Present-Day Cinderella

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Chapter one: Graceful Meeting

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. A story about a young girl, her evil step mother and stepsisters and a grand ball. Her stepmother refused to let her go to the grand ball, due to the fat she was jealous of the fact that her beauty and kindness out do that of her own two daughters. While the three gruesomes went to the ball Cinderella was left at home shedding tears of her stepmother's cruelness.

All of a sudden her fairy godmother showed up granting her a beautiful dress, glass slippers, and a coach complete with a driver, footman and horses. While at the ball she catches the eyes of the prince who falls madly in love with her; but the clock stroke midnight before he could even get her name and she disappeared leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince then tried the shoe on every maiden in the kingdom until he finally reached Cinderella's house. After dealing with her two stepsisters the prince thinks all is lost until a petite young dish maid asked to try it on. He agreed and it was a perfect fit. Having found his bride the happy couple lived happily ever after... PUHLEASE! Here is how it really happened...

In a large city in Japan there was a young woman named Ryanna. She was smart, kind, and beautiful despite the fact she was a tomboy to boot. She had a love for writing and playing sports. She hardly had the time to do any of it though. Her mother died giving birth to her, so her father remarried to a widow mother of one named Eighteen. Her daughter Marron was around Ryanna's age. She was also very beautiful but lacked in the smarts and kindness department. Marron was very spoiled and would always give Ryanna a hard time on her tomboy appeal. Not long after Ryanna's twelfth birthday her father died of cancer. Ryanna was devastated, but Eighteen and Marron used it to their advantage.

They had Ryanna work her way through school, making her do all the chores in the house. Eighteen remarried to a tournament fighter about six years later... this is where our story begins.

"Damn Marron! Don't you think you have enough clothes? My arms are getting tired." Marron snorted at Ryanna. "You can never have enough clothes. I wouldn't expect you to know that." She referred to Ryanna's attire. Ryanna looked down at her clothes. She wore baggy torn jeans and a loose fitting football jersey. Her chestnut brown hair was pinned up in a ponytail and she wore K-Swiss sneakers. "I don't look that bad. At least I don't look like a prostitute." Marron glared. "Are you making fun of me?" Ryanna rolled her eyes and Marron stuck up her nose and continued walking towards Macy's.

Ryanna sighed and readjusted the bags and boxes in her arms. Since her arms were full of them she could barely see in front of her and accidentally bumped into someone. "CRASH!" All the bags dropped and Ryanna fell down flat on her butt. "I am so sorry!" "No I'm sorry miss, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Ryanna looked up from picking up boxes to see the gracious man helping her. He was very handsome he had crystal blue eyes, and short lavender hair. He wore baggy jeans similar to her own pair and a loose fitting T-shirt. "Well um thanks for your help." She picked up the last of her boxes and bags and turned to leave.

"Hey wait!" the man stepped in front of her. "What's your name?" "My name is Ryanna." "That's a beautiful name." "Yeah, it grew on me I guess." "What?" "It's a similar name to my mother's, and it also means little angel." The man let out an oh. "My name is Trunks, it has no special meaning except for underwear, but I like it." Ryanna giggled a bit and smiled. "I like it too. Um I have to go though." "But uh tell me miss Ryanna. What will it take to let a man gracious himself with your presence?"

Ryanna stopped. "Who wants to know?" "Any man in his right mind." "Well let's see. He'd have to be kind, generous, treat me with respect." "And treat you like a princess I suppose." Ryanna looked at him angrily. "No, I want to be treated as a person with kindness and respect. I don't ask for special treatment." Trunks gave a surprised look. "Wow, you're not like most girls are you?" Ryanna gave an almost hurt look. "What do you mean?" "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you. I just happen to be cursed with girls who want to be treated like royalty, with men waiting on them hand and foot." Ryanna chuckled. "Sounds like my step-sister." "Huh?" "Well I'm sick of her. She is very beautiful but can't treat a man right. I don't want to become like that. Cause I know what it's like. I've lived a very sheltered life."

Trunks gave another surprised look. "Me too!" "Really?" "Yeah everyday the same old routine!" "Until you just wanna run away," "and never some back." Both smiled at each other. Ryanna was about to say something until... "What are you doing?!" Ryanna nearly groaned when she spotted Marron. "You know mom said not to speak to strangers!" Trunks looked to Marron. Marron saw him and gave him a seductive smile. "Hi, I'm Marron." Trunks nodded graciously and turned to Ryanna who had a look of annoyance on her face.

"Well I guess I'll see you around." Trunks winked at Ryanna and slipped on his sunglasses. Ryanna blushed but smiled back. Trunks wasn't even two feet away and he heard. "Well come on, I want to get home! Hurry up with those packages!" He turned back around and Saw Marron turn snottily towards the door not even bothering to help Ryanna with the packages. Trunks frowned and turned around, "little bitch."

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