playing with his heart telling him I never loved him? Please don't let this be my fault.'

She jumped at the slamming of the washroom door.

'Is this all my fault?'


Syaoran had just gotten out of the shower holding a towel around his waist while he cleared up the foggy windows.

He stood for a minute looking at the man that stared back at him.

'I hope I wasn't too cold to Sakura.'

His mind was racing with thoughts of his earlier encounter.

'She looked kinda scared of me. Maybe I could've said hello or something instead of just barging in on her.'

He ran his hands through his wet hair remembering what Eriol told him earlier.


Syaoran was sitting in one of the chairs in the lobby deciding on what he should do. With no place to lay his head tonight, he was beginning to consider just going to another hotel all together. Although he planned on getting Sakura back, he didn't want her to be angry with him until he succeeded.

Too deep in thought he failed to notice that Eriol had taken the seat in front of him.

"She's got you whipped."

Syaoran snapped out of his thoughts hearing the familiar voice of his friend. He didn't even have to look up to know that it was Eriol talking.

"I can't be whipped if I'm not in a relationship."

Eriol waved at the waiter requesting for three beers before continuing.

"Yeah you are. She's got you whipped. Just like you had her before you guys started to date."

Syaoran's head jerked up questioning what his buddy was saying.

"I never had her whipped. We were always just friends. She always did what she wanted."

Eriol raised an eyebrow showing his obvious disagreement to his words.

"You were just too stupid to realize you had her whipped. Everyone else could see it though."

"Yeah, right." Syaoran put his head back down thinking that his friend was just making stories at this point. There was no way he had Sakura whipped. He would've at least known.

"Come on Syaoran, I know you were stupid back then…but now? Are you seriously telling me that you have never realized that?"

Syaoran looked up giving him a blank expression.

Eriol took a deep breath, "I'm shocked you two ever got together."

Syaoran leaned back in his chair trying to forget what was just said. He did not need anymore thoughts roaming his head at the moment.

"I remember you once told me that you liked it when Sakura was stern. It turned you on."

Syaoran's eyes widened looking around making sure no one heard them.

"Keep your voice down. It's not really something I want to go public with."

The waiter came back placing three beers on the table.

Both Eriol and Syaoran each took on leaving one in the center of the table.

"I was just trying to help you out." Eriol managed to say before taking a swing of beer.

"How the hell are my turn ons going to help me with Sakura?"

"Think about it. You were already attracted to her from the beginning right?"

Syaoran nodded.

"But remember on your birthday, when she took control of everything. How that made you feel?"

A light blush rose to his cheeks remembering how her authority failed to intimidate him but instead made her desirable.


Eriol was playing with the bottle in front of him shifting it from one had to the other hearing the sound of glass against the wood table.

"What do I have to spell it out or something? Be the man. Tell her whose boss. Be stern and let your voice intimidate her. Maybe it might have the same affect on her."

Eriol got up with beer in hand taking one last look at his best friend.

"Anything's worth a try right? If you love her."

End Flashback

Syaoran was now fully dressed. He was wearing a pair of dashed out orange shorts and a white shirt. His hair was a little damp from the water but that didn't bother him much.

His mind was on how he was going to face the girl on the other side of that door. He didn't like how angry she was with him yesterday. He worked hard to keep out of her way since that incident with the spare key.

He rubbed his hands through his hair one last time before he opened the door.

"Here goes nothing."

A short young man with silver hair was standing there waiting for Sakura to come to a decision. She was already strapped into the harness and was standing on the edge of a bridge looking over into the water.

"Lady are you going to jump or not?"

Sakura looked back at the young man watching him become more impatient as time passed.

'What I my head ever told me that bungee jumping was a good idea?'

Bungee jumping was one of the many crazy activities that Eriol and Tomoyo had planned for their guest. Today was the bungee jumping day. Tomorrow was the skydiving and after that was scuba diving.

