The Dark Child

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with this fic, accept for the idea. Harry Potter belongs to the fabulous J.K Rowling. I only own the characters that aren't Harry Potter pouts. So no suing. I wish I owned Sirius.

Summary: Harry isn't really Lily and James' son. After they die Harry goes to another family. Then he gets accepted into Hogwarts and he finds out who his real father is (BIG surprise).

A/N: As you can probably guess, I have rewritten this.

Chapter 1: The Death!

A young woman was running in the streets on a wet night. She held a baby in her cold arms, wearing only a daggy pale blue dress with a pair of old sneakers. She kept on looking back to see if the people were still following her. They were. She held her baby closer to her, as if protecting it. She run toward a shop, and run into it. There was a man there, his features handsome, yet haggard. The woman had a feeling that she knew why. She looked at him and said

"Sir. Could you look after my baby?" The man looked at her and smiled

"Sure. But why?" He asked politely, yet cautiously. There was, after all, a war going on. The woman looked back and said

"Men are after me." She said, breathing hard. The baby began to cry softly.

"Shh Harry. Mummy's here." She said cooingly, and soothingly. The man smiled

"I'll look after him, when will you be safe to have him back?" He asked soothingly The woman looked at him and said

"I might not survive." She said sadly. The man went over and comforted her.

"The name's Sirius Black. What's yours?" The woman looked at him and said

"Angela Millia, and this is Harry." Sirius smiled and said

"Don't worry Angela. Harry's safe with me." Angela smiled and gave the sleeping Harry to Sirius.

"Look after him please." Sirius nodded. Angela walked out of the shop, ran a few miles and was confronted by the men that were after her. She gasped and one of them said to her

"Where is the boy?" Angela refused to answer him.

"Fine then. Avada Kadevera." Sirius, who was following behind her, gasped when the men said the killing curse. Harry, sensing something was wrong, began to cry. Sirius tried in vain to comfort him. The men noticed them and went toward them. Sirius apparated away (can he apparate?) and the men cursed under their breaths.

Godric Hollow

Lily and James Potter where sitting in their home taking comfort in each other's embrace, when the door bell rang. James stood up, released Lily, to get it. When he opened the door, he found Sirius, his best friend from Hogwarts, holding a baby and breathing hard.

"Sirius, hi. What's with the baby?" He said with a confused look on his face. Sirius sighed and asked to come in. James agreed after a moment of hesitation. Sirius sat down and told his two friends what happened. When he got to the part when Angela died, Harry awoke and started to cry. Sirius tried to calm him down. Once he finished, Lily said

"Can I hold him?" Sirius blinked, and nodded. He handed little Harry over to Lily. Harry quieted down when she held him, recognising a comforting person. She smiled at him, and he giggled. Sirius looked at her in surprise, since he couldn't get him to calm down, no matter what he did.

"James. Can we keep him?" She asked with a look a child got when they brought home a lost puppy. James smiled almost goofingly, since they didn't have any children of their own, nodded and said

"Well, might as well. Sirius can't keep him, and your a natural." Little Harry giggled and blew a raspberry at James, who stuck his tongue out at him. Lily smiled and shook her head at her husbands childish ways.

"I'm going to write to Albus telling him what has happened." James nodded. She handed Harry to James and went to write the letter. Once she finished, she sent her owl to Dumbledore, telling the owl it was most important. She turned and went back to the living room to see James and Sirius pulling faces at Harry, who was laughing his little heart out.

When Harry saw Lily he tried to reach out to her, cooing. She walked over and sat down next to her husband and took Harry. He smiled cheekily at her before he fell asleep in her arms. She smiled again. The door bell rang again and James went to get it. Albus Dumbledore was there, since the owl seemed to get very quick.

"Hello Albus." Sirius called out from where he was sitting (he was sitting where he could get a clear view of the door) and Lily waved. Dumbledore came in and looked at Harry, who was still asleep.

"So. This is him, right?" Lily nodded.

"Hmm. Interesting." He muttered. Sirius, Lily and James looked at him.

"What is interesting?" They asked. Dumbledore chuckled but remained silent.

"Well Lily, I'd say he likes you." He said, referring to the sleeping Harry in her arms.

"Can we keep him Albus? His mother is dead, and we don't know anything about his father." Lily asked him with pleading eyes.

"Alright. Better look after him." He said. Lily smiled at him (she seems to be doing that a lot lately)

"We won't let you down." He nodded and apparated. Sirius got up and said

"See ya." They waved goodbye.

A/N: There. I hope that was better than the original.