The Dark Child

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Summary: Harry isn't really Lily and James' son. After they die Harry goes to another family. Then he gets accepted into Hogwarts and he finds out who his real father is (BIG surprise).

Category: Romance

A/N: I didn't know what else to call this chapter, so I called it 'What's this?'

Chapter 3: What's this?

After the wizards left, Harry was sleeping in the basket, peacefully. Just then, a figure appeared in the streets. He walked around the houses, looking at the steps of the homes. He stopped at No.4 and walked over to the sleeping boy and looked at him. The man picked him up and looked at the note. This interested him greatly. He looked at the house and thought that they weren't the type to raise a child like this. So he took Harry to be raised in Tokyo.

About 15yrs later

Harry was in a field surrounded by trees. He raised one hand to his forehead, palm facing away from him, and started muttering gibberish. Immediately he was surrounded by wind, the wind spread out and neatly chopped the wood. A clapping noise appeared from behind him. He turned and a man was there.

"Very good." He said. Harry smirked and saluted him.

"Let's see how good you've gotten with the sword." Harry nodded.

"Of cause Taichi." He faced the wood and put his hand on the sword at his waist. He closed his eyes. Slowly he opened them and grasped the hilt of the sword. Narrowing his eyes and got it out and slashed the air. Wind blades came out and chopped the wood into tiny pieces. Smirking in satisfaction Harry returned it back to the scabbard. He turned to Taichi to see him looking at him in pride.

"My boy. You're getting really good." Harry nodded and walked over to him.

"You have to get to school, or you'll be late." He gave Harry his school bag and Harry nodded. He leaped into the air and headed off to school. He got there just in time for the bell. Sighing in relief, Harry made his way into the school. Going to school was really boring for Harry, there was nothing interesting, accept for the bogans of cause. Quite a few bogans enjoyed to harass Harry, but he'll show 'em. The day was really boring, accept for afterwards. Just when Harry was about to go home, his favourite bogan group came and did their favourite past time. Bash Harry.

"Oi scar head." Harry sighed when they called his 'nickname'. He turned around and the ringleader went to punch him. He caught the fist and then the other when he went to punch him with it. Harry threw him into the air and he landed on his gang. Harry had a little laugh at that. They went to attack him, but he started chanting. Wind surrounded him and attacked the gang. They flew through the air and Harry left before the woke up and he got expelled. When he got back, Taichi was waiting holding a letter with an unusual aura around it. Harry walked over to him and looked at the letter.

"It's for you." Harry took it and on the front it said

Mr Harry Hatsushima
3 Timishi road
2nd largest room in the house.

Harry looked at it in confusion. How did they know where he lived, and where he slept. Curiously, he opened the envelope and a thick piece of parchment came out. He opened it up and it read

To Mr Hatsushima

We are pleased to tell you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. We will soon be sending a member of staff to collect you. Enclosed is the supplies you'll need to get at Diagon Ally.

Yours sincerely
Albus Dumbledore
Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Harry looked at Taichi. He looked at him. Harry raised his eyebrow and said

"So. What do you think of it." He asked. Taichi thought before answering

"I'm not sure that it is safe there." Just then an owl came flying down, startling poor Harry, and dropped a letter. Taichi picked it up and it read

We assure you, Hogwarts is safe.

Minerva McGonigal
Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts.

'OK then, that's weird.' Harry thought to himself. How did they know what they said? Just then, a man appeared and looked around.

"Ano. Sir. What are doing here? Are you lost?" Taichi asked him. The man turned around.

"Umm. Are one of you Harry Hatsushima?" Harry looked at him and said

"Why do you want to know?" He asked the man.

"My name's Remus Lupin. I need to know where he is too take him to the school he's going to." Harry and Taichi looked at each other and nodded

"That would be me." Harry said. Feeling that he could trust him. Remus gave a sigh of relief that he found him at last.

"At last." Remus muttered. Taichi looked at him strangely, then sighed. Harry blinked a few times.

"Shouldn't we go now?" Remus and Taichi looked at him. Remus nodded and said to Taichi

"He's right. We should go. If anything happens, we'll tell you." Taichi nodded and Remus and Harry left. Taichi looked at where they were and muttered to himself

"What will I tell the school?" He sighed at what the principal would say. He'd be darn right pissed off. Well, it's his problem anyway. Sighing, he made his way back to the house.


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