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Scene opens with Vernon on a ladder, drilling bars on Harry's window, which doesn't do anything, really, because his owl couldn't escape through a closed window.

Vernon: You'll never see those freaky friends of yours again! Never! *evil laugh*

Unfortunately, *cough cough* Vernon was not concentrating on the ladder. Sirius Black appeared out of nowhere with a saw, and sawed down the ladder with an evil grin.


Vernon bounced off of Dudley by a lucky chance, and sadly, both of them ended up living. Sirius Black disappeared.

Harry: What a day! I think I'll go to bed, only to be woken up by a flying car that has come to rescue me, because I'm the damsel in distress… * cough * did I just say that aloud?

So Harry Potter went to bed, only to be woken up by a flying car that came to rescue him, the damsel in distress.

There were sounds of a car in the back round.

Harry: Look at that oddly shaped star… wait, no, it's a bird… it's a plane… it's mayonnaise! Oh, never mind, its just Ron's flying car.

Harry: Ron, Fred, George, what are you all doing here?

Ron: I'm here for the ladies. No, you prat, I'm here to rescue you of course! Come on, get your trunk!

Harry miraculously changes his clothes in a split second, and his trunk is all packed. The Weasleys pull the bars off of the window, and the Dursleys wake up. Vernon grunts like a warthog.


Then, all times slows down, like in the Matrix.



Vernon does that Matrix dive thingy where he lifts up in the air, and so does Harry. He and Harry fight in the air for about an hour.

Finally, they both land on the ground, and time becomes normal again.

Harry: get off!

Vernon: you and that bloody pigeon aren't going anywhere!

Harry:  Hey, you're pulling my leg! Get it? Pulling my leg! Ha ha!

Ron drives off, and pulls Vernon out the window. Vernon falls onto the shrubs and dies. The world rejoices.

Fred: Yay.

George: Yay.

Ron: Yay.

Harry: Hallelujah!

The world was a better place.