This was not the way Sakura wanted to kick off the week. Standing there at the top of the bridge feeling like a coward. Eriol and Tomoyo jumped together kissing on the way down. Angel jumped yelling louder than the other girls as he fell through the air.

Syaoran was looking at the frighten girl standing there tightly holding onto the railing. He was the first to jump. Things like heights didn't bother him much. And the sense of falling, even if he was never going to hit the water, somehow soothed him.

"I can't do it. I…I just can't do it."

Sakura began to grab at the equipment around her trying to pull herself out of it, but for the life of her she could not understand where anything went or how to take it off.

"You know what she right…she can't do it."

Syaoran was walking up to her making sure to pull her into the safe side of the railing before she got a chance to disconnect the cord.

"Really what were you thinking…what were we thinking," He spread out his arms referring to their group of friends watching them. He moved closer to Sakura leaving a foot in between them, not wanting to make her feel anymore uncomfortable.

"We both know that you would've never jumped anyway. It's not like you to just go jumping head first into anything. Letting your heart guide you instead of using your mind all the time. Setting loose is just something you can't do."

Sakura stood there moving her eyes away from his and down to his chest. His words were true but she did not like the way they sounded coming out of his mouth. However, it wasn't he tone or manner in which he said it. His words plucked a string in her heart. She knew he was referring to more than just jumping off the bridge.

It did not take a genius to figure out that there was more tension between the two then there appeared to be. But it was still not only the words that tugged at her inners. When she looked at him she remembered the cold authoritative attitude that he displayed earlier that morning. There was no warmth in his actions or words then. And that warm comfy feeling usually radiating from him was gone. It was like he lost his ability to care, to be sensitive…maybe even the ability to love.

These new feelings jumbling inside of her were making her confused. Anger at herself mixed with anger towards him and confusion on whether she should just jump off this bridge without the cord were swirling her mind.

She closed her eyes as a few tears fell to the ground.

'It's my fault. He's different because of me. Because I had to play with his heart…because I had to be insensitive and thickheaded. I…I just want to be with him again.'

More tears fell catching the attention of her friends. As much as she tried she could not hold them in, and the burning sensation combined with the red eyes were proof of that.

"Sakura…are you ok?"

His voice, the concern that she was so used to has returned. Looking up into his amber eyes showed the emotion that she has been longing for. If she had known that the key to his emotions were her tears, she would have been flooding the island since morning.

"Do you want to go back to your room? You need to lie down?"

She shook her head almost violently causing tears to fly off her face.

Her watery emerald eyes could only look up to him in admiration. It was like she was meeting him for the first time.

"I want to jump."

Her voice was meek and cracked as if she hadn't spoken in days.

With the cord still on her he climbed back onto the other side of the railing watching the current carry away anything that fell into its path.

She closed her eyes taking a deep breath ready to tip forward….but stopped when she felt something holding her back. She opened her eyes looking directly down in the water. She didn't fall yet, and was beginning to get nervous not knowing if something went wrong.

She began to feel her body being pulled back until she was being held in someone's arms.

Quickly she turned around grabbing onto the person holding them tightly. Her eyes shut not wanting to know what was happening as long as she was ok.

Then she felt something strap her closer to this figure she was clenching causing her to open her eyes. When she looked up she saw Syaoran there holding her tightly nodding to the silver haired young man she he climbed back over the railing.


"Did you think I was going to let you jump off alone? Especially, seeing how hard it was for you to even look at the water."

The corners of her mouth began to twitch and in seconds a smile was present.

"Are you ready?"

She looked up at him nodding her head feeling his grip around her tighten.

She had missed this feeling. The sensation of waking up in his arms, heat she felt from his body, the way her heart pounded out of her chest whenever she was near him.

At the moment she didn't care if she was holding so tight that he could feel her nails in his back. She didn't care that he might be able to feel the beats of her heart just as clearly as she could. She didn't care that she was Pam standing at his door in almost nothing.

