Disclaimer: all characters belong to J.K. Rowling & I just borrow them. Thanks for creating my playground, Mrs. Rowling!

The Fall

It was a bright day. Fourth Year student Sirius Black looked longingly out the window. Perfect Quidditch weather and hew as stuck in Binns' History of Magic.

A thought gripped him. No one would notice if he jumped out the window. Half the class was asleep, the other bored into a stupor, and Binns only looked up from his notes if the door creaked open. Sirius began to lift the window closest to him open.

It would be a tight fit. Sirius saw that right off. Also, the ground was quite a ways down - it would really hurt if Sirius hit it directly. It was a good thing he had been looking up charms the other night in his Animagus research: The Accio summoning charm would definitely come in handy.

Sirius squeezed out onto the window ledge. He turned slightly to get a look into the hell he was escaping. James Potter snored, slumped over his desk with his glasses askew. Peter Pettigrew had a glazed look in his eyes and drool dribbled out from his mouth. Both Remus Lupin and Lily Evans had similar expressions, though their quills diligently moved over their scrolls in automatic note-taking fashion. Sirius shook his head. The studious remained mysterious.

Sirius jumped.

It was the first time he'd pulled a stunt like this (discounting that one time in Second Year involving a Snitch, an owl, and three simultaneous improperly cast 'Wingardium Leviosa' charms). The fall was exhilarating with the air pushing up against him hungrily. It was also mildly heart- stopping. Sirius barely managed to squeak out an "Accio broomstick" he was so terrified.

That might explain why the Summoned broomstick wacked Sirius right in the face; he was knocked out before he ever hit the ground.

He woke three days later, in the Hospital Wing.

"Well. That's the last time I try * that *."