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A gentle breeze brushed through the trees, rustling its leaves. Drifting along on the tender waves was a familiar scent, which broke his thoughts. He held his breath and watched silently as she climbed out of the moss covered well. His eyes traveled over her body, observing as she brushed the greens off her clothing, then tossed the small pack over her shoulder.

Not moving from his place, he continued to watch her walk away from the well, in the direction of the village. Like before, his eyes took notice to her appearance. Her hair was tied back, like a certain demon exterminator. She no longer wore the uniform that showed off her legs. In fact, they were covered with pants that hung low across her hips. Her top was a bit small, tight around the chest region, which also showed how she grew in other places as well. And he found it a bit shocking to see her stomach. From behind, he could almost see a mark on the small of her back. Part of it was hidden beneath her pants. He wondered just what it was.

She was nearly out of sight, when he jumped from the tree branch to the grass below. He walked swiftly behind her, trying to be as quiet as he could with his steps.

"I know you're there," she didn't look back. "And I know you were watching me come out of the well."

"I thought you said you couldn't come back," he mocked her.

"I left once before," she didn't bother to look back. "I can do it again."

He could hear resentment in her tone, causing him to draw back. He knew she had every right to be upset, but he still wanted to say something more to her, "Kagome-"

She stopped, with Inuyasha just a few steps behind her, "I'm here for Kaede, nothing else."

"Fine," he brushed past her.

With that said, Kagome began walking again, in silence.

At first, Inuyasha kept his distance from her, walking faster, but he found his steps faltering. It wasn't very long that he was walking alongside her. He tried his best to keep his eyes on the path ahead of them, but he couldn't resist looking at her out of the corner of his eyes. Everything inside him was tingling with nervous energy. He could feel himself slip into ecstasy at her scent. Her very essence was overwhelming for him. Even when he was in her home, he felt it. There were just so many familiar emotions going through him.

Little did the hanyou know, Kagome was going through the same things. Her insides pulled nervously into many different directions. Being in his presence again, made her feel like she was a teenager. She felt light headed and she could feel a prickly sensation all over her hands. She tried her best to suppress those feeling and keep her mind on what she was there for; to pay her respects. Then she would return home, where she belonged; where she was happy.

Their silence made the walk to the village appear much further. Both wanting to speak, but too afraid of what each other had to say. They knew just what they wanted to say, but the topic was much too sensitive for both parties.

"How is everyone?" Kagome tried to ease the tension.

Inuyasha glanced over at her, to see she had not looked over at him. His eyes returned to the path ahead of them, "Miroku and Sango left, just after you…when I…"

Kagome took a deep breath, regretting her question, "And Shippou?"

"He, uh," he answered nervously. "He went with them."

"Did they say where they were going?" She asked.

"No," he shook his head. "I…They left, when I was gone."

"I see," she nodded her head.

Both had wanted to avoid such an uncomfortable conversation. It would appear anything mentioned of the past, would just come back to that painful moment by the tree. And neither wanted to speak of it, nor think of it. That would be the cause of their silence once again.

Reaching the village, Kagome could feel herself being pulled through a whirlwind of memories. She could almost see her younger self running through the village. In the passing images, her friends were the same; their ageless faces smiling, laughing, along with her own. It all sent a rush of sadness through her, as she thought of all she had left behind. She shook her head at her memories. Her decision was for her own good. Things were much better now. She was happy.

The two reached the hut of the old priestess. They stood, still in silence, staring at the entrance of the hut. Kagome took several breaths before taking another step. She was a bit surprised to find herself doing it alone. She quickly glanced over to Inuyasha who had remained where he was.

"Aren't you coming in?" She asked.

He turned to look at her, "I've seen her enough."

For a brief moment, their eyes locked. Not since Kagome's apartment had they looked each other in the eyes. Both tried to hide the pain that was buried beneath their distant shades. Inuyasha could feel his heart come to a stop and his breath stilled. Kagome could feel her body slowly began to tremble. The tears began rushing up from the very back of her eyes. Before he could see, she quickly turned from him and entered the hut.

