Okay, this is my very first fic. But, I have been writing for years. So, feel free to criticize. But one warning-- I do have a hose. Flames will be extinguished. ;;;;


The Exception

Chapter I

Her Arrival

The bus once again rumbled as it careened over a pothole in the road--okay, it's a pathway just wide enough for a yellow bus. I looked through the dust-clotted window and fiddled with the handcuffs around my wrists.

I'm supposed to be going to a juvenile delinquent jail. I'm supposed to be on an armored bus, surrounded by other 'troublesome' teenage kids.

Thing is, I'm not. Okay, quick review:

I always get in fights because, for lack of a better explanation, I'm an orphan that gets made fun of. I usually get made fun of for being an orphan, mainly because I live with my poor (not to mention old) grandmother. I've only just turned fourteen two months ago, but I had a small job to pay for some decent clothes. Anyways, I live in a shack, and neighborhood in their mid-teens deem it humorous to tease me. Kaden, my name, doesn't mean "Fighter" for nothing. I finally got sick of the teasing, and clobbered them.

Of course, I didn't get away unscathed. But, my cuts and bruises have faded, except for a small scratch on my arm. Okay, it's kind of large--it goes around my upper arm.

So, I get arrested for this fight I had with a guy. Yes, it was that big of a fight. Guess what? No trial. They sentence me to a month in juvenile jail.

Of course, fate has a problem with me, and my files get mixed up with some other guy that got arrested. He was sentenced to a year and a half at a place called "Camp Green Lake".

A police car pulled up to my grandma's poor-excuse-for-a-driveway to escort me to the bus stop. I hopped in with my single mini-duffle bag and the clothes on my back.

On our way to my so called 'armored bus', the police officer announced the problem and told me that it was too late to rearrange the files. I was going to Camp Green Lake.

So, the officer takes me to the bus in handcuffs and we set off to this camp.

Well, here I am. Another pothole makes the bus jolt upward. I hadn't noticed until now that the earth outside (really dirt) was slowly being replaced with holes. 'Um...not good...' I thought.

As the bus progressed through the desert, the holes multiplied. Eventually all you saw were holes. 'Welcome to Mercury. Please watch your step as you exit the space shuttle...' I thought sarcastically. Not really a joking matter, but at the moment, I didn't really care.

I attempted to fall asleep. I didn't know how I was going to pull it off on a jaunting and gritty bus, but I tried. I almost made it, too, but the police officer jabbed me with his shotgun, very effectively waking me up.

I scrambled up rather quickly. "What the HECK are you doing?!?! That thing's loaded, right?!" I yelled. The officer just rolled his eyes, like he saw this every day.

"We're here," the officer barked. Seething, I picked up my bag awkwardly (mind the handcuffs) and followed the officer down the bus' creaky aisle. My jeans somehow got caught on a seat's rung, and I almost fell over face-first. "My bad..." I mumbled. So, now my already tattered blue jeans had a small cut mid-thigh, which accented my black tank top that said 'Deny Everything' in pink. My black visor, on backwards, kept my brown hair tame.

I hastily stepped off the bus, and froze.

All guys.

I chuckled under my breathe. "Where are the girls?" I asked casually as the officer un-cuffed me. The officer again rolled his eyes. "Will you answer me?!? Sheesh!" I berated. He just took me by the scruff of my collar and dragged me into a small, humid cabin. Inside was a guy in a cowboy hat, presumably at his 'office desk'. I sat down in a broken down leather chair, across from him. He held up a file. My file.

"Name, Kaden Small," he began, popping some sunflower seeds in his mouth. "Age, fourteen. Birth date, December third, nineteen eighty-eight." He paused, looking up. "Brown hair, brown eyes. Sex...female." He spat out the shells of sunflower seeds. "You're the screw-up," he added. I wanted to retort, oh, how I did, but I bit back my tongue. He slammed his hand on the desk, sending my slouched body upright. "That's better," he mumbled. I glared as he stood up and turned his back to me. Behind him was a small fridge. The man pulled a bottle of soda from the miniature fridge and held it out.

I didn't move, and the officer that had previously stood behind me casually reached out and grabbed the soda. The guy glared, hands on hips, like he was trying to figure me out. "Why didn't ye take the soda?" He asked suspiciously. I sighed.

"If you had intended that soda for me, you would've asked beforehand if I wanted one. Plus, you don't seem like the type of guy that just goes and gives juvenile delinquents sodas," I answered. The guy leaned in closer, inspecting me nearer. His mouth cracked into a smile.

"I like you." With that, he went back and got another bottle of soda. "This is fer ye. don't drink it too fast," he said, tossing me the bottle. I caught it easily. "My name's Mr. Sir," he added.