Her mind could only think of one thing, 'I love you.'

Then they fell head first into the air…together.

It was Thursday. Tomorrow was the night of the wedding. Tomoyo had decided to have the wedding Friday night so that she could wake up in Eriol's arms Saturday morning. Being the working girl she is Tomoyo had always dreamed about waking up on the weekend wrapped in her lover's arms as the golden sun beamed down on them.

She woke up looking at Eriol's sleeping figure next to hers.

Leaning on her left elbow she reached out stroking his blue locks away from his face. Her hand gently slid down his cheek and onto his lips feeling his hot breaths.

She looked at him in a way never before. That peaceful body next to hers was soon to be her husband. He was going to be the one she spent the rest of her life with.

She softly let her fingers outline the part of his jaw that wasn't crushed into his pillow.

'Am I ready for this?'

It was a thought that has been resurfacing since Sakura and Syaoran broke up. It was one of the many reasons why she tried so hard to get them together in the first place.

With all her heart and soul she knew she loved Eriol. That he was the one for her. And not once did she doubt his love for her. But…her mother and father were divorced. When she was younger she remembered how much they loved each other just like the love between her and Eriol. And she also watched that love fade away, not because of a mistress, but because it had gotten to the point where their love was tainted.

She had always known that Sakura and Syaoran would be together, long before Sakura told her that she like him. In her eyes their love for each other was different. Her parents' love seemed weak compared to theirs.

Her parents' loved each other for their looks and positive traits. They loved each other because they had a daughter together. Because they were stuck with each other.

But Sakura and Syaoran…with all that they've been through it was clear as day that they loved each other. Yes they were attracted to each other, and yes they loved the good traits that each possessed. But it did not stop there. They loved each other's personality and faults. Each thought they were blessed for just being close to one another. They would risk their happiness just to see the other smile a genuine smile, to hear the true joy behind each laugh.

They were friends first and lovers second. They both knew the risk of being in love, of telling the other that they had more than a feeling of friendship towards the other. That's why they were friends for so long. They didn't want to risk their permanent friendship on something as fluctuating as love.

'If they couldn't stay together how are Eriol and I going to make it work?'

She closed her eyes as a couple of tears flowed down her long lashes and onto the sheets.

'I love you Eriol….I love you.'

Another sunny day welcomed the group with open arms. Everyone had a message sent to their room informing them to meet at the same place.

Eriol and Tomoyo were the first ones there sitting on a picnic bench holding hands and looking up at the sky.

Eriol momentarily pulled his eyes away from the blue sky to look at his fiancé, "You ready?"

Tomoyo's breath was caught in her throat. That question again. It was as if he was reading her mind.


She smiled tossing away the seriousness that possessed her and giggled as she leaned towards him.

"Of course I'm ready. I've been looking forward to this day forever."

"Aww, look at the cute couple."

The two looked up to see Angel standing there smiling with Syaoran by his side.

Syaoran nudged Angel on the shoulder confirming his statement.

"Yeah man, they look picturesque."

Rika came up behind Syaoran hitting him on the shoulder, "Don't tease them."

Then she turned towards Eriol and Tomoyo putting a wide smile on her face as water began to spring into her eyes.

"You guy look so cute together," She put her hands to her face trying to wipe away the stray tears that escaped her control.

"I told myself I wasn't going to cry."

A familiar feminine voice came from behind, "Rika get a grip, and it's not even their wedding."

Syaoran tuned around watching as Sakura came walking up to them. She went straight to Rika trying to calm her down. Syaoran kept his eyes on her. He watched how her hair blew around her causing her to constantly pull it back. It was as if he was unable to take his eyes off of her.

Angel was standing right next to him watching the whole thing. Putting a little smile on his face he broke everyone out of any thoughts they may have been having.

"So Tomoyo, where's the food. You said we were going to have a picnic but I see no food."

More of their friends started to pile in thinking the same thought. Once everyone was there Tomoyo got up in front of everyone clasping her hands together.