The young woman's heart dropped, seeing her old friend lying on the floor of her domicile. She stood near the doorway, observing the old woman's peaceful sleep. Though she was resting, her breathing appeared labored. It pained Kagome to hear her cough as she slept. She had hoped her time before her eternal rest would be easy.

"Come in," she coughed. "I'm not sleeping, just resting."

"How are you feeling?" Kagome's voice was near a whisper.

"Exhausted," she took a deep breath.

Kagome placed her bag down. She then knelt down next to Kaede and held onto her hand.

The elder woman lifted her head, "It's good to see you again, child."

"Shh," she squeezed her hand. "Don't try to sit up ."

Kaede smiled at her older sister's reincarnation, "We've missed you, Kagome."

Kagome could feel a tear run down the side of her cheek, "I've missed you too."

Though she only had the use of one eye, her vision was just fine. She looked into the face of the young girl she had come to know. Now before her sat at woman. As perceptive as she had always been, the elder could see, through her forced smile, a deep sadness.

"How time has passed," the old priestess spoke. "And you've grown into a beautiful woman."

She blushed, "Thank you. And you?"

"I'm old," she coughed. "A little tired at times, but just fine."

"Older," the young woman corrected her. "Maybe wiser?"

"Tell me child," she tried to laugh, but it only made her cough more. "How have you been?"

"Good," she rubbed the elder woman's calloused hands. "I'm in school and doing well."

Kaede gave her a puzzled look. Kagome knew just what she meant by that, "I'm done with my old schooling. I'm in college now. I'm trying better my education. Expand my knowledge of things."

She smiled at her, "That's good. Knowledge is always good."

"The others?" She was still rubbing her friend's hand. "Sango? Shippou? Miroku?"

"They are good," the old woman smiled at the thought of the three. "They're young. They wanted to travel, together."

Kagome could only smile at the happiness her two friends found in each other, for she had witnessed it blossoming all through their long journey. Though she did have to feel a touch of pity for the monk, for he would have a fifth wheel with the kitsune.

"That's good to hear," Kagome said softly. "I remember how they always tried to hide their feelings for each other, but it was obvious."

Kaede gazed up at the younger woman, knowingly, "Yes, it was."

She cleared her throat, "Well, I'm glad that they finally found each other."

"And you?" The elder asked.

The twenty-two year old, with the jet black hair and red tips, gazed down at her elder friend, "I am happy." She fought to place a smile on her face, "I am. My life is different now. It's good."

The priestess frowned, "I see."

Kagome tried to pull her foot out of her mouth, "No, it's not that I didn't like being here. It's just, I needed a change." She let go of the old woman's hand, "The jewel was complete and there was no need for me anymore."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." Her voice, more certain and firm than she had ever heard it.

A silence dropped between the two. As the elder's brow began to build up sweat, Kagome reached for a towel and began to dab at the droplets. "You need to rest."

The old woman coughed at the young woman's words, confused, "I'm not dying. Just ill."

She leaned back, gazing at the old woman, thrown at her words, "What?" She then glanced towards the entrance of the hut, "But he told me…you sent for me."

Kaede smiled, "No. But I am grateful that you would come at my request."

She sighed, then searched her bag, pulling out a small bottle. Kagome poured a thick red liquid into a small cup. She handed it Kaede, who reluctantly drank its contents, causing her face to contort. It was obvious she found the taste to be dreadful. She quickly drank a cup of water, cleaning the foul taste out of her mouth.

"You need to talk to him," the elder woman insisted.

Kagome sighed heavily and continued staring at the entrance. She returned her gaze to the elder woman lying next to her. Words were not needed. Much like Inuyasha, Kagome and Kaede held an understanding with one another. The young woman of the future, bent down, embracing the old woman. The priestess smiled letting her go, allowing her sister's reincarnation to leave.