Here I am, Yami Bakura, for the second time. Exactly five months ago I had another copy of this lovely rulebook of mine, and even though deleted it once, none of my fan girls should do without a copy of the Tombrobber's Rulebook.

Basically I'm ranting about what a strange life I've lead, and what I've learned. So it isn't really a rule book... per say... Yah, sure, I give advice, not that you could actually do anything I did back in Egypt these days. In Egypt, they didn't have armed police guards, security cameras, or a getaway car. And talent can't be taught. So um, lets begin!


Today's lesson: Kurueluna wasn't built in a day, and it was destroyed in a matter of minutes.

First question you're gonna ask, where is Kuruelna, and why am I bringing it up? First of all, it's where I was born and grew up for the first eight years of my life. Second, if you haven't heard of it, thats normal, don't look like a deer in the headlights of a speeding car. Not all of you are so lucky to have someone translate the Egypt Arc manga for you.

Back to the topic: Kuruelna. This has another translation, Kurueruna, which is also correct. Put it this way: it was lost in translation. In Egyptian, Arabic, and Japanese, r's and l's are rolled together as one, and can be translated either way. Kind of like the Spanish 'r' in Maria. This wierd r/l thing also happened to Malik's name, and all the Japanese kids freaked over it. Now, if that happened to my name, I'd be pissed. I mean really, Bakura or Bakula? I would sound like Dracula that strange vampire dude.

Now for your history lesson: Kuruelna, or Kurueruna, whichever you prefer, was my home town like I said. It was originally built for the builders working on the pyramids, but once the big stone triangles were built, they didn't get anymore pay, so, they just went right back into the pyramids and stole everything. Classic. This answers any questions on my decision of being a tomb robber.

Around the time I was eight years old, Egypt was having a sort of cival war. The whole 'good' vs. 'evil' thing didn't concern us in Kuruelna. Why would it? We were just a bunch of thieves, right? Not quite. Now... it wouldn't have affected us, if the IDIOTS at the palace didn't decide to sacrifice MY village to quell the fighting between the gods. I, for your information, was the ONLY survivor of that little massacre, and it wasn't the prettiest thing. And you know what else ticked me off? Getting yourself out of a burning village with blocked exits isn't easy. By the time I did escape, I suddenly had a scar on my right cheek that I'd carry for the rest of my past life.

Those are the reasons for hating pharaoh, and I was only told he was the one who did it. And I wouldn't doubt that. He's pharaoh, what pharaoh wouldn't want to destroy a town of thieves? Aw, come ON mortals, who is that cold hearted?! I can't believe he had no memory of that. Geesh.

Though... I could be wrong... if it wasn't pharaoh, he still should have at least known about it, right? I mean really, those stupid priests really need to ask permission before blowing up any town they want.

I was only eight at the time, but I was pissed. I had no where to go. But that was fun... I could go anywhere, I wasn't forced to stay in any one spot with a family. I had no attachments to anyone. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

My entire life in Egypt I was a thief and damn proud of it. Screw the pharaoh and his government. So there you have it. Kuruelna wasn't built in a day, but it was destroyed in a matter of minutes. Pathedic how destiny screws up your life like that, eh?


So what did we learn today?

That's right, life sucks. Get over it. Do what you want, no matter what. The worse they can do is kill you slowly and painfully, but if you had set your mind to it, you won't have any regrets. Hell, you might even die laughing.

Alright, there's the rule: Never give up.

Basing this around Egypt, what topic do I cover next: How I discovered my soul monster, my life as a thief in general, ranting more about how idiotic the priests are, or how I got the Sennen Ring? I don't know yet, you'll just have to wait and see. Reviewing would be nice, onegai. Ja for now, mortals.