Yes. Good. Thank you all so very much. You all agreed Ryou isn't albino... *rolls eyes* I'm just going to shut up on the topic of our hair. You wouldn't believe it if I stamped it on his forehead. A: There are different levels of albino-ness. B: Why the hell did you think he wore sweaters in duelist kingdom and everyone else wore lighter clothing? C: he could be wearing contacts you know.

If you were albino, you would cover up as much skin as possible and where contacts would you not?

*shuts up* I agree with you all anyways, Ryou isn't albino.

And any tint our hair may be. Green, purple, pink, blue, whatever... all depends on the lighting. It is pure white down to the roots. In the first series it was blue and purple. In the second series it was silver. All else depends on lighting. Purple is most common meerly because I happen to be in the shadow realm alot.


Oh, and a big thank you to all those who actually stuck around after I chewed you out for being too helpful. You all are very stong willed and admireable. In a world run by stupid people, you make up the other two percent. Have a nice day.


There isn't a shortage as yamis for fangirls. All the yamis simply deny it. They're there. Behind every fangirl, there's a yami of sorts... Some reincarnation come back to bug me for not thanking them, accidentally killing them, leaving them, etc. *rolls eyes* Trust me. They're there.

If you want to drop me a line on my site instead of as a review, I will link that shortly. For those of you who would rather be there NOW, go to ssc's bio thingie and look around.


Ever notice that when someone tells you can't do something you want to do it even more? I do that all the time. I do it for the reason everyone says I shouldn't.

Oh, random review question. Did I like anyone in Egypt?

*is quiet for a while*

No. And if you don't like that answer, it probably isn't true, but I'm saying No anyways that way people don't ask.

Speaking of Egypt.... back then, legal age to marry was around thirteen. Maybe because life expectancy is only about 30 or less. Usually less. *shrugs* I used to live in upper Egypt so you know. In the nice big humble ra-be-damned city of Thebes. Well.. I lived there after Kruelna was destroyed.

It was near the valley of the kings. No where near the pyramids. Nope. Kruelna was only around nine miles away up river anyways... Just before heading down (or is it up? the river confuses the issue) to the cataracts*.

*Definition of cataracts: place where the Nile gets really narrow and twice fold deep.

Off topic. Back to being in Thebes. You had the palace. (oooh... ahhh...) And then you had the city below it. The palace overshadowed the "bad" half of neighborhood. In that bad half was a little bar me and Malik so named "Thieve's Realm" but in Egypt, that had many different literal translations, being as we were the rebel leaders against the pharaoh.

The bar was at the end of the road, behind it was the city wall. Down the road you had several houses, a certain one with five or six girls (....all look-alikes, twins... but i'm not sure what the world for having that many twins are). They were the equivilant of modern day fangirls. The type that admire you from affar, but would do anything to tie you up and hold you hostage in their closet....

The girls, anyways, whenever some activity would be happening in the street that had to do with me, they'd ALL be there, hanging out their upstairs window (kind of like in the movie Aladdin) and giggle like nuts. I'd roll my eyes and ignore them best I could. I avoided them whenever they came to the bar... hid in the back room.

On one such occasion, young pharaoh Atemu was having a parade and I was on the roof across the street watching with my eyebrows raised at how stupid the pharaoh was in marching straight down MY section of town. We didn't do anything, but he was rather humilated when no one came out to cheer, and then I jumped down in front of his horses, they freaked and reared up, and everyone yelled and then it all got real quiet...

"Its the thief Bakura! Catch the thief!! THIEF!"

I'd roll my eyes again.

I'd throw my arms up in the air and say something stupid like, "Hey look at me! I'm wanted dead or alive and I'm still more popular than the pharaoh!"

Lots of cheers from the people I knew on the street. The girls all screamed and probably died giggling. Good riddance. I'd then run off into the bar, out the back door, over the wall, and out of town for a few days and hide out in my "secret" oasis out in the middle of no where.

The end. (And I lived happily ever after.)


Do I believe in alternate realms? Of course. The soul rooms are another realm entirely, no? And the shadow realm, and the after realm, and the hell realm, and the... etc... etc... Comes with coming from a time where people believed all sorts of stuff.

Why does my hair stick up (like rabbit ears as some say *glares*) whenever I control my host? Why? Well, because I like it that way. I'm sure you all simply want to know how I do it, but you know what? The demons in hell want ice water. I just like my hair how it is, and so should you, 'cause it ain't changing.

Oh, and to the reviewer that sent that, you don't want to glomp me for fear of having your limbs torn off, yet you STILL make fun of my hair? I don't mind being glomped occasionally, but how dare you make fun of MY hair!! If I ever find you on an empty street corner I'll-

Ryou: Bakura, you won't do ANYTHING or else I'll tell Yugi and Yugi shall tell his other half, and then you'd be the one in trouble.

.......oh shut up Ryou, thats a lame excuse for a threat. *gives up* So I won't rip the reviewer limb from limb, I just don't understand them. Oh well. *Thanks* for the question. *glares at his host*

Ryou: ....eep! *is gone*


By the way, in Egypt, if you were hungry, and it wasn't national cow month, you could always order steak on a stick. What's that? Well simple. They kill the cow, hang it upside down over the fire for about two minutes and hand it to you half raw. Mmmm, mmm, good.

And raw meat is good for you if you know what animal to get it from. Don't touch raw pork or poultry and fish... 'cept for sushi, but thats another story entirely. Raw steak is good because your body can't digest it quickly. You stay full longer, and its full of iron and protein. Good for your brain, your blood, and your strength and stamina. All around good for you.

Now you see. I have a perfectly reasonable reason for eating raw meat. Blood just isn't enough. Heh...


Some random rules:

To be willing to really live, you must be willing to die.

One sure way to make a person worry is to tell them not to.

Conversation is the art of telling people a little less than what they want to know of you.

You can always trust a dishonest person to be dishonest. It's the honest ones you really have to worry about.

You laugh at me 'cause I'm different, I laugh at you because you fools are all the same.


Of all the ten plagues in Egypt, I have found something entirely worse. I will give you all five guesses. First one or two to get it win... um.... absolutely nothing. What is worse than the ten plagues in my mind? Feel free to answer in a review...