"As you all know, Eriol and I are getting married tomorrow."

Everyone started to hoot and holler in excitement. And Rika started to cry again.

"And I thank you all for enduring all those silly activities for the past week. I know we got off to a shaky start on the whole bungee jumping thing."

Syaoran and Sakura looked at each other smiling knowing what she meant by that.

"And considering that we went scuba diving and sky diving and did so many other crazy things this week I thought that we should end this on a good safer note."

Sakura seemed relieved to hear this. To finally have something that didn't involve them diving head first into anything seemed perfect. Although, she couldn't argue that any of these events that Tomoyo planned were boring. If anything it gave her life some well needed excitement.

She looked over at Syaoran who was watching Tomoyo and Eriol standing in front of the crowd of friends.

'It's weird how Syaoran and I managed to become friends all over again. All those activities kinda forced us together. I know I wouldn't be able to do half of the stuff if Syaoran wasn't always there to help me out.'

She put her eyes to the ground thinking about their rekindled friendship.

'Too bad we couldn't rekindle everything we had.'

Then she quickly shook her head trying not to think about it. After all it was her fault why they we not back together. She was the one that made it very clear before they ever hit the sands of Hawaii that she had no interest in him whatsoever.

She took one last look at him.

'I know I told him not to try anything on this trip but….I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy. But for some reason I thought we would get back together. That maybe he would do his best to try and win me over or something.'

She started to play with her hands as a deep sense of regret started to fill her.

'I should have never told him that I don't love him. I should have never put him through all that drama. Instead of constantly getting angry I should have let him tell me what happened.'


She snapped out of her thoughts looking around her only to find that the crowd of people that were once there had disappeared.


Looking ahead of her she saw Syaoran running up to her grabbing her hand pulling her along.

"Everyone else is gone."


She didn't even know what he was talking about. All she could do was star at the back of his head as he pulled her along. His grip on her lacked the tenderness that she was used to. It felt like any normal person was holding onto her guiding her.

Before she knew it she was standing in a huge basket with a balloon over them. It did not register to her that she was going on a hot air balloon ride until she felt herself being lifted into the air. She didn't even realize that there was a complete stranger standing right next to her driving the whole thing.

The only thing that she could think of was the foreign feeling that Syaoran was giving off. How his smile was no longer directed to her. How nothing he did made her heart skip a beat. It was as if he was just her friend and nothing more.

"You ok? You look kinda out of it."

She didn't bother to look up at him. Instead she nodded and looked over the edge watching how everything was beginning to get smaller and smaller.

'Maybe it's not him who's changing. Maybe I really don't love him.'

Syaoran moved to the other side away from Sakura. He was looking over the edge but not seeing anything. His eyes weren't focused on anything. His leaning body looked completely relaxed, which was the exact opposite of his mind.

So many thoughts were running around bumping into each other. He knew she could sense the difference in his behavior. She was constantly scanning his eyes trying to read what he was thinking, how he was feeling. It was hard for him to act like a friend and nothing more. He had to pretend that he had no interest in her, that's what she wanted.

"Are you hungry?"

His voice even sounded cold to him. He always showed some kind of emotion even if it was anger. But now…he couldn't even recognize the sounds that were coming from his lips.

He turned around to find her watching him. Quickly she looked out into the sky letting out a small "Yes."

He grabbed the basket at his feet and went over to her.

"Tomoyo thinks of everything."

He opened the basket sitting down on the floor. Then he began to tug at her jeans signaling her to join him.

With the basket between them she sat down spreading out the food.

"I guess this is the picnic she was talking about."

Syaoran smiled at her and they began to eat in silence. The only word spoken was to ask the man driving the balloon of he wanted some food.

When Sakura was done she looked over at Syaoran who resumed his position leaning on the edge looking down.

She walked over to him joining him making sure not to accidentally touch his arm or shoulder.

"You feel it right?"

