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He stood near the giant tree, gazing out into the wide terrain. The green hue of shrubbery, trees and floral colors, stretched out for miles. In the far off distance, the mountains gloomed the shade of blue in the sunlight. All around, the animals chattered in the peace that permeated the land.

The air pushed through his long locks of white hair, brushing a few strands against his cheeks. His lips were pursed together, allowing the cool air passage through his sensitive nostrils. His silent manner projected no emotion. But it would be his amber eyes that would display the truth. She was on his mind.

It had been some time since certain thoughts had wandered into his mind. Sure, the familiar aura had traveled in and out, but those moments were few and brief. Sometimes, in dreams, she had appeared before him. She was laughing and smiling. She was happy. They were happy. But each time, the truth came crashing in. Bringing forth the harsh reality to light. Smile absent. Laughter gone. Tears shed. Absence present. He had made his decision and so had she.

The crumpling sound of footsteps over the blades of grass, caused his pointy ears to twitch.

"What do you want?" He broke his silence with his callous voice.

"Inuyasha?" A middle aged man, in a feeble tone of voice stood several feet away from the hanyou.

"I said," he answered, in the same tone. "What do you want?"

The man bowed his head, at the hanyou's back, "The high priestess, Lady Kaede, would

like to see you?"

"Why?" He didn't look at the human behind him.

"Please," the man pleaded. "She needs to speak with you."

The half human rolled his eyes, "Fine."

"Thank you," he turned and began to walk back to his small village.

The half demon made no effort to walk with the man who came to seek his audience. He

made certain his footsteps were swift, so that he could reach the old woman's hut sooner.

The sooner he got this over with, the better. Lately she had rarely spoken to him. Sure

they would exchange words on the passing by, now, whatever she had wanted with him,

he knew it had to be important.

She was sitting across from the entrance of the hut, before a small fire. The light from the

gently flickering flames, accented the deep lines in her forehead and around the eye, of

the elder woman. The dying embers of the fire, danced shadows across her tired face. Her

features were evident enough to know she had seen much conflict in her long life.

"What is it?" He gazed down at the old miko.

"Please sit down," she held out her hand before her.

He remained standing, crossing his arms, "I'm fine."

She coughed, "Inuyasha, it's been a while since we talked."

"You don't have to tell me that," he replied, dryly.

She took in a deep breath, "Yes. I know."

Kaede stared at the warm flames before her, exhausted. Her breaths were heavy and

steady. She could feel her muscles tighten from numerous tiny cramps. They ran all over

her body. It took a great deal of her energy to conceal the aching going on within her.

The impatient hanyou, studied her face. He sighed in resignation and sat down across

from her.

She smiled, "It's been some time."

"You said that already," he stared right into her face.

She nodded her head, "Aye."

Inuyasha never one for small talk, turned his gaze from the old woman sitting across from

him. It was at that moment he noticed a small pouch sitting before him. He had seen it before, some time ago. It belonged to the elder priestess. She had placed it there for a reason. He carefully opened the velvety pouch and studied its contents, sighing inwardly.

The old woman finally looked up from her little fire and into the half demon's eyes. A long silence fell between the two. There was no need for words at the moment. They had known each other for quite a while. Their ideas, notions, were pretty much clear to one another. She knew, that he was aware of what was going through her mind. He knew, she was aware of it, as well. And without so much as another look, he exited the hut.


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