Luckily I hadn't opened the cola and started drinking, otherwise I would've spat it out all over. I suppressed my laughter well, however, and it came out as a small cough. Mr. Sir tried to ignore my gag. "You will address me as Mir Sir, got it?" Mr. Sir asked, suddenly very stern.

"Yes, Mr. Sir." I choked on my sarcasm.

"Arighty. Now, the Warden gave me specific orders to allow ye to keep yer bag fer girl-ish reasons." I cracked a smile at this, and at the same time tried to hide my joy. Sure, my bag had my 'girl stuff', including a swimsuit, but I also had my cd payer, batteries, cds, and even some gum and bandanas I remembered to hastily throw in. "C'mon." With that, Mr. Sir got up and lead me outside, leaving the police officer to leave or do whatever the heck police officers do in their spare time.

Mr. Sir walked a ways until he randomly stopped. As we stood there, I tried to ignore the stares I got from passing boys. I shifted in my spot. "Uh...Mr. Sir?" I asked. He let out a sound that I figured meant 'Go on...'. I proceeded, stashing my soda in my duffle bag. "Where's the girls side of camp?" I asked, not really pondering on the question.

Mr. Sir chuckled. "What girl's tents? This is an all-boys camp! That's why you're the screw-up!" Mr. Sir answered. My jaw must've dropped to the barren earth. "Yer the only girl, besides the Warden, within a ten-mile radius!" Mr. Sir emphasized. "Which reminds me...Small, I ain't gonna stop ye from runnin' of. but I'm warnin' ye--If ye ever do run off, ye'd be a dead woman. Like ye and the warden are the only girls, we've got the only water supply 'round here. Ye know how large this camp is. Ye determine how log ye'll live. I myself would give ye three days, tops," Mr. Sir warned. I nodded.

"I catch you're drift," I mumbled. Mr. Sir chuckled as we entered another building--a shed-like building at that. It was stocked with nameless supplies. Mr. Sir tossed me a bright-orange jumpsuit. I raised an eyebrow as I inspected it.

"Well, change!" Mr. Sir barked. "I don't got all day!" he added. I groaned.

"Here?" I asked. Mr. Sir huffed.


"In front of you?" I added. Mr. Sir gave me a warning look. I huffed in turn and placed my back to Mr. Sir, pulling off my jeans. I muttered things under my breathe like, "Sick pervert..." and "No privacy..". I slipped on the jumpsuit, keeping my 'Deny Everything' shirt on and tying the suit's sleeves around my waist, leaving my shirt visible. I slipped my hair into a messy ponytail and placed my visor back on, backwards again, and then finally turned back around. ((A/n skip the next paragraph if you don't want to listen to the instructions. We all know what the instructions are. I hope.))

Mr. Sir tossed me another jumpsuit. "Okay, you get two jumpsuits. One fer work, another fer relaxation. After three days yer work clothes are warshed and your second set becomes your work clothes, yadda yadda," Mr. sir explained. I nodded, signifying I understood. He tossed me some old, worn-out boots next, which I slipped on, replacing my tennis shoes, which I placed sneakily in my bag when Mr. Sir went searching for something. "Ye dig one hole a day. It should be five feet deep and five feet in diameter. This," He pulled out a shovel, "is your measuring device. And stay away from the rattler snakes and lizards," Mr. Sir added like a side note. I quirked an eyebrow. ((A/n: Alright. You can look now. ))

Before I could ask about the reptiles, a short man with socks up to his shins, sun block on his nose, and a straw hat on his head walked in.

"Hiii!" he exclaimed cheerfully. I smiled. "I'm doctor Pendanski, your counselor! I just want you to know that even thought you did some wrong things, that doesn't make you a bad person!" Mr. Pendanski renounced. I almost giggled at his dorkiness.

"Not again..." Mr. Sir mumbled, stalking out of the shed.

"And now the grand tour!" Mr. Pendanski said. I'm beginning to believe this place gets screwier and screwier.

Mr. Pendanski led me around. "That is the wreck room, then the mess hall, and showers are over there. Eheh...I would recommend wearing something during showers. After all, we are surrounded by troublesome boys!" Mr. Pendanski informed. I just nodded--thank heaven above I brought my swimsuit...the camp was Camp Green LAKE.

Mr. Pendanski scared me. So did Mr. Sir, though. Mr. Pendanski is the dork of the camp, though, I believe.

Anyways, Mr. Pendanski and I walked along. "Ah, the tents," Mr. Pendanski said. "You're in D-tent. D Stands for diligence. Now these boys are good kids. Well, the best here..." Mr. Pendanski explained, trailing off.

Mr. Pendanski lead the way in, managing under the flap-of-a-door. I ducked in after him.