Syaoran looked at her confused. Her words were ambiguous and that smile on her face didn't help aid her question. But instead of saying anything he waited for her to continue.

"The awkwardness between us, you feel it right?"

He looked at his hands dangling in the air.


"I know there is no pretending that none of this happened. In my mind, I thought that we would be able to go back to that friendship we had before any of this started. But I know we can't.

"I know," his voice was slow and steady causing a chill to run through her body.

She could hear him swallow the lump in his throat getting ready to say something.

"Pam came over to my apartment one day…"


"Sakura please, listen to me."

There was a silence between them when neither knew if they should speak up, but Syaoran took the plunge.

"She came telling me about how she still wanted me. And how she wasn't pretending to like me," he took a deep breath finding it not as hard as he thought it would be to continue, "And at the time you had already told me you didn't love me. And that you never loved me, so…I figured why not. Why not be with a girl that actually wants to be with me."

He watched her cringe at his words.

"But nothing happened," he looked out at the vast amount of green that surrounded them, "all I could think about was you. Nothing felt right, so I left."

He looked at her waiting to see her response but she kept her eyes straight ahead. And he knew from experience that she wasn't looking at anything. That she was soaking in every word he said.

"I thought that if I left that she would leave soon after. But I guess I backfired on me and…well…that's when you saw her there."

"If I had remembered that Eriol had a copy of my keys I wouldn't have bothered you that night. But…I don't know. In a way I…I guess I was going to try and win you back or something. Maybe sort through this whole mess and…but when I saw that guy at your place…"

Sakura was listening closer than he thought she was.

"I just…I wanted you back. I wanted everything to be the way it used to be. I wanted…"

'Wanted? Was? What is with the past tense on all of his words?' She was fighting hard not to cry. She could feel the heat rising on her face and the stinging sensation threatening to drop tears. 'That's why he's so cold with me now. I've lost him. He doesn't care about me anymore. He doesn't love me.'

Caught up in her thoughts she failed to notice his actions until she felt his lips on hers. Wedged in a mix of fear, anger, and confusion she pulled away not knowing what else to do.

"Sakura I love you."

She could see him stepping towards her but could not comprehend what was going on. He hugged her pulling her close.

That warmth, the emotions, his touch, everything was back to normal. Her heart was beating rapidly again. Her body was on fire. This was the guy that she had fallen in love with. This was the guy was missing for the week that they've been here.

But her mind betrayed her heart and her next set of actions hurt her more than it could ever hurt him.

She violently pulled away anger on her face and for the first time involuntarily spoke the words that made her stomach want to curl.

"I don't love you! Can't you understand that?"

Immediately her heart broke. Her knees buckled as she collapsed to the floor. Tears running down her face as her body shook uncontrollable. The only thing that would work were her wobbly arms supporting her upper body.

Syaoran looked down at her unable to see her face. He kneeled down pushing her hair aside and dropped a book in front of her.

"Where did you…"

He picked it back up opening it taking out the piece of paper her used to mark the page.

"You have no right to read that!"

He ignored her words and began to read.

"Dear Diary,

Today I went fishing with Syaoran like I usually do but something horrible happened. My favorite doll that mommy gave me fell into the lake. I thought that I would never see it ever again in my whole entire life. But Syaoran jumped in the lake and got it. He's a great swimmer for someone that doesn't know how to swim. Maybe he could teach me to swim. Anyway I will be forever thankful to him. I think I'll invite him over for dinner one night. I remember mommy saying the way to a guy's heart was through his stomach. Was she right? I hope she is because I want Syaoran to stay with me forever and ever. Dear Diary, I want to tell you a secret. Promise not to tell? I think I like Syaoran.

I got to go dry off my doll. And remember don't tell!"

He looked at her waiting for her to say something, but nothing came.

"Admit it Sakura. You love me. And this was the first time you knew it."

She kept her head down not wanting to see him, "I was a child. I was stupid. You can't hold that against me."

