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This Fanfic has incest rape scenes!


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*I can't believe he's letting me stay home for a week!!* Kagome climbed out of the well quickly before Inuyasha changed his mind. *It will be nice to get some studying done and to spend time with Momma, Souta, and grandpa.* Kagome walked through the door and sat her book bag down. "It's a good thing that I almost have all of my homework finished." She said to herself. "Man I'm hungry." With that she went into the kitchen and made herself a quick sandwich.


Kagome dragged her bag up the stairs and into her room. She blinked her eyes a couple of times as she looked at a huge stack of books and papers. "MORE HOMEWORK?! I'll be up all night doing all of this!" She flopped down on her bed and closed her eyes. Then she opened them again and stared at the pile. She closed her eyes again and before long opened them again. "Nope, didn't get any smaller."

She finally got up and sat down on her desk chair picking up a Chemistry worksheet.



Kagome rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock. "I've been working for 3 hours?!" It looked like the stack hardly went down. She turned and stared at the door. "Yeah, mom?"

"It's time for dinner. I made your favorite, chicken and rice."

Kagome immediately jumped up and ran out the door, leaving her homework behind. She followed her mom down the stairs and into the kitchen. She ran to her chair, picking up her chopsticks, and started gulping down her rice.

After a few minutes of silence the phone rang. Souta jumped up and grabbed a hold of the phone in his small hand.

"Hello?" His eyes lit up. "Daddy?! Hi Daddy!" Kagome's face went white as she dropped her chopsticks. "Yes, I've been good........Yes, I've been doing what mommy has told me." Souta laughed. "No, daddy, you don't have to punish me." He looked at Kagome. "Yes, Kagome has been good too.....No, you don't have to punish her either."

"Can I be excused?" Kagome said quickly, she didn't wait for an answer before she got out of her chair and went up the stairs to her room. She got under her covers and grabbed onto a little stuffed bear that her mom gave her when she was younger.

"Kagome? Are you ok, sweetie?" Kagome turned and stared at the door

"I'm fine momma, I just remembered a huge assignment that I had to do."

"Ok, then. Call if you need any help!" she heard footsteps leaving her door.

Kagome stared strait ahead at her wall. "I do."


"Kagome, I just got off the phone with your father." Kagome opened her eyes to see her mom sitting on her bed. "He asked if you would like to come spend the night over at his house tomorrow."

Panic quickly spread through her body. She hugged onto her bear. "But I have so much homework, momma. There is no way that I can go."

"Of course there is, you can do it later. Or even at his house."

"But I don't really feel well."

"Kagome! You haven't seen your father in 4 months! It's about time you visited him again. I'll hear no excuses, you're going." Her mom got off of her bed and walked out of the room before Kagome could make another excuse.

Silent tears made their way down her cheeks. *I can't go over there again. I can't let it happen again.*