Present-Day Cinderella

Author's note: I do not own DBZ/GT or the Cinderella story theme. I DO however own Ryanna and Kankton, and this particular story. I did take a bit of scenes and phrases from the human version of the movie, but other than that, well yah know! ^__^

Ryanna: I don't own Cinderella either! ^__^

Ages: Trunks- 20 Ryanna- 19 Marron-19 Pan-18 Bra-18 Goten-19, others not important.

Chapter 8: Epilogue

A year passed and Trunks and ryanna were married in early spring. A surprise came when Ryanna invited not only Krillen, but Marron and Eighteen as well. 'I'm too lazy to hold a grudge. Besides it's what my father would have wanted.' She had said to Trunks. He just smiled and went along with her reasoning. Ryanna received a nice wedding present from Eighteen as well. It was a beautiful silver chain with a small glass slipper hanging on it. Eighteen said it had belonged to her mother who was a dancer. Ryanna smiled and gave a hug to Eighteen, something she never did except when her father was alive.

Well Months passed and Ryanna and Trunks found a nice home just inside the city. Ryanna continued writing and began her own set of books and stories. She did a lot of her writing at home by the fire place while Trunks was at work. She said she enjoyed feeling the fire on her feet and watching the cinders fly out at her. A little after her son Vegeta Jr. was born she began her favorite story. It was a fairy tale version of her own life. She would place V.J in his crib next to her rocking chair by the fire place, and smiled as he watched the ashes and cinder smudge her feet and the ground. The moment gave her inspiration on what to call her story...

"Ryanna, I'm home!" Ryanna looked up from her pad of paper and smiled. Little V.J laid on the carpet stomach down and played with his tinker toys. He gurgled and smiled a big giant smile, while wiggling his little fingers and toes. Trunks placed a kiss to Ryanna's temple and picked up V.J shaking him playfully. "How's daddy's big boy?" Ryanna grinned at the sight of her husband and son then returned to her story. "What are you writing hun?" "My very first children's story." Trunks looked over her shoulder ignoring V.J, who was pulling on his hair. "Cinderella eh? Cool." Trunks kissed her again and went to the kitchen. Ryanna chuckled and looked to her paper. "*sigh* and they lived happily ever after. The end" She placed it in her pile of finished books.

After years passed Ryanna's books became world wide famous. But one stood out amongst the others. The one book, she herself had a life time experience of... Cinderella. THE END

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Summary: Ryanna and Trunks are in their Senior year of high school. Ryanna is a rebel arts fan. When the school decides to do Romeo and Juliet for their play her best friend Pan insists that she comes to try outs. What will happen?

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