He nodded his head and turn to another page that was booked marked and began to read.

"Dear Diary,

I will be going off to college soon. And after rereading everything I wrote over the past years, I think it would be better if I stop keeping a record of my thoughts and feelings. This will be my last entry and…I…none of this writing has done anything for me. I thought that if I wrote about my problems then it would help me deal with it.

But I've realized nothing can help me deal with the fact that Syaoran would never view as more than one of his best friends.

We are going to the same college. Now I have to watch him ignore me for a new set of girls. He thought college would be great if we both went to the same school. And the idiot I am I agreed.

I am not going to lie and say that I don't care about him. Or that he is only a crush that I would one day get over. I know now that I love him. I will never be able to kiss him or hug him like a girlfriend would, but I will always love him more than any other girl. Part of life is acceptance, and I have accepted the fact that I will never be with him. I've also accepted that I love him.

Mommy, I have been writing to you for years, helping you look after me. But I think it's about time I learn to look after myself. I miss you so much. All I have are your words of wisdom to guide me. Words that I couldn't understand when I was younger.

Wish me luck!"

The balloon landed.

"It took you guys long enough. We've been waiting on you!"

Using what was left of her strength Sakura got up running, ignoring the voices around her until she was out of sight.

"Sakura! Sakura come back here!"

Syaoran followed behind her waving off his friends. Her head start gave him the disadvantage. He had no idea where she could be. There was only one place that he could think of. So he started to head back to the hotel.

Sakura slammed the door behind her throwing herself on the bed. Instantly she got up and started pacing back and forth.

"Why couldn't he just leave me alone? Why does he have to bring back all those memories?"

"Because you love me."

She turned around to find him shutting the door behind him.

"Syaoran get out!"

"No! I'm tired of this. You think it's easy hearing that you don't love me? You think I'm made out of steel or something?"


"But what Sakura? What? I have pride too. And I am not going to chase behind you anymore."

He tossed the book on the bed and headed for the door.

"This is it," he took a long pause looking her over on last time, "good-bye."

Then he left closing the door behind him.

He was gone. This battle between them was finally over.

Syaoran was standing by Eriol wearing a black tux. In his pocket were the rings for the ceremony.

Eriol and Tomoyo were standing in front of the priest holding each others hands. Syaoran watched the obvious display of love that was between the two and smiled. It was nice to see a happy ending for a change.

"The rings please."

He dipped down into his pocket opened the case and handed Eriol the rings.

"Do you Eriol Hiiragizawa take Tomoyo Daidouji as your wife, to love and cherish in sickness and health till death do you part?"

He looked into the sparkling eyes. He nodded his head while saying, "I do." As if to confirm his answer.

The priest looked at Tomoyo.

"Do you Tomoyo Daidouji take Eriol Hiiragizawa as your husband, to love and cherish in sickness and health till death do you part?"

Biting the bottom of her lip trying to prevent herself from crying, she too nodded before answering, "I do."

"Then I now pronounce you man and wife."

The priest gave a pause so that the newlyweds can soak in the fact that they are indeed married.

"You can kiss the bride."

The place was silent as they inched together, like it was their first kiss. When their lips touched people began to hoot and holler and yell. The music began and the two walked down the aisle hand in hand.

After the celebration Syaoran went back to his room. He was hoping to get there before Sakura and fall asleep. They were leaving tomorrow and he didn't fell like talking much before the trip.

When he opened the door, a sense of emptiness rushed to him. Turning on the lights he looked around and everything was in its place.

The bed, the couch, the TV, the table, everything was there. Not thinking much of that emptiness that haunted him he quickly striped and went into the shower. He came out with a towel around his waist looking around to make sure Sakura wasn't there. He looked at the clock. It was two in the morning.

'She should be here by now.'

He immediately tossed away all thoughts of her and got dressed. While towel drying his hair he noticed Sakura's diary sitting onto of the white comforter.

