Summary: Set in Season 7, after Empty places…Dawn decides that food is running low at the Summers house and sneaks out to get food supplies at the abandoned Supermarket. What she didn't expect was a certain unwanted Vampire tagging along.

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Rating: PG-13. Might have a bit of swearing in it.  Shopping with a former Klepto

Chapter 1: Traitors and Buffy Brownie points

He stormed out of the house, his fists clenched, as he made his way down the pathway. His anger seemed to rise with every step he took. He couldn't understand how they could do something like that, how they could just throw her out. Had they completely forgotten how much that girl had sacrificed for them? How many times she had saved the whole, unthankful world. Too right they did, they'd stripped her of her leadership, just because little Xander lost an eye and they were down a few Potentials. This was war, there was always going to be casualties.

He stopped abruptly at the end of the path; he took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders. He had to find her; he was not going to take orders from that other slayer. That stupid Bitch, acting like she was in charge now. Giving orders, getting nice and comfy in her house. It wasn't right. Them all standing there, pretending everything was fine, when it wasn't.

Spike closed his eyes, and tried to sense her. He could always hunt her down. His sensitive nose was in tuned with her scent, the Slayer's scent. But as he concentrated, another aroma penetrated him. A familiar scent that was much closer than Buffy, whom he had not had enough time to sniff out. He opened his eyes, and swerved to look left on the path. Walking away from the Summers home was the youngest Summers. A large bag was slung over her shoulders, as she walked at a steady pace into the night. Spike immediately started to follow her, tucking his hands into his duster, as he tried to catch up with her.

Dawn could hear feet treading behind her, but she didn't stop walking. She could hear the scuffs of boots, and the swish of leather and knew who it was. She fastened her pace, determined to get away from her stalker. But before she could turn the corner, a hand reached for her shoulder, and turned her around. She automatically put on her irritated and bitter face, one she used a lot on him. It was a little triumph every time she used it, to see his eyes waver, and look away. She wanted to make him feel bad, make that new soul of his break.

Like on cue, his eye contact towards her was lost, and he concentrated on her forehead. His grasp on her was gone, and he tucked his hands back into his duster. Dawn got some satisfactory in his discomfort, her eyes hardened as they both stood apart from one another.

"What are you doing out here?" Spike asked her, as he dared himself to look her in the eyes. Those eyes that use to sparkle for him, now just exuded disgust.

"It's none of your business" Dawn replied, her answer not the greatest comeback. But what she lacked in originality, she made up, by the venomous tone she presented it with. 

"Come on now, go back inside. You shouldn't be out here"

"Don't go all protector-Spike on me, Spike" Dawn sneered back, as she tried to walk away from him.

Spike stepped in front of her, blocking her way. "It's not safe out here bit, you should go home", he said, motioning to the house in the distance.

"Like I'm so gonna listen to you. You want me to go home to those traitors, as you so nicely put it. You know, cause us traitors should stick together" Dawn said, her hands gestured towards herself, "And if you haven't noticed Spike, Sunnydale has been totally deserted, there's no demons or bogeymen that's gonna kill me. So run along, and find Buffy. That's what you were going to do, right?"

There was a slight pause, as Spike digested her words. He wouldn't let her get away with it so easily. She hated him; that was fine. She gave him dark looks, also fine. But he would not allow her to patronize him. He wouldn't let her brush him off. She may have gotten away with it lately, but he was not in the mood.

"Look Nibblet, this isn't the time or place to be throwing a hissy fit. You'll just cause more problems by running away or whatever you're doing with that bag. So go home"

Dawn stared at him incredulously. This was the first time since he had come back, that he had talked back to her. Given her as good, as she did him. It infuriated Dawn; her cheeks flushed a pale red, as a frown plastered on her face. He wasn't allowed to. It was an unspoken law, between their new arrangement. She was allowed to treat him like dirt now, she was allowed to treat him like nothing, and he was supposed to take it. But at the same time a part of her raged, a tiny bit of her felt somewhat pleased. Delighted to see a spark of the old Spike, someone who wouldn't take shit from no one. Someone who once was her friend, someone she thought she could depend on. Oh, the times they were a changing.