He picked it up ready to place it on top her suitcase so that it will not be forgotten when he noticed her stuff was gone. Her suit case that sat everyday next to the television was gone.

He ran to the closet a flung open the doors to find only his clothes on the hangers.

He ran out the door running down the hall banging on Rika's door.

'Maybe she was there; maybe she can't stand to look at him anymore.'

Rika came to the door rubbing her eyes, "Yeah?"

"Is Sakura here? Do you know where she is? Is she ok?"

"No more questions, I just woke up." She rubbed her hands through her hair testing Syaoran's patience.

"She already left. She went back with her brother on an earlier flight."

Syaoran began to breathe deeply relieved and disappointed that she was gone, but at least she was safe.


The door closed and he leaned against the wall in the lonely hall. She was gone.

Syaoran was happy to see the wooden door to his apartment. He has missed it more than he ever thought he could. Opening the door he dropped his luggage by the door and turned on the lights.

Closing the door with his leg he stumbled towards his bed letting his weight fall on his bed. After sleeping on the couch of a week he was more than happy to see the familiar green sheets waiting to greet him.

Ready to sleep off the jetlag he was experiencing he rolled over onto his side trying to get more comfortable. In the mist of him moving he could hear something crinkle underneath him. Readjusting his body he pulled out a piece of paper that he was unknowingly lying on.

Yawning and stretching at the same time he held the paper up in front of him and began to read.

Dear Diary,

My best friends have gotten married. I remember talking to Tomoyo years ago about what her wedding would be like, and amazingly so, it was nothing like what I attended. I guess as you grow up, you grow out of your ideas and feelings.

I must still be a child then because I can still picture the same wedding I've always dreamed of. I would be in a park full with cherry blossoms. The white chairs on the beautiful green grass. The wind blowing petals around causing some to get caught in my hair giving off an angelic feeling. Tomoyo would be my maid of honor as I was hers. My father would walk me down the aisle giving me away like I was no longer of any use to him. And as I stand by my fiancé I would look at Touya, who would be sitting in the front row, and wait for him to give me the nod signaling that he approved. Then I would lace my hands into his and look up into his amber eyes and utter the words 'I do.'

Unlike most girls I had it all planned out. From what I wanted to borrow to who was to be the groom.

I guess I never grew out of that dream or the feelings I had. I lost him. I lost Syaoran, because my mind speaks before my heart. Watching Tomoyo getting married to Eriol today gave me a new feeling, envy. I envy her for having found the person that she wants to be with for the rest of her life. I envy her for telling him what she felt when she felt it. I'm turning green at the fact that they are still together and me…

The only I guy ever loved is gone. I hurt him so much by uttering words that I never meant. By over reacting to ever situation, and letting my anger get the better of me. As much as I don't deserve him, I hope that he would forgive me for acting like a child for these past months. I just want him to know that he was right. I did love him when I was younger, and I still do today.

Syaoran was now sitting up. He couldn't move. He didn't know what to do. What does one do after going through what he has then reading this letter? What emotions should run through you at a time like this?

Allowing his heart to take control he picked up his keys jolting to the door. When he opened it he saw her standing there looking up at him. She was trying to tell if he had read the letter yet, and if so what he was feeling.

But his blank expression showed nothing. They stood there for a minute each waiting for the other to move to say something, even to blink.

Not being able to take it any longer Sakura pushed him into the apartment kissing him as he stumbled over the luggage sitting by the door and they both fell over. Lying on top of him she looked down into his eyes running her hands through his hair.

"Do me a favor, and don't ever believe me when I say I don't love you."

He smiled back at her and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Does this mean I can't beat up your brother?"

She lightly hit him on the chest and bent down kissing his forehead.

"That's exactly what it means," She slightly readjusted herself so that she was leaning on her elbows as she tilted her head looking at his gorgeous amber eyes.

'Here we were trying to fool everyone else into thinking we were just friends, when we were really fooling ourselves.'

The End

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