"Don't call me that" She spat back. The once favoured nickname he had given her, was something she never wanted to hear tumble out of his mouth again. At least that's what she told herself, something to help remind her that she didn't care about him anymore. She calmed down, as she went back to her cold mood again. "I'm not running away" she explained, "I'm not stupid you know, I'm going shopping".

"So much for the not stupid concept" Spike muttered, as he grabbed a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it.

"I'm going shopping for food supplies"

"So, why by yourself then?"

"Why not? I mean why…why do I have to explain myself to you anyway?"

"Perhaps you'd like to explain it to the Watcher then?" Spike warned.

Dawn smiled at Spike's attempt of a threat. She laughed softly, trying her best to keep it to a minimal giggle. "Yeah, like you'd tell Giles. Cause you guys really talk a lot, you know, in between the whole trying to kill you thing. And talk about lame. What! No life threatening threats".

She was acting obnoxious, and she knew it. But she wanted to show him that she didn't need him, that she didn't even consider him as an acquaintance anymore. She sighed, her mood much more serious now, "Look, there's no need for you to do the right thing, or whatever. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I just wanted to help. I wanted to do something, not sit there and…well; I thought it was a good idea. I mean, the Potentials can't live on chips and cereal for long".

Spike nodded in agreement, as he blew a puff of smoke through his mouth. He studied the girl in front of him and wondered how'd she have grown so fast, without him noticing anything. She was staring at him; a blank expression graced her face. She never showed any emotion towards him now, that wasn't negative. Like she was reserving that brilliant smile of hers, for the people she cared about. He wasn't registered to see that smile anymore.

His mind wandered back to Buffy, and her whereabouts. He was supposed to go find her, but he couldn't leave Dawn, and let her walk into the night by herself. She was right though, about there being not much living or unliving things left in Sunnydale. It seemed so unnatural, for the demon population to have deserted the hellmouth. But he guessed everyone was scared of what was going to happen.

"Fine then, let's go shopping" Spike said, trying to sound casual, as he flicked his smoke onto the road.

"You're not coming".

"I bloody well am".

"No, you're not".

"Yeah, I am. I'm not gonna let you go by yourself, no matter how capable you think you are".

"Why are you doing this?" Dawn sighed, as she looked down, "I don't need…I don't need you. And anyway, just a moment ago you were flying fists with Faith, and telling everyone how much they'd betrayed Buffy. Now you wanna go shopping for them? There are no Buffy brownie points you can score, by taking little sis to the Supermarket during the end of the world".

"I'm not doing this to get into Buffy's good books"

"Right, cause you're already in them".

"Look, this isn't bout the Slayer, alright?"

Dawn huffed unbelievably at him. "Oh come off it Spike, it's always about Buffy when it comes to you. If I were just another Potential going somewhere you wouldn't care. It's the fact that I'm her sister, and that she'd be terribly upset if something happened to me. And you wouldn't want that right? Cause you care oh so much for her".

Dawn didn't know where all her angry, sarcastic, snide remarks were coming from; they seemed to be getting worse every second she was with him. But she didn't care, she didn't care that she was hitting below the belt, and dragging up painful memories. He deserved it; he deserved anything she wanted to give him.

"Either, we go shopping or…"

"Or what?" Dawn cut in, trying her hardest to display her dislike for him.

"Or" Spike continued, his patients running thin, "I drag you back home, whether it be willingly or by force".

"You wouldn't dare".

"Try me".

There was a slight silent pause, as Dawn glared furiously at the vampire. He wasn't supposed to be like this. He wasn't supposed to talk to her, or tell her what to do. He wasn't allowed to anymore. She sighed in defeat, as she trudged the bag over her shoulder again.

"Fine, you can push the trolley".

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